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  1. Talking with another player at my FLGS we think he got confused with the cohesion. For this specific match it didn't really affect our game. I think my group needs to discuss ruling a little bit more. The league that our TO is running is thematic and built by him. One of the list options allows Chewy to be a commander. It's fun though.
  2. I normally play rebels, but I like playing both. I have both Heavies on pre-order. I figured rebels may have a difficult time dealing with the tank.
  3. I know they're not fully released yet, but those of you who have tried them on TTS or got them from Celebration, how are they so far and what should we expect for any changes to gameplay?
  4. I'll talk to him about this more on Friday during game night. I think next time I'll ask him to point out rules in the RRG not a podcast. Maybe I'll get the timestamp where he hear it.
  5. Okay I'll be sure to bring that up with him. He's running a themed league as a TO. I'll see if he can make some clear rulings especially when it comes to things like deployment.
  6. "I heard it from Alexy Davy (legion designer) on a podcast. It was more a clarification so it might not have been put into the rules book yet." "Probably has more to do witb terrain not suppoed to be in the deplyment zones to begin with" my friends response to me from FB
  7. Yeah I'll be sure to. I believe he mentioned an email and explained as an issue with Pathfinders infiltrate ability.
  8. Yeah could be. I'll just need to double-check with him about. We both play multiple games and sometimes get rules mixed up. He's the TO for Legion around here.
  9. I understand the cohesion part. I was trying to deploy both mini's of my sniper strike team on top of a building in my deployment zone. My friend pointed out I cannot do to a recent FAQ where all units had to deployed on the same level. I haven't seen anything about that yet though. Maybe I missed something or not understanding it completely.
  10. That I understand. It's placing a strike team on a building that my friend pointed out that I can't do even in the deployment zone. Seems odd like what if you deployment zone ends up with a couple of building or tall flat pieces of terrain? This supposed rule may limit where you can deploy depending on how the table is set. I thought I'd ask if anyone knows of it.
  11. A friend and I were playing a game of Legion earlier tonight. During deployment they stopped me from deploying my sniper team on a building in my deployment zone. He said there was an FAQ that deployment had to be all on the same level. Something to do with Pathfinders. Anyone know about this? They mentioned it being an email.
  12. I had a scenario a while back that I tried out with some friends. It involved a rebel convoy getting stuck in a gravity well near a nebula(dust clouds in a corner of the mat). Players each chose a ship and a couple of squadrons to help rescue. Once they got close they sprung an Imperial trap. Imperial squadrons came out of the nebula to attack. Eventually an Interdictor out as well. I had weak points (gravity well generators) that player could attack after the shields went down on the sides. The gravity well would go away once the generators we're destroyed. Then the convoy can escape. Turned out to be quite fun.
  13. Just standard play facing Vader and Krennic seems scary with all that suppression
  14. Like the chess guy in the Pixar short from A bug's Life.
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