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  1. Brekekekiwi

    Dueling Decks & Way of the Chrysanthemum?

    The new dragon and dueling cards are very good at sapping my honor. Also, they encourage singular large characters with very high stats, whom I can't often successfully duel against. I've been roughly handled by a crane dueling honour run deck on jigoku a couple of times now, but I've had more success hitting honour vs non - duel decks. I'm retrying all the clan options for my splash, so lots is on the board. Loading more convert to avoid duel bullies was suggested to me. I could just get a lot of 'stay your hand' and keep attachment destruction and sabotage around? Any advice?
  2. Brekekekiwi

    Dueling Decks & Way of the Chrysanthemum?

    I have been running WotC the whole time, with an honour running Lion deck. Strategy was to hard mulligan for WotC and Bid 5 turn 1 if I didn't find it. Beyond that, bids dropped to 1 very quickly, so I got used to playing with no Conflict and focused on defending rather than attacking, and getting benefits from losing conflicts or having my provinces broken. After Children of the Empire I found that all the extra duels meant my opponents often found ways to sneak a few more points of honour off me or got way more effects relating to the dial that I couldn't oppose. At the moment I have switched to Unicorn splash to try and get a little more aggression and actually win some rings. I was on Crane to try and maximise my defense with Stewards and For Shame, etc etc. I've found more decks are playing a bit of a longer game, which actually works for me. I'm using a few duels of my own, and I very much am willing to play them when the duel is close to try and sneak an honour or two off my opponent. It helps to be willing to bid higher and lose a point or two myself to gain the duel's effect occasionally, then they can't be sure whether I'm going to choose the honour for my win condition or lose some honour to gain board state. I am going with quite a swarmy deck that races through its Dynasty and rarely puts extra fate on the bodies. This was mostly originally so I would have plenty of choices of defenders, to minimise my honour losses to bow, covert, etc. It's probably not a duelling deck in the way you mean though I guess. Honourable Lion w/Unicorn by: Brekekiwi Yōjin no Shiro (Core) Keeper of Earth Before the Throne (The Chrysanthemum Throne) Night Raid (Core) Public Forum (Into the Forbidden City) Shameful Display (Core) The Art of War (Core) Dynasty Deck (40) Character (35) 3 Obstinate Recruit (Core) 3 Ikoma Prodigy (Core) 3 Matsu Berserker (Core) 3 Steadfast Samurai (Core) 3 Tactician's Apprentice (All and Nothing) 3 Akodo Toshiro (The Chrysanthemum Throne) 3 Aspiring Challenger (Children of the Empire) 2 Miya Mystic (Core) 3 Tireless Sōdan Senzo (The Ebb and Flow) 3 Venerable Historian (Core) 3 Kitsu Spiritcaller (Core) 3 Honored General (Core) Holding (5) 3 Imperial Storehouse (Core) 2 Staging Ground (Core) Conflict Deck (42) Attachment (8) 2 Cloud the Mind (Core) 3 Force of the River (The Ebb and Flow) 2 Honored Blade (Core) 1 Talisman of the Sun (Meditations on the Ephemeral) Character (4) 2 Iuchi Wayfinder (Core) 2 Guardian Kami (Disciples of the Void) Event (30) 2 A Legion of One (Meditations on the Ephemeral) 3 Contingency Plan (Core) 3 Court Games (Core) 2 Defend Your Honor (Children of the Empire) 2 Even the Odds (Breath of the Kami) 2 Hand to Hand (Children of the Empire) 3 Policy Debate (For Honor and Glory) 2 Ready for Battle (Core) 2 Sabotage (Tainted Lands) 2 Way of the Lion (Core) 3 Waning Hostilities (Fate Has No Secrets) 3 Way of the Chrysanthemum (The Chrysanthemum Throne) 1 Glorious Victory (Children of the Empire) Deck Built using https://www.bushibuilder.com
  3. Brekekekiwi

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Are you sure? It says of the opponent's choice, not participating character of the opponent's choice?
  4. Brekekekiwi

    Mothership Support - problems text and resolution

    So, I could apply all eight damage to a creature with only four power? My thinking must be a holdover of area effect damage in Conquest.
  5. Brekekekiwi

    Mothership Support - problems text and resolution

    You would have to damage your mars creatures. But as it asks for ready creatures, just use some of them first. Then only do the damage you need.
  6. Brekekekiwi

    Some questions about Tremor

    Because the target is "a creature and each of its neighbours', would that mean you could pick a set of three, so long as one was unstunned?
  7. Brekekekiwi

    Custom boxes for my decks

    There's a decent editable word doc tuckbox template on boardgamegeek that I've used. Haven't printed them out yet, but I have high hopes.
  8. But everytime I see this card, this is all I can think of...
  9. Brekekekiwi

    So RUDE to quit games ???!!???

    If you aren't going to play the game through and just want to 'deck test', please block me on there now. I go by Slaanesh Devotee and I'm not kidding, you'd be doing me a favour.
  10. Brekekekiwi

    Online Tournament

    I loved the Black Crusade online tournament for Conquest LCG #RIPConquest and would love to be part of something similar
  11. Brekekekiwi

    What do you think?

    I'd love to see op kits that did things like this. An event where some houses can't splash each other, where certain clans get certain unusual roles, even a required province or unique character. All to back up a plot point and ideally have the tallied results go towards a story decision or something.
  12. Or a character that benefits from non-unicorn cards in general. Bonus per non-unicorn card played during a conflict?
  13. Brekekekiwi

    New format idea for chain bidding

    I actually like this intitially. I really love the balancing of Adaptive, and this does seem like a way to try and shorten the experience.
  14. Brekekekiwi

    I think I wrapped my head around Biomatrix Backup ruling.

    I think this is the best solution: accept that Backup isn't as good as we thought, and that it should have been written differently but wasn't; and future cards need to be checked for this more closely. Maybe even, Backup doesn't get put into future decks / sets. But otherwise, I like that it isn't errata'd which means the card still does what the words on it say, and I like that the rules have been kept consistent, even though it is a shame that this card is less useful due to that.
  15. Brekekekiwi

    Rules question: Specific numbers on cards

    The difference is that, for Lost In The Woods, if you have two creatures and they have one, you MUST take your two. If the card said Up To Two then you could choose to take none of yours and their one.