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  1. They posted this on FB too - "at least May 1" for any new releases in this one.
  2. Some communities are worth the drive if you can make the trip. Our local store is nothing but Magic and 40K these days, so I drive 90 minutes to Raleigh/Cary (and sometimes 2 hours to Durham) to play with those great communities. It sucks to see a local group die off - it happened twice here, once with Star Trek Attack Wing (we had 14 players and were the last store in the state to run the OPs about 2 years ago), and again with our board game group.
  3. I also use the Feldherr blue magnetic flip top box (which comes with a tray too - can be cheaper too if you need that tray and were going to order said tray by itself) for tournaments. District Foundry's tray system, my glasses case, my ships, damage deck (full sized holder by BtST) and snack all fit inside the Feldherr blue box. I think I paid $13 on Amazon for that one, but it has since gone back up to about $27 on Amazon here in the States. A great option if you don't want to go the route of the small lunchbox for District Foundry's system. https://www.amazon.com/Feldherr-Magnetic-X-WING-Lambda-Shuttle/dp/B074FXBQXD/ EDIT: added Amazon link
  4. Thanks! That's good to know as I didn't know if it was a DHL issue. Buy the Same Token (via Etsy) got here in less than two weeks, so there was some concern. Yeah they have a few new trays now. The Sith Infiltrator tray, a Republic Y-Wing tray, a Jedi + ARC tray, and maybe one more. They also have double and triple Upsilon trays now too, which has been the hardest ship for me to store the past three years. I ordered a double Upsilon tray as well. https://www.feldherr.net/hsmemd035bo-foam-tray-for-star-wars-x-wing-sith-infiltrator/a-58635 https://www.feldherr.net/for/star-wars-x-wing/empire/hsmerq030bo-feldherr-foam-tray-for-star-wars-x-wing-btl-b-y-wing-naboo-royal-n-1-starfighter/a-59348 https://www.feldherr.net/en/for/star-wars-x-wing/rebel/hsmemv040bo-foam-tray-for-star-wars-x-wing-arc-170-delta-7-aethersprite-v-19-torrent/a-58737
  5. Thanks. I needed two Mini Plus cases for my Separatists and my Republic, and their new cases fit the bill. I had hoped they'd show up on Amazon again, but Feldherr on Amazon has been lacking the past 6 months here in the States.
  6. Has anyone ordered directly from Feldherr (Germany) to the US? We put in an order three plus weeks ago and still no update from DHL in three weeks. (from today) Didn't know if that was normal for DHL or not.
  7. Yeah my local store stopped selling X-Wing awhile back (CCG rule the roost there)... first time buying from FFG. With the free shipping it's about the same as buying from Miniature Market + shipping, which is where I usually purchase my X-Wing stuff.
  8. Yes, the email was from FFG's shop. The email was basically asking us to make sure all of our information was up to date before they pulled the order. Good news! Your preorder will be shipping soon! Please take a moment to visit https://shop.fantasyflightgames.com/accounts/preorders/ and review your shipping and payment information. If anything has changed since you placed your preorder, please follow the instructions below to update your order. If everything is correct, no action is needed.
  9. I ordered both the Multiplayer Kit and the Huge Ship kit, and got an email today as well. Hoping they ship together.
  10. I went 3-1 this past weekend at a tournament with Chertek (Ensnare + Crackshot) and the I4 Generic (Ensnare + Predator)... both 50 points, and I think they can fit in with anything. (I ran them with x5 Strut Vultures at 200 total) Might drop Predator for another Crackshot to have a 1 point bid. (Most CIS lists I've played against are 200, and you want to give them First player for Ensnare) VERY fun ship to fly.
  11. Curious about the options as well. I currently use four half baseball card boxes (you can get a pack of 5 at CoolStuff for around $5). Works well enough, I may just need dividers if I stay with this setup. (maybe the nice ones at District Foundry eventually) Four boxes with plenty of room, and that is with all of the factions too.
  12. According to the Y Wing preview article (Lead the Attack), the Wave 5 release date is indeed this Friday. (Sept 13th)
  13. Curious how Clone Commander Cody (Gunner) would work on an I6 (Anakin)? Possibly giving out Strain at the start of combat might be nice. Would he ever just want a turret though? 2 red and 1 green seems a waste for 3 Force. Anything more and he's probably not missing against most ships.
  14. R4 Astromech reduces the difficulty of the maneuver, but not the physical color on the physical dial. I've seen arguments for both, for this not working and others saying it does... how do you guys feel? Is there a consensus? R4 on Cova Neil (Resistance Transport) and Cova does a 1 hard (red on dial but white with R4)... does she get the extra dice? R4: Decrease the difficulty of your speed 1-2 basic maneuvers (Hard Left, Bank Left, Straight, Bank Right, Hard Right). Cova: While you defend or perform a primary attack, if your revealed maneuver is red, roll 1 additional die.
  15. We've had two Quick Build tournaments in Raleigh, NC area and they're a lot of fun. Not sure you'd be able to play in a tournament mind you unless your TO said it was okay. Casual Quick Build games are great if you don't have as much time on a week night.
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