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  1. I didn't get to reply this week due to other stuff, so I'm a bit late. Having a balanced format or a stable metagame does not mean that a game is balanced. I also strongly disagree that having only 2 or 3 tier 1 lists is in any way good for a game. When Standard drops to a 2 deck format attendance suffers. You should try and balance the options in a game as best as possible because it is much easier to ensure your format is good when things are balanced than when they are not.
  2. So I need to clear some things up. I am not debating whether or not he broke the rules. That is clear on the stream. For me, breaking the rules =/= cheating. Breaking the rules with malicious intent = cheating. FFG should have a judge document like magic that addresses both sides of the issue. I am more concerned about the witch hunt reactions on the internet. The vitriol some people have shown is unacceptable.
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