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  1. Not the ones for the saber and aat. Even the occupier is longer than 6 inches
  2. Since the new Tanks were announced, it made me think of the Occupier and with it's base size makes it difficult to deploy on certain deployments because it needs to be fully in your deployment zone. Maybe they'll have new rules by then, but anyone have ideas on rulings for these new huge bases for deployment?
  3. I had thought of having blast on the main weapon. It's even mentioned in the movie about then being blasters right? "That armor is too strong for blasters" -Luke Skywalker
  4. Just curious, what was wrong with the list? At least it souds like he was a good sportsman about it.
  5. It does have a red defense dice with 5 health
  6. I'll have to check this out too! Legion and Armada play on the same night at my FLGS.
  7. Thanks! I'll have to check out the link at a later time. In the past all we had was tournaments and it was hard for players to commit time due to them being roughly 6-8 hours for a day. At least with a league it'll be easier to set time aside. One of my friends suggested an escalation league which could be fun. Played one in Legion.
  8. So I got word the othe day from my flgs that our OP kit came in. We haven't had any sort of OP in a while since the last TO just stopped play Armada. I kinda stepped up and the store ordered a kit. I thought of starting a league might be easier for player to participate. I'm looking for some ideas and what to do to get started. Any help is appreciated! 😊
  9. I like this idea. Have you thought of possibly using clear plexie glass sheets or something like that to show the different planes like 3d chess in Star Trek? Honestly I thought you were thinking this till the token was mentioned. Might look cool though measurements might be thrown from picking up ships. Something to think about.😊
  10. I'd be happy have either one even as terrain. Downed LAAT might be cool for a clone wars version of Downed AT-ST.
  11. The news article FFG released of what's available now is all Keyforge stuff
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