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  1. I think it looks like a better version of the game overall, but I don't have anyone to play it with now, even without all the disease stuff. Would have liked to see this first, and stronghold to be a more expert alternative format that came later.
  2. I would like to see some ways to have little a dynasty splash, as a treat. Maybe the coat of the card equals it's influence cost, for example? Just curious what happens if we do that!
  3. Ikoma Chronicler 2 Cost Lion Dynasty Character 0 Mil 1 Pol 1 Glory Courtier. Action: Choose a stronghold and bow this character. - Bow or Ready that Stronghold.
  4. If you don't use it, isn't it just a blank holding?
  5. I think people overestimate how populous the proportion of people this keen and discussing on boards are. I bet the number of people who buy a hero pack and use it as is at home with their buddies is larger than those who deck build.
  6. I play Honour Lion and I've had this a couple of times. Makes for weird games, as either side begins to explore breaking as an option in case the opponent is honouring faster, turning abilities from self honouring to enemy dishonouring instead, etc.
  7. "Though the fiscal quarter for which P&G reported ended before the launch of Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” campaign, there has been no hit to sales thus far in light of the social media storm the ad spark[ed] ." Emphasis Added https://www.google.com/amp/s/fortune.com/2019/01/23/gillette-ad/amp/
  8. Conscientious Deference 2 Cost Lion Event 2 influence Philosophy Action: Play during a conflict where you are attacking and the defender has at least one participating character and the Imperial Favour - Bow all your attacking characters then honour them. Your attacking characters may not ready this phase. Characters may not be put into play, played, or moved into this conflict.
  9. None of the previous ones have a Keyword though, do they? Still, having Yojimbo be a Keyword for future cards would be nice.
  10. What is an issue with the game? I see a lot of solutions in search of problems... For me, the only issue with L5R is that it has long periods of no change, with dominant and boring playstyles. The long periods of no change is adjusting, so I'll see if that makes things better.
  11. The skullduggerous and opaque nature of this community to those of us who use message boards and don't get value from constantly shifting chat rooms is one of the things I really dislike about it.
  12. The warlord suites, and getting a new one for each faction each cycle, was part of why I still love 40kConquestLCG
  13. What if they were opaque, except for an area that showed your archon symbol and/or name?
  14. There is a lion card that relies on lower bid, and I found I got one turn surprise low bid and then honour dials just matched. I like the idea of composure but expect it will take awhile before its useful.
  15. Untamed warrior Lion Dynasty Character 1 cost 2 mil 0 pol 1 glory Bushi Reaction: After this character is assigned to an attack against an opponent with the Imperial Favour - This character gains +2 mil.
  16. Isightful Ikoma 2 Cost Lion Dynasty 0 Mil 2 Pol 1 Glory Courtier. Scholer. Reaction: After you discard one or more cards, choose a character you control and one an opponent controls - Honour one and bow the other. "A moment's pause can bring great reward, my impetous cousin."
  17. Since the role change, I've been having quite a bit of luck with my Honourable Lion. Still has issues vs honour drain duel decks though. Honourable Lion w/Crane Yōjin no Shiro (Core) Seeker of Air Stronghold: Midnight Revels (Children of the Empire) Before the Throne (The Chrysanthemum Throne) Kiku Matsuri (Children of the Empire) Public Forum (Into the Forbidden City) Shameful Display (Core) Dynasty(40) Character (35) 3 Obstinate Recruit (Core) 3 Ikoma Prodigy (Core) 3 Matsu Berserker (Core) 3 Steadfast Samurai (Core) 2 Tactician's Apprentice (All and Nothing) 2 Akodo Toshiro (The Chrysanthemum Throne) 2 Armament Artisan (Masters of the Court) 2 Gifted Tactician (Tears of Amaterasu) 2 Ikoma Tsanuri (Disciples of the Void) 2 Miya Mystic (Core) 3 Tireless Sōdan Senzo (The Ebb and Flow) 3 Venerable Historian (Core) 3 Kitsu Spiritcaller (Core) 2 Honored General (Core) Holding (5) 3 Imperial Storehouse (Core) 2 Staging Ground (Core) Conflict (40) Attachment (6) 2 Cloud the Mind (Core) 2 Honored Blade (Core) 2 Unveiled Destiny (Children of the Empire) Character (2) 2 Kami Unleashed (Disciples of the Void) Event (32) 3 A Legion of One (Meditations on the Ephemeral) 3 Contingency Plan (Core) 3 Court Games (Core) 2 Even the Odds (Breath of the Kami) 2 Hand to Hand (Children of the Empire) 2 Ready for Battle (Core) 2 Stay Your Hand (Children of the Empire) 3 Way of the Lion (Core) 2 Noble Sacrifice (Core) 2 Soul Beyond Reproach (The Ebb and Flow) 3 Waning Hostilities (Fate Has No Secrets) 3 Way of the Chrysanthemum (The Chrysanthemum Throne) 2 Festival for the Fortunes (Masters of the Court) Deck Built using https://www.bushibuilder.com https://www.bushibuilder.com/l5r/deck/?deck=fd834fbe-70b9-11e9-a9bf-020c407d2d9d&public=y
  18. > Tactical Advantage Oh my god, I would love that card.
  19. Seeing as 'fewer cards in hand' looks like it will begin to be a Lion theme soon, and I'm very eager to try it... Supply Train +0 Str Lion Holding Action: During a conflict, choose an attacking character you control and discard one card from your hand - That character gains +4 Mil until the end of the conflict.
  20. Festival of Fortunes is perfect for my Lion Honour Swarm deck
  21. I was wondering a couple of things: - Do you think characters could have negative stats? Or would "this character is actively bad for you in some situations" have to be in the textbox? - What sort of stats or negatives would a 0 cost conflict character need?
  22. "We bow but do not break." Neutral Event 1 Cost Philosophy. Reaction: After your opponent resolves the effects of an Event - Gain honour equal to the cost of that event. Draw a card. As the storm subsided, the mighty oak lay among the pitying reeds.
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