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  1. Here's how you end it: highest bid has Initiative.
  2. SOTL

    Poe > Kylo

    I feel like SR Kylo is a great example of a 'good build' that only fits into bad squads. The Hate/Optics Kylo is a route I like, I'm just not sure Kylo isn't still just overcosted whatever you do with him.
  3. I didn't realise counting to 5 was so challenging for you people.
  4. That'll be why casinos are thrilled when people count cards then.
  5. Unless you're the double-tapping version I'd tend to agree. Depends what you're doing elsewhere with that points saving tho.
  6. Null + bid >>> Midnight + small bid. To be clear: Midnight is ****. A sliver of a fraction of a shadow of what Omega Leader was.
  7. Muse can always clear his own stress if necessary, and already wants to hang close to the Upsilon (they tend to work as a pair, certainly in early game). It frees Null up to use his I7 to actually be a TIE Fighter and an offensive threat, and it also means that if they want to start breaking up your action economy they have to target the ship that would probably otherwise be their lowest priority. Jury's out on Phasma vs a 5pt bid. I think with only really bidding for QD's benefit that I don't need it.
  8. FWIW Upsilon is the current hottest ship in the game, and probably the best thing in the First Order faction. Your list is kind of similar to mine but with more points invested in the Shuttle where I buy a whole 2nd TIE/fo. And also... Null to Midnight is not an upgrade, it's a sidegrade at best. Quickdraw - Elusive, FCS, SF Gunner, Shield Upgrade Starkiller Base Pilot - Captain Phasma, Pattern Analyser (1pt short of Tavson vs Phasma) Null Muse - Squad Leader
  9. You're usually trying to get second player, so you can see where your opponent has moved to before you decide what action to take. Do you need to boost to get a better shot, or barrel roll out if their arc to avoid their fire?
  10. I wouldn't read points changes from this - what this does is move the threat level more into line with the existing points costs. Guys like Sigma Ace and Leevan Tenza were hilariously good at 2 threat given all the goodies they had on them.
  11. Hate Optics Kylo sounds pretty reliable to me!
  12. It matters more in 2.0 than in 1.0 because 2.0 is a better game. If squad composition and broken combos are less important then it must follow that other elements in the game will become more important. You can no longer deploy like a complete muppet and win anyway because of combololz.
  13. Oh, the HWK has Moldy at 197. And I would argue Wedge @ Luke could go up by as much as 10pts EACH if you want to do things properly.
  14. 3x AO Blue, Tallie with Heroic AO, Jess Pava = 200
  15. How do you feel about AO Blues? On paper they should be fine but the one time I went there I felt I missed Heroic a lot (yet confirmation bias...)
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