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  1. So I've been GM'g for my friends for about 2 years now, so my group are well stocked on XP and have multiple talent sheets. More often than not, lately when they've been tackling encounters, they lose track of what talents they have to help with the situation and spend a good chunk of time sifting through their pages to find it. Anyone have tips on how they manage their growing list of talents? Do you use the spec decks or some other method?
  2. Ooooh! An updated L Master list. This has literally been a godsend for my GM'ing
  3. Back again with a little something I've been working on. My math skills and remembrance of repair/trading rules tend to leave me on the fly, so I made myself a little excel calculator to help and thought I'd share. The Repair bench will determine the repair cost based on the item's original value (which you input) as well as it's current damage level, less any discount for advantages rolled. The Trading outpost initially will calculate the difficulty based on the item's rarity, plus/minus and modifiers for the type of planet the player is currently on. Also have a section to put in the item's base cost with a "suggested" price based on the planet less any net successes. Feel free to provide feedback and point out any flaws in my understanding of the rules!! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DcYTyKtlDHxNirlagWHxMJ6iyuSOWdCS
  4. I totally forgot to give you credit in my original post sorry! I totally forgot to credit you for the species list sorry! Was on my mind but think I got overzealous getting the rest posted for feedback. Your whole doc is awesome!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, started putting through some of those fixes. Mainly opted to not included expanded specialisations to try and cut down for space, but might eventually go through and add them in.
  6. Ah you're right! I'm used to Edge rules and borrowed my mates F&D book just to skim the skills, totally missed they pick 3. I shall touch that up
  7. From time to time my group will run one shots, but due to my group note quite getting the character creation rules, I attempted to make them a guide and thought I'd share it. Tried to keep it basic-ish, more Edge of the Empire focused, but have got AoR and F&D Careers/Specialisations and opted to not include the expanded Specialisations to try and keep it shorter. Would be open to feedback or suggestions https://drive.google.com/open?id=14R7C4XH3Gx5zd5nYmC94S6syybsW6Gnr * Have made some edits, mainly trying to align spelling back up (I'm an Aussie haha!) Fixed alignment of the AoR and F&D Careers so the bottom row wasn't cut off and fixed the Zabrak up. I'll do a sanity check of the other species (have added in their book references also) Further edit: in my excitement to upload, also realised I forgot to credit the L Master List for the species side of things. If you've not checked that doc out - do it now! It's saved my hide more than once! Further-further edit: V4 includes the pocket money roll - thanks Toasterrage!
  8. So my group has had to do a couple impromptu one shots from time to time, so while I was bored made up one of those date of birth generators for a laugh. Thought I may as well share it around. I'm full well expecting someone to end up with some really broken combination though!
  9. One is nautolan and another is a droid, so they'd be less stressed I imagine, more the other two. Got some contingency plans for the others if they don't make it. I want to amp up the suspense, but definitely no intention to kill them haha
  10. So in my next session, my group of PCs are headed for a lost research facility that's primarily located underneath a river. Most of the facility has been long since flooded, but there's still safe passages to get deeper into the structure. The end goal is a terminal located in the lower depths that contains data the party has been hired to retrieve. Long story short, once the data is collected the facility is set to do a "purge" which centuries prior would have collapsed the tunnels around the facility, but now with it being flooded it's more dangerous as it's going to unleash the torrent of water built up behind the nearby sealed elevator shaft, that the PCs will have to outrun. Which brings me to my question, how would people handle this mechanics-wise? I want a sense of urgency as if they dally they could be swept up, and choices they make to reach the data may help or hinder their escape. My initial thought was to perhaps have them roll initiative and then roll an "initiative" for the water to signify the timing of it sweeping through. The PCs maneuvers/actions can then be spent outrunning the tidal wave? Still a relatively rookie GM as it's my first campaign, so was wondering if anyone with a bit more experience might have a take on it?
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I luckily have two players who decided their backstories involved one another (the father of one character helped the second flee after Order 66) so that's come in handy. Definitely think I'll give the 3 Questions a go, although at this stage the general feel from my group is they are all very anti-Imperial, so got that to play with as well.
  12. Hey all! First time poster and all around newbie. Just started GM'ing an Edge of the Empire campaign for a bunch of friends and enjoyed our first session. The group is currently coming up with their obligations and motivations to give me ammo in terms of plot points, but it got me thinking if anyone has tried asking background questions of their players to flesh out their characters a bit more or do you find the obligation/motivation usually helps enough?
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