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  1. The developers made it easy for us by indicating all targets with "choose". Choose/Targets within an effect can be either before the dash or after the dash, but are still targets.
  2. I was thinking it might work like back alley, where you play as if it were in a province, but not considered played from a province. Or like the resolve the ring as if you were the attacking player, but you are not considered the attacking player. Invoking the rules, but not consider you participating.
  3. In all fairness I do think this card could have been worded better, if just for clarity sake. Adding "as if it were participating" to the end of the ability would be a helpful reminder to still invoke the rules on contributing skill. I think the use of the word 'contributes' in the character's ability is key here, as 'contribute' has a specific meaning in conflict resolution (only ready can contribute). If the card would state "add this character's relevant skill to your skill count", it would add it to the total without checking for bowed or ready.
  4. Ruling: You may want to review the wording on Yogo Kikuyo (shown in the most recent article). The wording seems to indicate the card could be put into play from your hand, discard pile, and other out of play areas (back alley), as hand isn't specified.
  5. I don't see anything in the rules that state 'putting into play' is the same as playing, but without paying fate cost. There is a bullet about how a card that is put into play must enter play in the same state or play area as if you had played the card. But that does not cover where the card was played from. I sent this question to the developers as soon as I read the article. See 'Vengeful Oathkeeper' for how a card should be 'put into play from your hand'. As worded, this card would allow you to put it into play from the discard pile (or other areas, Back Alley Hideaway), unless it receives an errata or can be fixed in time. I'm hoping they haven't manufactured these cards yet and there is still time to add the change 'from hand'.
  6. It's pretty clear the intent since they specify the glory "among ready participating characters", and not an overall glory count per the RRG. It's like confusing your skill in a duel with overall skill in a conflict. The imperial palace doesn't count just like imperial favor doesn't count. Those cards affect an overal glory count but do not affect the stats of characters.
  7. Pit Trap wording was a mistake which is why it has been errata'd. The new version of the card uses 'play'.
  8. "Attach to" and "May only be attached to" are both constant checks. "Play on" is the one-time play restriction. They did use two different phrases to indicate which they meant.
  9. That is a weird errata, no need for "attach to a character".
  10. Purely speculative, but I don't think it's as simple as 'resolve this ability twice' versus 'resolve this effect twice'. 'resolve this effect twice' doesn't yet exist in the game, and we may never see it. Even if it did exist, it may not work in the way you are proposing. We had a recent ruling that step 7 of the initiation sequence "the effects initiate" is considered the same as "the ability initiates". Yes abilities are more encompassing than than effects, but the application of "resolve this effect twice" may be the same as "resolve this ability twice". Also, resolving an ability twice is only steps 5-7, not the entire initiation sequence. RRG:
  11. I don't think there should be a rule for this, just like I don't think there should be a specific rule for every other form of cheating. A judge will try and make a fair outcome given the circumstances, and if there is repeat cheating then the penalties go up (lose the match > removed from tournament > restraining order).
  12. I would like to see this as a full-art promo like the other 'way of's. I also want enough cards to make a complete neutral-imperial deck (then you can 'splash' in two other clans).
  13. Any of the cards that say "attach to a character you control". Grasp of Earth is required to be attached to a Shugenja character. So if the character lost it's Shugenja trait, the attachment would be discarded. "attach to" is a constant restriction "play on", "play only if", or any version of "play" is a one-time play restriction (Embrace the Void).
  14. So basically SoK's last sentence should just be treated as reminder text.
  15. Why is the wording 'would be broken' used instead of 'would break'? I feel like this should be an interrupt to the 'breaking' of the province and not the status of 'being broken'. Does breaking a province occur prior to a province 'being broken'? If so, can reactions still occur to the province 'breaking'? It looks like step 3.2.5 includes both breaking a province and a province being broken (is broken), so it's likely interchangeable.
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