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  1. The first thing would be to establish an individual they can deal with. "The Empire" doesn't put out bounties, individuals representing the Empire do, and dealing with the monolithic idea of "The Empire" is most likely impossible for all but the most well connected or lucky. Abusing the combative and bureaucratic nature of the Empire to target a single individual or sub-group responsible would be the best course of action for a session of this type. A high-level concept outline for something like this could be: Figure out who's responsible (Options): Slicing -> Risk: High (Must find appropriate terminal which is restricted, Combat likely, Potentially to leave evidence adding difficulty to later steps or bounty) Precision: High (Gain access to information in officer or group responsible name, location, ect, ID BHs that have taken job, Detailed Dossiers available) Interrogate Official -> Risk: Moderate (Must abduct Imperial agent, cannot leave witnesses, combat assured, Force user conflict likely, risk for added bounty) Precision: Moderate (Gain access to officer or group identity, Location on advantage, Imperial login credentials on triumph) Contacts -> Risk: Low (Little risk of contact with imperials; small group on threats sting operation by BH on despair, risk of betrayal, need multiple contacts) Precision: Low (Will need multiple contacts to get full picture I.E one has location other has names, No Dossiers available, Limited knowledge of BHs on job 2. Planning/Prep Stage Determine Objective (Slicing to remove, blackmail, Assassination and replacement, ect) Players should take steps to acquire items and information needed Slicing -> Find appropriate terminal locations, Slicing gear, Possible use of login credentials if earned, learn guard posting information, and plan for access, require eliminate active BHs if bounty record deleted rather than canceled Blackmail -> Require dossier, or hard Skullduggery to find informant, type of informant depending on roll (Disgruntled worker with advantage, loyal soldier with threat) if they set up failsafe during this time set to remove full bounty, otherwise only partial removal, establish plan to access individual Assassination -> Require benefactor for successful bounty removal else increase bounty, Modify difficulty depending on location chosen for assassination, partial bounty removal if benefactor replaces assassinated individual, full removal on punctuating threat toward benefactor 3. Execution stage Hold players to order/chaos they established in prep phase Prep enemies they may face ahead of time Prep map for planned location(s), have maps ready for locations that may be stumbled upon in absence of strong planned location Prep static enemies guard posts, patrols, BHs, Agents, Officers, ect... Prep reinforcement enemies to call with appropriate threat/despair Prep Failure point, and exit scenario (how to drive them out if they fail) I would use something like that to plan a session(s) around that objective. Using it as a guide for the assets, individuals, location ect. that would be needed. Obviously I wouldn't tell them "This is what you have to do" but it would tell me what I need to have prepped for a lot of possible options that they may take and keep me ready for either an organized or disorganized attempt. I've run similar situations in a V:TM and Saga, and I remember them being pretty fun. Just remember 10pt bounty isn't Vader or Tarkin calling for their head, have fun with it and considering they seem to enjoy messing with the empire they'll likely love something like it too.
  2. Species have between 240 and 260 xp on starting stuff (xp, characteristics, talents, ect) with combat mando's being the low end, and Pantoran's demonstrating the high end for official species. Is currently breaking down the specific costs of certain attributes and traits. If you're making a new trait you just have to feel out the xp value based on comparable effects. Quick reference for simple stuff: All 2's is worth 120xp, 3/1/2's is 130xp, and 3/3/1/1/2s is 150 xp, skills are 10, and most other traits are 5 or 10, though others can be more. A species with 3/1/2's and 110 xp free is able to buy the most characteristics at start if they take the 10xp obligation so maybe start them at 100xp and give 10xp worth of wound and strain, unless that's what you want to allow. An example with a Zeltron variant I'm screwing around with: 2/2/2/1/2/3 With 11 wound, 11 strain, and 100xp Pheromones: Add automatic advantage to all, charm, negotiation, and deception checks vs targets without breathing protection. Empathy: May spend Advantage on a perception roll to read the emotions of a non-droid target within short range. GM may spend threat to have you experience emotion of a target within short range. May spend 3 Advantage on a coercion roll to change the emotion of a target within short range. GM may spend 2 threat to make the target aware that an attempt was made, and Despair to change your emotional state with that of a target in short range. Characteristics are 130xp + 10xp for the extra wound and strain, 100xp free for a total 240 xp. 15xp for triple intuitive ability reduced for limitation to breathing, and the last bit is balanced by negative risks.
  3. I'm a person who likes the crafting aspects of games. RPG, Video, or Tabletop, doesn't matter. I'm the type that @2P51 talks about, that decides "I want my gear to do X" Then crafts ad infinitum until I get it. That's why it's not a minor rule inconsistency that a roll at the start of the craft ties you up. It's a choice to craft, there's a cost to it. Any time I spend crafting is time I'm not doing something else. If I could roll to make something and not worry about losing time if I fail, then there's no reason not to just check. Me: I'm going to roll to craft uber-pistol GM: Ok roll fails Me: Ok then I'll go do something else then I mean the GM is the one that's supposed to keep a person from trying to abuse the system like that, but holding the people to the time they commit to is the intended tool for that.
  4. You could always add some Abeloth stuff. Not exactly cannon anymore, but the closest thing to eldrich that star wars has seen. Some of the sith stuff can be pretty messed up too if you introduce it correctly. But if you're looking for something less lovecraft and more star wars you could have them temporarily enter Beyond Shadows while in hyperspace, and say that because they weren't either force-sensitive or trained in mind walking if they are sensitive, then the strain and encounter with the sleeping Abeloth (or awake depending on what time the campaign is) messed them up good.
  5. I guess I've never heard. Are the pantorans considered his pet species?
  6. So according to this, one of the reasons Pantorans are so broken are because they're at 260xp. I wonder how much xp an actual empathy ability for Zeltron would be considering Iktotchi precognition being at 10xp. Not sure why I thought that was more like 15 or 20.
  7. It's really hard to self-assess when you're frustrated, so I appreciate the feedback. I've been fortunate in other games to have pretty smooth entry into groups. I'll just have to try again and find a new table or an online group that's a good fit.
  8. So I was playing with a group, this is my first EotE group, and the first few sessions go well. The GM says he wants to transition to a hybrid EotE/AoR theme for the next adventure, not a problem. I ask if the character I'm playing would be appropriate for the setting he's going for and he says yes. The character is a bounty hunter with a Keeping the Faith obligation, that uses Codes: Finish the job, Always get paid, and reputation is everything as his faith that determines how he acts on the job. After a bit of discussion on how rebellion elements might go about hiring him, and possible story hooks due to having done imperial jobs, or hooks that could be added for future imperial bounties, we called it a night. Next session we're starting the new adventure and the GM has me on my own being approached by an imperial agent and everyone else on another planet. I'm offered a job to bring in a fugitive working for the rebellion. I think it's odd considering the setting he said he was going for, but it's on the same planet as the others so he must be using the job to get everyone together, and add some group tension or something, so I go with it and take the job. I get there and find the target, get him down no problem, and the GM has the other players and an NPC come out and start talking to me. A rebellion general who starts talking about basic stuff, you have no idea who you're working for, the empire is evil, and all that kinda stuff, and I just asked if they hired me in secret, and this was just a play to get me here. He said no but they knew I was coming and hoped they could talk some sense into me. Naturally I just laugh and continued loading the prisoner. At this point the GM said that he thought that would be convincing enough and that he believed it should have been convincing enough, so my character was convinced to abandon the job and work with the rebellion. I voice some protests as to how it went down, but it was obvious that it wasn't a situation that was going to be changed, so I decide to wait to the end of the night for any real discussion. Run through the story, but I'm obviously annoyed through the whole thing. At the end of the night I talk to the GM and mention that I did not feel good about what happened. I mentioned I didn't like that I was forced to go off character, especially after talking about ways to avoid the issue or swapping to a more setting-friendly character. He said I needed to work on my RP as he didn't feel like that should have been an issue, but that he would try to come up with something different for next time. Next session, and same situation. On my own approached by an imperial agent, told I can redeem myself for not doing the previous job by bringing in a rebel general, that I recognized as the same one from the session before. Ask if I can roll or flip a destiny to notice that this was a rebel agent cloak and daggering a meeting and the GM say no, and that I know for certain it's an imperial agent an an imperial job. So I decline, expecting to fly to the location the agent told me and see if the rebellion has work, but I'm told that my character wouldn't turn down the job and that I accept it. I explain my reason for declining, that knowing where the general is means I know a place that I could get more work. I'm told that I'm using meta information and that I have to be better at using only character information. Take the job, get to the planet, and there's the general. Another big speech, and again don't care about it. No charm rolls are called for, nothing, he put out an argument, and my response was that I know who's money I'm taking and that he's coming with me. Now the GM's annoyed and says there's no reason that I wouldn't have been convinced by that, and that again I'm working for the rebellion now. At the end of the session I'm actually feeling bad for being mad at the gm, as I'm all alone on my ship with the rebel general. Thinking the GM was trying to be a bit more flexible I say I'm going to knock him out so I can finish the bounty to which the GM responded "God **** it no you won't." and I'm shaking my head annoyed again. After a last conversation he said I was too single minded and inflexible when it came to bounties, and that I needed to work on not using OOC information to avoid situations I don't like. While this was my first EotE group this wasn't my first RPG group and I was very frustrated by this point. He also said he didn't appreciate that I tried to turn his character in to the imperials, potentially ruining future story-lines and games for him. I didn't understand, and he explained that the general was his AoR character that he was using as an NPC. I just could not thing of a way to work this out, so I said thanks for the invite but I wouldn't be coming back and wished him luck. Now that I've chilled a bit I'm wondering if there was a better way to handle the situation, or if he was right and I was just being uncooperative. So I'm wondering how GMs here feel. Would my behavior have been unwelcome at your games? Would there have been something that you would have liked from me to make the situation better?
  9. I think they're related to the Jawas too, more than they are to humans, if I'm remembering things correctly.
  10. Stranger things have happened, and it's not like technology doesn't attempt to mimic nature. But seriously don't take it personally, if you don't agree I just think it's intended to be more like analogue adaptive camouflage, rather than a more convoluted version of regular facepaint with more restrictive use.
  11. Not so much pedantic as the logical extension of what you said. Not side-stepping anything, rather pointing out direct result of what you said. If you feel those are acceptable, or that their consideration is excessive for a narrative driven game more power to you, it's your table. It just doesn't seem like that's the intention to me based on how it's described.
  12. So then people would have to apply it on-site, or risk having their camouflage look like the inside of their prep area? No putting it on in the dropship, or you're only camouflaged inside a dropship? I'd imagine a reasonable assessment would be that it remains relevant until the GM comes up with a reason for it to no longer be relevant.
  13. Nice Very similar. I had lower HT and better handling, but other than that looks the same. Looking at that and their SS-54 makes me feel better about the stat range. Thanks
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