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  1. Blue Squad B-Wing + Thrust Corrector + Linked Battery = 25 points https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Not saying it is meta changing, but could be fun!
  2. Yeah I second trajectory bombs and alpha Harpoons. Nym Miranda should work, too. Either alpha one off, and hope, or drop bombs, run, make them chase, tlt, etc. Try to dodge arcs.
  3. http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/empire/p08u1au11uEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05u13uEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp11uEMu21uEMuEMuEMp11uEMu21uEMu25uEMp11uEMu21uEMu12uEMp13uEMu28p13uEMu2ap13uEMu28c08 So, once the E-Web and Scout troopers hit the shelves, Imperials can REALLY spam it up: Commander: Veers - Esteemed Leader, Commanding Presence (x1) Corps: Stormtrooper, HH-12 (x1) Stormtrooper (x5) Spec. Ops.: Scout Troopers, Duck and Cover (x1) Scout Troopers, Duck and Cover, Environmental Gear (x1) Scout Troopers, Duck and Cover, Grappling Hooks (x1) Support: E-Web Team, Overcharge Generator (x1) E-Web Team, Barrage Generator (x2) 798 Points - 13 Activations!!! Once we know more about strike teams, you could save points on the scout troopers, spread upgrades around differently, etc. I think you need 1 barrage generator, and at least 1 HH-12 just in case you run into a vehicle list. Or maybe don't even worry about vehicle, and just use numbers to your advantage to grab objectives.
  4. Dear FFG, Please add some way for the 2.0 App to tell you how much half of your ship is worth; especially because all ships can get half points now! Running a swarm having each ship slightly different in point cost sounds like a head ache to track half points on, so if half points is built into the app, that would be nice! Granted, it's not that hard to figure out, but in a tournament when your mind is focussed on the game, it can be like "Wait, is half rounded up or down for odd HP ships?" and "If the ship is worth odd points, is the MoV up or down?" It would just streamline things, be very simple to do in the app, and make figuring out MoV slightly faster for tournament play. Some ideas: > Have in parantheses after the total ship cost something like this: "(D: 4, Pts: 27)." "D:" is how much damage to get the ship to half points, "Pts:" is how many points half damage is worth. So, in the example, at 4 damage, that ship gives up 27 points. > Or, just add "combat mode" to the App. Once you build a list, have the ability to toggle it over to Combat Mode, and use it to keep track of shields and hull. The 2.0 App could thus give you a running total of the MoV as you play.
  5. Haha 5 quads would be legendary!!! I'm thinking lists like the following: > Dutch Vander > Fenn Rau > Biggs (or two As/Z's) > A decent bid Dutch and Biggs (or the other ordinance carrier) both focus. Fenn Rau PS 6 coordinates the target lock to Dutch, who hands a lock to the other ship. Fenn/Biggs can team up to help each other stay alive, etc.
  6. Good point about configs! Didn't think about that. But I guess maybe a 0 point crew could work? Like, it takes a crew slot, but maybe does have some tradeoffs. I could see that working. Mostly I think some card like trick shot should not be worth 0 points. But in a 100 point game, probably not enough granularity to have it costed correctly. So I guess this was more of a click-bait way to say "yay for 200 points!" lol
  7. So, without the app, no way to know points, but I'm guessing that 0 point cards will no longer exist. Have we heard anything about that? I mean, even just make cards 1 point that were formerly 0 points. We know Trick Shot and R5TK are surviving to 2.0. Trick Shot should at least be 1, maybe 2 points. Guessing r5TK could still be worth 0 points, but also seems fair for it to be worth 1 point.
  8. So if that is the case for Brobots, I wonder if you could run 3 very cheap PS 1 Defenders. Sparse upgrades, etc. Without a support ship, 3 defenders could never have more than 1 offensive mod, maybe even zero offensive mods if they reposition. But focus evade every turn, plus 3 greens and 21 HP could be really good.
  9. Afterburners on a defender http://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.wikia.com/wiki/Afterburners Go 3-5 speed, boost and evade. EDIT: At first I thought afterburners was a free boost, but it is not. Free evade and boost and an action would be cool, but no such luck. And I guess that they already got the boost action (forgot that lol) Also, guessing this has already been suggested, but with Juke surviving to 2.0, wonder if Juke will be auto include
  10. I think it is when DJ is going through the ship's database. It shows an interceptor, a bomber, a T-70, etc. Tryna locate that clip, if someone can find it.
  11. Like, release a large box for $30-40 that converts the T-70, Falcon, and Bomber to 2.0, and comes with a Resistance A-Wing. FO already has FO Fighter, SF Fighter, Silencer, and Upsilon, so not bad. They could do with an ordinance carrier, though. Maybe release the conversion with an FO Bomber? (You see an FO bomber and interceptor in TLJ).
  12. I'm hoping for the Resistance/FO kits that they come with a new ship and conversion cardboard. Only way it would make sense.
  13. Hmm yeah that could work. Only works if unstressed AND only has two charges that do not reload.
  14. . . . make it to second edition? Or are Deathtroopers in 2e the only real stress control mechanic right now?
  15. But yeah jamming bean would either have to count on slicers, or be used by a high PS ship. But if you are shooting at a high PS, you probably want to do damage instead. So yeah lol
  16. Fair point, fair point. I guess low PS ships should jam? Ruin a higher PS ships day? Or the ISB slicers would work to keep the jam around. I think range 1-2 jam would be a little too strong since you assign the token. No chance for it to miss if you have range, hence it is only range 1.
  17. But for real - where are all the A-Wing pilots? My hope is when they re-release the A-Wing we will get new pilots, and hopefully get Tycho back! I honestly bet Tycho's ability could work in 2.0. Maybe have it based on charges: Spend two charge to do an action while stressed. Regenerate one charge a turn, etc.
  18. If they take away Fel's Wrath . . . So help me I will never buy 2.0! ?
  19. Dutch Vander, 2 missile Z-95s (or A-Wings, or other Ys, not sure on points) and Fenn Rau. Roll up, everyone focuses, except for PS 6 Fenn Rau who coordinates Dutch so Dutch TLs. Dutch let's one of the Z's get a lock with his ability.
  20. I've heard good things about fleet troopers eating up speeder bikes. They can set up to trigger standby from the compulsory move.
  21. Radio TCX!!! Straight, simple, to the point.
  22. Not sure how this plays into the conversation, but I heard base Dash is 98 and base Leebo is 95. Not sure where the guy got his info, but if those are correct, pretty steep pricing. +30 for Luke, etc. Idk. What if the only ship Dash can bring with him is a PS 1 A-Wing?
  23. However, everytime you get a kill by either rotating for the shot with Luke, or spending his force token, you should be required to yell, "I GOT ONE." And just like Uno, if you do not call, and your opponent calls you on it, you must draw 4 damage cards and assign them to the ship Luke is on.
  24. So, I was not around for "fat Han" meta. Half points was not around during that time right? Fat Han was the cause of the half point rule right? So, Luke crew is pretty good, and hopefully is expensive in points, but I am not sure if "Fat Han" meta will be back. Especially with likely changes to 3po and R2 crew, etc. AND half points on the Falcon. _________________ I think the issue would be more with generics taking it, thus negating higher PS arc dodge.
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