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  1. Maizrim

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    I would love to see them come out February 28th, so we can see full chaos Krayt Cup that weekend.
  2. Maizrim

    New California Still "On The Boat"?

    Still waiting on CoolStuff to get this in stock. Strange that FFG hasn't updated the Upcoming page for this in over 3 months.
  3. Maizrim

    Squad Selection Article

    I know some have said GenCon possibly, but back during the big reveal FFG stream (in Twitch chat), FFG account mentioned that the app would release on Sept 13th as well. Here's to hoping that the August/GenCon is the actual date.
  4. Around how many upgrade cards are in each conversion kit? I sleeve my cards, and while I will have to find another use for all of the extra Yellow FFG sleeves I'll have now, I am curious about how many FFG Gray I will need for each conversion kit. Any guesses if that info is not being released yet? (putting in an order for Saw's Renegades/TIE Reaper and was going to order more FFG Gray sleeves as well) Also, does anyone have suggestions for my huge stack of leftover FFG Yellow? I think Battlestar Galactica board game will fit, but maybe I can just give out sleeves to folks who don't get the pre-order damage deck.
  5. Maizrim

    CoolStuffInc Preorders

    CoolStuff will ship on release day - usually not sending you your shipping information until after 8pm many times. If you upgrade to FedEx Ground, you'll get it usually in 2-3 days depending on your location. If you go with Free Shipping (or flat rate shipping) you'll get FedEx SmartPost, and that can take a full week sometimes to arrive. That's coming from a group that has hit Level 9 at CoolStuff (our FLGS stopped selling the games we play years ago, including X Wing) You do get your discount on X Wing too, unlike some other miniatures games... so you have to weigh the cons. You might also get free upgrade to FedEx Ground if you order things that weigh enough - if you order one of each Conversion Kit and one Core Set, you will have enough for free upgrade. (to the 2-3 day shipping)
  6. Maizrim

    article up!

    Do we know the cost of the PS1 pilot yet? Guessing 19 points (2 points cheaper than Rookie Pilot) If so, it'd be fun to fly Expertise Rey (Kanan/Sloop/Finn/Engine) with two PS1 FAA at 19 points each.
  7. Maizrim

    So... what about the TIE Reaper?

    Been playing a year so not sure, but have they ever posted two previews in one week? I'd love to see the Reaper preview this Friday, and then they can focus on two things we are missing at the moment, at the Live event on May 1st: Release date Possible Scum Falcon
  8. Maizrim

    New Storage post.

    Btw if anyone wants a nice case for tournaments, you can't go wrong with some of the Feldherr cardboard boxes. (yellow/small, green/medium, blue/large) The cases have magnetic flip lids on them, and you can put a bunch of stuff in them. I just got mine last week. They come with the standard Feldherr (removeable) trays, and if you're looking for a certain tray it's not a bad price. Some are more expensive right now (Upsilon + case is $27) but the Lambda tray + case is only $16.99. The Lambda tray by itself on Amazon is $11.99. Link to Lambda tray + blue (large) case here: https://www.amazon.com/Feldherr-Magnetic-X-WING-Lambda-Shuttle/dp/B074FXBQXD/
  9. Maizrim

    Venture Bro's "The Monarch" themed StarViper Squad

    Nice. I commented on the stream last night - I thought that was your squad.
  10. Maizrim

    Interfering in streamed games

    Only been playing the game for a year, but this whole thing has been very interesting to watch unfold. And I've seen a lot of comparisons on FB and such, about how folks watching Golf have called in over rules violations over the years, but they too have tried to change all of that just this past December. They changed it to, “Let’s leave the rules and the administration of the event to the players and to those responsible for running the tournament.” I started watching streams with last year's Worlds (Dialgate), so it's been an interesting year to begin playing (and watching) X Wing. It seems to never been boring, that's for sure.
  11. This is a great tool for new players too. Shared it with our group (most of us all started playing about a year ago) and they enjoyed it quite a bit. I know the first episode will be Dion ironing out the glitches, but looking forward to more. (maybe less chewing gum and get the lists on the right side next time) Still, great job and his opponent was very funny.
  12. Great stream, and a very fun final match. Nice work guys.
  13. Maizrim

    2017 Regionals Live Streams Threads

    Any streams this weekend? (24th-25th) I know Gold Squadron is off until next weekend.
  14. Maizrim

    Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    Works great since the update. Local group excited to have our app back again.
  15. Maizrim

    K-Wings are back.

    Some of the guys in our group were slow on the trigger, and now CoolStuff and Miniature Market are both sold out again. (K-Wings) Fingers crossed some of the local stores (and maybe Barnes & Noble) were able to score a few copies.