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  1. He is splashed so often because of the Favor. 1 Fate for 2 Glory and the Favor is yours.
  2. Oh ****. Tetsuko is a Beast. One of the best Card in UotE we have seen so far.
  3. Charge is stronger than From the Shadows. The most expensive Shinobi we know so far is Aramoro and he comes as a blank 3/0 with FtS. Really no need for sault.
  4. By modern western Standards you are right… But this is Rokugan! Maybe the Unicorn don't understand that, and that's why that after 200 years they are still Gaijin.
  5. They are mirrors because they ARE the same Stronghold. Unicorn conquerd it.
  6. Sorry, but I think its really arrogant just to say 'Roles are a mistake!' They are not (yet). And there ARE People who like the role system! Believe it or not. As ever: Only the pissed ones complain.
  7. Under the SH and in a Deck with Maze its really good. In every other case its just garbage… but its a Scorpion Card, so its OP by default or something
  8. Some people seem not to realize that it is "during a conflict". You still have to buy charakters in the dynasty Phase if you want to initiate conflicts, if the dojo is in a bad position. Not nearly as good as it looks, and for sure no Kanjo.
  9. Auto include in Scorpion with Young Rumormonger?
  10. Yeah... what ever. We will get our Keeper-Role after the Koteis, and than all this babies who quit, because they get their asses kicked (because they bit too **** high), can cry me a river.
  11. She can help with the favour sometimes. Ready her with unclaimed Ring of Water and add 4 to the Glory Count.
  12. Keeper/Seeker Roles will shake up the Meta every year. Great for a competitve environmemt!
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