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  1. R4 Astromech reduces the difficulty of the maneuver, but not the physical color on the physical dial. I've seen arguments for both, for this not working and others saying it does... how do you guys feel? Is there a consensus? R4 on Cova Neil (Resistance Transport) and Cova does a 1 hard (red on dial but white with R4)... does she get the extra dice? R4: Decrease the difficulty of your speed 1-2 basic maneuvers (Hard Left, Bank Left, Straight, Bank Right, Hard Right). Cova: While you defend or perform a primary attack, if your revealed maneuver is red, roll 1 additional die.
  2. We've had two Quick Build tournaments in Raleigh, NC area and they're a lot of fun. Not sure you'd be able to play in a tournament mind you unless your TO said it was okay. Casual Quick Build games are great if you don't have as much time on a week night.
  3. You can buy online and save even more - 20% off (over $40) with code FATHERSDAY. My FLGS stopped selling X-Wing right after the conversion kits - CCGs pay the bills in this college town, so no regrets here.
  4. I got an email about the book today, and if you submit a screenshot of your pre-order, you'll get a nice patch for the book. Looks great too. You can find the link if you look up "Star Wars Books" on Facebook.
  5. I ran a modified list (Crackshot added to both A-Wings and R4 on Nien coming in at 199) at the Raleigh Hyperspace Trial a couple of weeks ago and went 4-2. (18 out of 64) I can tell you the lists I had the most trouble with were lists with bombs and/or Proton Torps. Playing against Duncan in round 3 didn't help either as I believe his double Scimitars had both.
  6. Well it's official, FFG responded to my inquiry on FB and Wave IV is not releasing on June 6th now.
  7. I saw on one of the local FB groups that both Wave 4 articles have recently edited out June 6th as the release date in the final paragraph. Now both say, "Releasing with the rest of Wave IV". Hopefully that doesn't mean they are getting delayed as our next tournament is June 22nd.
  8. On the topic of price for card packs, it is possible to keep the prices low. Two years ago Star Trek Attack Wing started releasing card packs for older ships, which included a bunch of cards (usually 12-15), captain tokens, and ship tokens - all for $9.99. (or $7.99 at Miniature Market) I hope FFG does something similar. I know our local store liked the card packs as they took up a lot less space, and hung on the wall as well.
  9. x7 Scyks came in 53rd this weekend at the Denver System Open with 4 wins. I'd love to hear about their games. https://listfortress.com/tournaments/583
  10. You can fit x5 HLC Scyks and one generic Kihraxz. I flew it on Fly Casual for giggles and it was a lot of fun.
  11. Following this as I was about to put in my MM order this week. Side note: curious how many N1s folks are getting if more than one? Does 2 seem like a good number for now? It's easier for me to order more now via MM than later as my local store doesn't carry X-Wing anymore.
  12. I would love to see them come out February 28th, so we can see full chaos Krayt Cup that weekend.
  13. Still waiting on CoolStuff to get this in stock. Strange that FFG hasn't updated the Upcoming page for this in over 3 months.
  14. I know some have said GenCon possibly, but back during the big reveal FFG stream (in Twitch chat), FFG account mentioned that the app would release on Sept 13th as well. Here's to hoping that the August/GenCon is the actual date.
  15. Around how many upgrade cards are in each conversion kit? I sleeve my cards, and while I will have to find another use for all of the extra Yellow FFG sleeves I'll have now, I am curious about how many FFG Gray I will need for each conversion kit. Any guesses if that info is not being released yet? (putting in an order for Saw's Renegades/TIE Reaper and was going to order more FFG Gray sleeves as well) Also, does anyone have suggestions for my huge stack of leftover FFG Yellow? I think Battlestar Galactica board game will fit, but maybe I can just give out sleeves to folks who don't get the pre-order damage deck.
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