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  1. if you have the TIE interceptor and TIE advanced, this list is very good for making the most of vader's ability Do i have to choose? vader(29) w/ PTL(3), X1(0), ATC(5-4=1) 33 soontir fel(27) w/ PTL(3), royal guard(0) AT(2), stealth device(3) 35 dormitz(31) w/ collision detector(0), hyperwave comm scanner(1) 32 put fel up front and go fast, while racking up 3 actions per turn. give the coordinate to fel for barrel roll/boost, and focus and evade. when vader is in range for TL, give him coordinate. at that point, he can barrel roll, TL, focus, AND evade. dormitz is just dealing damage to any enemy in range. HCS is good because you have a real chance to use it if fel is off of dormitz
  2. I stand corrected best defensive squad anyway, apparent "offensive ships" are awesome in HP. crazy! darn it, FFG.
  3. the freaking bomber!
  4. yes. but i meant small ships sorry
  5. trivia: What is the tankiest ship in the entire imperial lineup (HP per point) this is probably a surprise
  6. the trick is to smash a small ship, give it 1 ion token with ion projector, and make oicuun give it 2 damage with the 0 maneuver. oh, sorry, have the bomber make it 3 damage by blocking the deci. while you potentially kill an ace and take no damage, the bomber can let the APTs go and automatically do 4 hits and 1 crit (3 hits w/ expertise(read APT rules), 1 hit w/ guidance chips, and 1 crit from palp) if you have any luck whatsoever, another ace is... GONE. check it out, it works well
  7. maybe this might work 1. Major Rhymer a. Advanced Proton Torps b. Guidance Chips c. Expertise d. Extra Munitions 2. Captain Oicuun (75% chance i messed up the spelling) a. Palpatine ( yes i know he's nerfed) b. Mara Jade c. Dauntless d. Ion Bombs e. Ion Projector f. Predator it is actually pretty good
  8. did you want something like this for thrawn? 2 sides of one card, BTW
  9. no known decimators. you might have to make one up
  10. before you tell me, I am admittedly horrible at building rebel squads try this thane kyrell plasma torps jan ors mun failsafe alliance overhaul green squadron refit test pilot vet instincts trick shot autothrusters ahsoka title stolen TIE cloaking device rex (crew) rookie r2 mech intergrated mech plasma torps 100 pts to repeat, ask someone good before using this list.
  11. if you see wookieepedia, it has bombs. somehow. nice upgrades. don't blame me for being a bit slow. I am working on an epic group. building on the light cruiser. well, stolen by scum, but same ship. and a gozanti
  12. how can I make my attachment quota larger? well, the boat apparently has SLAM, so the imps got that.
  13. yeah, i probably should remove that... although the imperials need SLAM @ some point
  14. using your ground unit ideas. jetpack too OP?
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