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  1. I just put this together for fun. Might try it out with my group if I can barrow some units. What are your thoughts? Rebel Officer (50) (3x) Rebel troopers (40) (3x) Wookiee Warriors (116) -Bowcaster -Tenacity -Recon Intel (3x) Tauntaun riders (94) -Tenacity Cammand cards are all basic.
  2. After watching a MOTF bat rep, I didn't realize how fast the new tanks can move. Even with their side movement. I play mostly rebel and sometimes Imperial. These look scary to go against for rebels especially if they want to be aggressive. I haven't played in months due to shut down. Knowing what tools to fight them with would be good.
  3. With crack shot, Cassian may gain a suppression token and gains a standby. Wouldn't he lose standby because of suppression?
  4. I just got an idea with Rakehell title on the OSD and an Interdictor with a station and Romodi...
  5. I saw cool repainted VSD once on here a while back with a nice clone wars background. Faded republic colors and a silver bow which was represented as a quick repair from ram damage. Really nice paint job.
  6. Core box, dice, maneuver tool, rouges & villians, foatillas, each campaign box(for the cards and tokens) and then go with rule of cool for the faction they choose.
  7. If I remember correctly salvo only uses default crit. No special crit effects.
  8. I bet!! Now I want to try.... I'll have to barrow my wife's interdictor an try it. Grav well on each?
  9. Have you tried a build with both OSD and Interdictor? Quit fun! I even through in Corvus with Iden and Vader
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