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  1. Oh, the HWK has Moldy at 197. And I would argue Wedge @ Luke could go up by as much as 10pts EACH if you want to do things properly.
  2. SOTL

    Five A-Wings

    3x AO Blue, Tallie with Heroic AO, Jess Pava = 200
  3. SOTL

    Five A-Wings

    How do you feel about AO Blues? On paper they should be fine but the one time I went there I felt I missed Heroic a lot (yet confirmation bias...)
  4. HWK/XXX/AP-5 is 197pts for five ships - you get a whole free X-Wing for trading down to generics. And it would be rubbish vs Wedge/Luke. You'd lose an X-Wing before it could fire.
  5. SOTL

    Five A-Wings

    Agree other factors than maths are more Important.
  6. When I say that I'd change 70-80% of points costs in this Jan window it's precisely to address that issue. The points compression per chassis we got in 2.0 has backfired horrifically.
  7. SOTL

    Five A-Wings

    FWIW, mathematically AO is better on Lulo than the other A-Wings.
  8. Proton Torps are a very specific problem but absolutely contributes to the high-I meta in a big way. But also the rampant addition of reposition to ships that didn't previously have it has contributed as well. Everything has some arc-dodging ability, everything wants to know where you are before it takes its actions. Then there's strong bullseye arc effects that need Initiative as well, and turrets with rotate arc actions. And then you get that Wedge costs 52 when he should be more like 62. And kiss your generics goodbye.
  9. Since 1.0 they've made high Initiative matter more and reduced the cost to put it on the table. Either they're lying to you to make you buy their game or they're incredibly incompetent. I'd urge you to pay little attention to what come out of their mouths and more attention to the actions they actually take.
  10. SOTL

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    As much as X-Wing likes to think it has 'a great community' most of you are complete plums.
  11. SOTL

    What is hyperspace format?

    Oh and here I was staying out because I wasn't invited.
  12. SOTL

    Making Upsilon Work

    Still tinkering, but I had some good interactions in this list: Starkiller Base Pilot - Captain Phasma, Pattern Analyser (66) Quickdraw - Elusive, SF Gunner, Fire Control System, Shield Upgrade (67) Muse - Squad Leader (36) Null (31) (200) I still like Tavson/Thanisson but the Muse SL play works best if you're the same Initiative so you can choose move order. What this list is good at is pushing action economy where you need it most - one turn I'll send QD into engage with Focus/Evade/TL, the next turn he'll get a Fovus before slooping to recharge Elusive, the next I'm Focus/Reinforcing the shuttle. And if they want to break that up they need to start killing Muse first, who is otherwise the target they probably would pick last.
  13. SOTL

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    So, to clarify: the 'victims' in this case were actually also the supposed 'bad guys' and they're fine with it and the missing upgrades had no material impact on the outcome. So it's just the usual professional complainers who are outraged. As per. Thought so.
  14. SOTL

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    Big boy pants must be in short supply.
  15. SOTL

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    Best way to avoid this? Don't screw up.