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  1. And yes I'm new to the forums
  2. Yes I need rock hard evidence so I can stop this in my local meta and ffg want even answer my email on the subject kind of sucks actually
  3. Can someone from ffg just answer the question lol. Is that too much to ask
  4. I have sent them an email and also no response
  5. I see two threads on here about the same thing with lots of posts about the hovering template. Do they not even watch their own forums, do they not care? Can someone just answer the question from ffg? I'm actually having the same problem in my meta because all they own is the force awakens core set and the rule book doesn't specify if you can or not. All it takes is a 30 second answer from someone that works with this company and we would have our definitive prove so that the arguments stop at our stores
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