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  1. Brekekekiwi

    Some questions about Tremor

    Because the target is "a creature and each of its neighbours', would that mean you could pick a set of three, so long as one was unstunned?
  2. Brekekekiwi

    Custom boxes for my decks

    There's a decent editable word doc tuckbox template on boardgamegeek that I've used. Haven't printed them out yet, but I have high hopes.
  3. But everytime I see this card, this is all I can think of...
  4. Brekekekiwi

    So RUDE to quit games ???!!???

    If you aren't going to play the game through and just want to 'deck test', please block me on there now. I go by Slaanesh Devotee and I'm not kidding, you'd be doing me a favour.
  5. Brekekekiwi

    Online Tournament

    I loved the Black Crusade online tournament for Conquest LCG #RIPConquest and would love to be part of something similar
  6. Brekekekiwi

    What do you think?

    I'd love to see op kits that did things like this. An event where some houses can't splash each other, where certain clans get certain unusual roles, even a required province or unique character. All to back up a plot point and ideally have the tallied results go towards a story decision or something.
  7. Or a character that benefits from non-unicorn cards in general. Bonus per non-unicorn card played during a conflict?
  8. Brekekekiwi

    New format idea for chain bidding

    I actually like this intitially. I really love the balancing of Adaptive, and this does seem like a way to try and shorten the experience.
  9. Brekekekiwi

    I think I wrapped my head around Biomatrix Backup ruling.

    I think this is the best solution: accept that Backup isn't as good as we thought, and that it should have been written differently but wasn't; and future cards need to be checked for this more closely. Maybe even, Backup doesn't get put into future decks / sets. But otherwise, I like that it isn't errata'd which means the card still does what the words on it say, and I like that the rules have been kept consistent, even though it is a shame that this card is less useful due to that.
  10. Brekekekiwi

    Rules question: Specific numbers on cards

    The difference is that, for Lost In The Woods, if you have two creatures and they have one, you MUST take your two. If the card said Up To Two then you could choose to take none of yours and their one.
  11. Brekekekiwi

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    Life saver. Thank you!
  12. Brekekekiwi

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    How do you block a user on this forum? Just so you don't have to see their posts?
  13. Brekekekiwi

    Armageddon Cloak Clarification

    I agree with Starbane. By saying 'instead', they are saying the creature doesn't really get destroyed, and so their upgrades would stay. But it would be nice to hear if this is how to read these things or not.
  14. Brekekekiwi

    I'm missing today's festivities (Pre-Launch)

    Here in New Zealand there is still no sign of physical cards, and I'm only slightly hopeful that one place in the biggest city in the country might hold some sort of release event, possibly in the first week of Dec if cards arrive.
  15. Respected Shōshō 2 cost Lion Dynasty character 2 Mil 1 Pol 2 Glory Commander. Bushi. Composure - Characters you control may not be dishonoured. "Give me your best." 1 Cost Lion Conflict event. 2 Inf Action - Initiate a Mil duel. The winner may draw 4 cards. Untamed Mitsu 2 cost Lion Dynasty character 2 Mil 2 Pol 0 Glory Bushi. Action: While this character is bowed at home, choose an opponent's attacking character - Move the chosen character home.