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  1. Someone wins a lot because of Policy Debate. "The cards downside is the more you crush them for free the less of them there is to crush. Balanced." Stick to playing it with your wife. This is a fun casual board game. In fairness to playtesters, I know some and its a rough gig. I imagine plenty of them DID point to how much PD should be a once a round thing at best but their inputs are very often ignored.
  2. I like your chutzpah. Thats a lot of street fighter. I learned that lesson a lot quicker in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but thats the VEEERY hard way lol. Its not a question of weak willpower its a question of worthwhile causes. Considering this game costs a considerable amount of time and money to play(and I dont just mean the packs I mean getting to and from events, even playing 3 quid to get in one game on a Tuesday night and waiting over an hour playing Hearthstone on my phone for that much) and very few rewards or incentive for doing so except a constant cyclic affirmation of its own existence and value then there is a problem. Other games dont give as much but cost nothing, or next to nothing, like Star Realms. Weight Training and jiu jitsu offer better, deeper, across-life rewards and if you want brain melting complexity then nothing comes close to BJJ. I live in a town with a third of a million people in it and about 3 of them play with any regularity, including myself. I could dedicate myself to this game and maybe turn around the odd horrible feeling this game gives me into a horrible feeling the game can give them. Why though?
  3. Honestly I get it. I was fully invested in the game, have played way too much over the last few days and now I'm sick of it and seriously, genuinely deeply regret the time, money and effort spent up to this point on a game that makes you feel terrible more often than not, assuming you bother to put in the 10+ hours to learn it to be a moderately crap player online. This game can be a gruelling experience and why do I have to sit there feeling bad for the next 45 minutes when I can just leave? Just as easy as clicking on a post. Boom. You win, congrats, you played Fate Worse Than Death on my guy or your Clouded my Hiroue or you realised that Policy Debate is a gross card and yes, you can play 3 of them in a turn with no recourse or cost whatsoever and break my spine. This game doesn't feel rewarding or fun, it feels like a slog that is decided within minutes of sitting down and just takes ages for that eventuality to play out. Also, it's easy to have an elevated position as a Lion player. It's a very easy-come easy-go world where your Ujiakis/LPB/FGG cards appear and resolve, and you win, or when they don't, and you don't.
  4. Honestly it feels like I need a reason not to, and this game can be soul crushing. Still, in all seriousness, I would have travelled to Ireland and France and probably completely wasted my time, so I feel like I've gotten some good value out of realizing I just don't respect this game at all.
  5. Anyone else experience this? Since getting into Jigoku I've managed to play more than twice a week and to be honest I've gone from wanting to go to Cork and Paris and wanting to compete at the game to feeling like that would be an utter waste of days of work and hundreds of pounds. Too often the game feels utterly lost or really bad on the first turn battle and a completely pointless way to waste over an hour and to be honest I drop in said first turn more often than not. I did it just now. Hit Restoration of balance on first hit and got hit for -6. Imagine I did that in Paris. Well done, hundreds of pounds down and because of the crap way tournaments are done once you've got one loss you're basically out of a chance and got a playmat and a useless promo for your 3 figures. The game is brutally swingy and not something I want to get on a plane to play. In fact, one of my boxes was free so if I sold that and the dozen promos I've managed to get and my plastic SH I'd be up on money. Game feelsbadman. I know I'm whinging and a noob and terrible and whatever, but I'm just venting and being real. Have a nice day.
  6. Ennit. But then to be honest I think a lot of people really don't get how different this game is in certain fundamental ways. Another proof of that in my opinion is how overrated Scorpion is by the playerbase. Its good and my own main clan as it happens, but its early "dominance" was pretty much down to how unfamiliar people were with the Dishonor win condition. Which I'm grateful for cause its the only reason I got my sexy plastic SH =p
  7. Dont be daft, only the Scorpion gets lumbered with that crap. Our magistrate is a conflict character too. Care to suggest a reason why that would be?
  8. Agreed with everything you said, not working on spell attachments is seriously lame, and I am very much not a fan of how heavy theyre going into conflict characters as Scorpion with a hard upper limit on that card type for seemingly no reason whatsoever.
  9. Yeah, think that they're both eminently cuttable but fans are more valuable. And as more and more stuff comes out that does stuff, I think people are going to move into deckspace where you don't really bother with attachments at all, or are at the very least completely unexcite by playing a card taking an action to gjve +2
  10. Love this and the Scorpion character is savagely good in a world where lots of people splash Phoenix specifically for Display of Power and Cloud The Mind is considered a staple... But crickey are those Scorpion conflict character picks gonna be heavily contested...
  11. Probably gonna get cut from most decks that try it. I can see it being a bit nasty in Crab. They've got Vanguard, Reprieve and Iron Mines, AND if the cards fall the right way this can be used at the tail end of one turn to clean the opponents field down, and set up their biggest guy for an early WotC at the start of the next. But yeah, I imagine that a lot of the time you have this you won't want it and a lot of the you want it(which will probably be relatively rare occasions) you won't have it.
  12. Really depends on what you want to be doing with your strategy I suppose. That said, I seriously doubt that we will ever see a single clan only deck ever be more successful than one with a splash unless they enter into a design space built specifically around decks that have no splash. Or print strongholds with no Influence value.
  13. Has anyone found out what happens if you attack with Kaede, declare Air, and then add a Seeker of Knowledge to that fight? Double Air activation?
  14. I'm gonna be experimenting with dropping Spiritcaller for her. Spiritcaller is obviously baller, but it can cause really awkward flops. In a Lion Bushi build that has some honor tech(and there is lots of it) she can be mental in a way Haughty can only hope to be. As instantly oppressive as Haughty can be(not in every matchup, granted), but it's way easier for you to just come in with some friends. Especially dirty for the final push.
  15. Really interesting fiction, but I hope that Yojiro doesn't find himself at the ire of a scorned Kachiko that feels he betrayed her. Betrayed the Scorpion. I hear they don't like that. I'm reckoning that Shojus days are numbered. Makes me sad. I'm still salty over how much I hate Kachikos card =[
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