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  1. Now I want a Guri Fury list! I want to try Guri, Fenn & 4-LOM and I want to try Guri, Fenn and Trandoshan Slaver with a Flechette Cannon with BMST.
  2. Dropping FCS on Zuckuss would be painful. His low agility really is helped by taking Evade. I haven't used Manaroo or any of the Jumpmasters yet as I didn't want to waste time learning about a ship & pilots that were going to be nerfed, so no comment. I really don't know what can survive a swarm of Harpoon missiles. Focusing on a very offensive list with Fenn & Guri means accepting the risk of less survivability but I like the Scum "high risk/glass cannon" play style. Another option would be to have 4-LOM (27) piloting the Starfighter w/ a BMST on him and Guri. Fenn would benefit from the stressed bad guy's maneuvers becoming predictable as they go for the green. Guri's low PS 5 isn't such a hindrance when she is using the BMST against bad guys with higher PS that have been stressed. Since BMST is so thematic for Scum I am always finding ways to use it.
  3. I really like all 3 of those ships too and was also trying to get better with Guri even before G4H. Haven't used all three of them in the same list but now my curiosity is piqued. Putting Veteran Instinct (1) on Zuckuss could really pay off for Fenn, especially if a bad guy got pulled into Fenn's Range 1 zone of death. Maybe swap the Boba Fett for the VI or downgrade the PTL to a cheaper Elite such as Fearlessness (1) or Intensity (2).
  4. Edit: I won the last 3 4 casual games using Misthunters. The most recent game I had 2 Misthunters and I will stick with that build for a while. I will upgrade from the PS3 Ruthless Freelancer to the PS5 Gand Findsman as follows: Pilot: 4-LOM (PS6) with Stay on Target, Advanced Sensor, Title, Ketsu Onyo, Black Market Slicer Tool Pilot: Gand Findsman (PS5) with Tactician, FCS and BMST. EPT to be Adaptability or Trick Shot. Leaning towards Trick Shot as I am learning that the Misthunter's speed 1 maneuvers are very useful for fighting in the middle of the asteroids. Pilot: Trandoshan Slaver (PS2) on YV-666 with Flechette Cannon, Tactician, Cilkatro and BMST/Cargo Chute. If you think a ship is cool and fun to fly add it to your list. An advantage of using disregarded ships is that opponents are not familiar with them and can underestimate them.
  5. I'v been flying all the Scum ships since I strated in March (except for the JM5K) and the only one I don't like is the clunky HWK-290. Misthunter: I have won the last 3 casual games that had a Misthunter, yesterday's game had 2 Misthunters (4-LOM & Ruthless Freelancer and a YV-666-Trandoshan Slaver, lots of stressing and each ship had a Black Market Slicer Tool). Next game I will tweek the list to upgrade from the PS3 Ruthless Freelancer to the PS5 Gand Findsman.
  6. Another option is to start using tractor beams and ion cannons. Gaining this familiarity helps you "know your enemy."
  7. I like Asajj having two Binayre Pirate Z-95s with Black Market Slicer Tools and an ace. I will probably use Serissu with a tractor beam as her combat buddy next time, the reroll always comes in handy.
  8. Some Guri art: https://www.google.com/search?q=guri,+star+wars&rlz=1C1FLDB_enUS594US594&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2sL-i5KXWAhVQzmMKHbDFDfIQsAQILg&biw=1366&bih=613#imgrc=yz6LYrCjOnvLhM:
  9. "4) Bodyguard. If not for the focus requirement, that could be a thing." Would this make Kaa'to Leachos useful? I had always considered his token leaching to be a zero sum ability. However if Viktor is coughing up the focus to gain 1 Agility would this be a viable trade off? Viktor's action bar is so limited that choosing a focus would represent a minimal opportunity cost. The fragility of Kaa'to would make Scavenger Crane viable for any missiles loaded on Viktor. http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/Kaa'to_Leeachos
  10. Intriguing. Captain Jostero can breathe new life into some old timers. The only time I used Dace was when I had some Y-Wings with Ion Cannon Turrets. I was not happy with the blah maneuverability of that list so I moved on. How about Dace as Captain J's wingman: Dace Bonearm PS7 (23), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Wired (1), Outlaw Tech (2). Not sure what is the optimal Illicit. Perhaps Glitterstim (2) or Feedback Array (2) or BMST (1)? Total 32-33 pts. Edit: This looks like a good combo: 4-LOM (1), Ion Discharger (2) & Pulsed Ray Shield (2) for 34 pts. <40 pts. for options such as: Z-95s with BMST and Ion Pulse Missiles, or one mini-ace (Genesis Red, Serissu with Tractor Beam, OT, etc.) with a cheap blocker/BMSTer (Z-95, Jakko Gunrunner).
  11. I think Viktor will fly in most of my stress exploiting lists. Since Black Market Slicer Tools (BMST) is Scum specific and is a good anti-PTL/K-turn feature I am becoming more proficient dealing and exploiting stress. Additionally, BMST damage can trigger Captain Jostero's ability and my dedicated BMST ships are usually 13 pt. Slicer Pirates. Outfitting Vikotr and Jostero with Scavenger Cranes leverages the loss of the fragile but inexpensive Slicer Pirates.
  12. I love Slicing too. Slicer Pirates are incredibly cost effective. 1.0 One rec is to put Adaptability (0) on Serissu. I try to fly her within Range 1 of my most valuable ship. 2.0 I never thought of using the YV-666 as a Flechette Cannon/Slicer, can't wait to try it!
  13. True that the thread tracers are only 0 points for a Vaksai Kihraxz, but since TC's starting cost is 28 pts. I might as well make a bigger investment in some decisive kaboom stuff for him. I really like a lot about Kihraxz fighters and TC in particular but I'm still trying to learn how he fits into squadrons. It really isn't cost effective to spend all the upgrades to make him an arc fighter or arc dodger so I suppose he needs to be a high powered ordinance ship who can also throw 5 red at range 1.
  14. I am learning that N'dru is more effective in the end game. Once a friendly or two has been removed he has a greater frequency of using his "Joe Solo" ability. Having LW helps. I am experimenting on lists that have no more than two fast ships to keep the battle from being cluttered. I will be trying to team N'dru (LW/Snap Shot, Guidance Chips, Concussion Missiles/Cluster Missiles, Scavenger Crane/Glitterstim) (25 pts.) with: Ketsu/Asajj (title, Glitterstim, Latts or Ketsu, Rigged Cargo Chute, Fearlessness/VI, Predator) low to mid 40 pts. Fenn (title, AT, Fearlesness/Intensity/EPT & maybe a torpedo) 32-34 pts. Both are fast and I really like Fenn and the Lancer Ladies.
  15. I did a solitaire today with Genisis Red, Fenn and Talonbane as mentioned above and don't feel that putting Thread Tracers on Talonbane is a good investment relative to his overall cost. Probably going to go with Concussion Missiles on Talonbane next time.
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