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  1. What FFG hasn't spoiled is Ole Palpy comes with a 4th command card: "4 Pips - Unlimited Pooowwwwwwaaaaahhhhh! - Emperor Palpatine __________ Replace Standing Orders in your command hand with this card. When Emperor Palpatine activates, discard all wound tokens assigned to him. At the end of Empeor Palpatine's activation, make a free attack against any unit on on the board (regardless of Line of Sight). Then, return this card to your command hand." Haha
  2. Also, immune:pierce with the electrostaff seems like a good 100 point counter play against Luke. I mean, Luke probably still has the upper hand, but they would stand up against him a lot better then almost any other unit that is not Darth Vader.
  3. Lol! True, and like we were guessing about Deathtroopers, Royal Gaurds have Guardian key word natively. FFG should just hire us all
  4. Hmm. Yeah. Damaged must mean a card. Otherwise 2.0 Wullffarro would be too strong. So run a Y-Wing swarm with Saw U-Wing, and drop a proton bomb on your whole squad right at the start of the game!
  5. So, in 2.0, some important keywords: > "Repair." I believe "repairing a facedown card" means discarding that card completely (IE regen)? While on the other hand,"repairing a faceup card" means simply flipping that card over? > "Damaged." What does this mean? Do we know for sure? Is it simply having less shields or hull than the full value? IE if I have 2 shields and 4 hull, and I lose one shield, am I "damaged" (even withou having any assigned damaged cards)? Or if I have full shields, and get hit with a faceup card from a proton bomb, am I "damaged?" Mostly wondering about "damaged" for 2.0 Saw U-Wing and 2.0 Wullffarro. Though I am sure it comes up elsewhere, too.
  6. So, even with a 1.0 Barrell Roll all the way forward, if you dropped a bomb behind you with a 1 speed, you still get hit by the R1 radius. Only way to escape is a boost. R1 is 2.5 bases, you start 1 base away, and a BR moves you about half a base, perhaps slightly longer because it is "diagonal" now. But still not enough ? However, with 2.0 seismics, I bet you could choose an asteroid to one direction, and BR the opposite way to escape. That could be pretty cool.
  7. Something stressed in discussion on a variety of levels is the lack of double mods in 2.0, and the importance of 1 action. Things like passive, full offensive mods (IE Dengar and Expertise) no longer exist. But I think 2.0 Rebels will be able to line up a lot of double modded shots - especially with their theme of "team playing." Granted, it will take better planning and positioning to pull off, but it's definitely possible. Focus Sharing: Kyle Katarn, Garven Dreis, Benthic Two Tubes, Esege Tuketu, Jake Farrel, etc. Target Locks: Dutch Vander Actions: Airen Cracken, ships with coordinate, and if the Sheathapide is docked with the Ghost, the Ghost can coordinate before it activates Also, for the initial engagement, E-Wings can be double modded. (We don't need to talk about the E-Wings odd combo for linked actions . . .)
  8. Good point! You can drop Conners and Proxes like 1.0 Action bombing. AND still have an action. Guessing he won't be 0 points. You could also drop a seismic, and if you aren't range 1 of the obstacle you select, no damage either.
  9. So, per the R2-D6 ruling (if you integrate R2-D6, you keep your associated EPT), I am guessing if you chopper your Renegade Refit, you still get the shield, but nothing else happens to your ship?
  10. So, looking at the wording of Change of Plans: "you may discard [this card] to return an opponent's command card to their hand. If you do, return to the Select Command Card step. That opponent cannot select the command card that was returned to their hand." So, if you do not discard Change of Plans, it is just a normal 3 pip card for Solo and 2 Units. But if you do, you both go back to the Select Command Card step?? So you burn 2 cards in 1 round, but you have 7, and it is only a six round game. I guess that means play Standing Orders first round instead of a 3 pip? Get SO out of the way? Anyways, it seems like if you call your opponent's Son of Skywalker (or Implaccable) and play Change of Plans, (1) they return it, (2) you both go back to choosing cards, and (3) you can now choose Son of Skywalker, and fully know that they cannot choose their Son of Skywalker (or Implaccable). ____________ This card kind of reminds me of Boshek in X-Wing haha
  11. Always a little (or more than a little - ITSA TRAP!) overpriced, but I bet end of September/in October, people will be parsing out Conversion Kits online - eBay, Facebook swap and sell, etc. Also, if anyone you know local is buying multiple Scum kits, maybe work something out with them. But yeah, it would've been cool if those crew did come in the Rebel/Imperial kits as well.
  12. It would be something like this: Imperial, 1 crew slot, 1 point "You only win if all other friendly ships are destroyed without fleeing, and the ship equipped with Gallius Rax is the last ship to be destroyed (including by fleeing). If in a tournament, you MUST (and are allowed by the rules) switch to and play a First Order list for the remaining rounds."
  13. So, I am guessing that bombers will not have a systems slot, but the Punishers defintely will - which means Trajectory Simulator! Since there are no "action bombs" now, does that mean you can now trajectory Conners and Proximinty Mines?? That could be pretty fun!
  14. A predator, FAA PS-1 X-Wing is only 23 points.
  15. I think it would be fun to see 2 HP units at some point. Wookiee Commandos perhaps? ___________ In terms of Deathtroopers, I think red die with surge conversion would be fine. Boba Fett comes with native red defense die surge conversion and Impervious, for example. So maybe standard 4 units, 1 HP each would work fine, but make them a special Forces Unit with 2 courage, red defense die, and what about black offense die, but surge conversions on both offense and defense? (Just surge to hit, not surge to crit). I like Guardian special ability, too.
  16. But most importantly, the overpowered, meta-breaking Fel's Wrath likely did not make it!!! :''(((( ALL the QQs
  17. I'm hoping that Tycho and some more get released when their ships get re-released. But yeah, never heard of Thane Kyrell (where is he from?), but they got rid of Wes!?
  18. I was thinking only having 3 miniatures in the unit as well! I would say 1 black die per unit for offense, red dice for defense with defensive surge conversion. Pierce 1, Sharpshooter 1. Courage 2, Speed 2. But also, yeah, I think with how they showed up in Rouge One, maybe natively have the Guardian keyword. Maybe 2 HP per unit? That way they can Guardian once, and even if they take a damage, it does not take out a trooper.
  19. So, Reinforce adds an evade during the "Modify Defense Dice" step, and Crack Shot occurs during the "Compare Results" step. So, Crackshot should shoot right through Reinforce, correct?
  20. Good catch! I totally meant to put on linked battery, but accidently selected flechette cannon lol! Yeah, I agree it could be decent. 4 B-Wings w/Thrust Corrector and Linked would eat up most Ghost lists, too. This is what I meant: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!44:267,247,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,247,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,247,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,247,-1,-1:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  21. I think most ships that get hit by bombs would get hurt So yes, I imagine Strikers are no exception, and will be hurt by bombs ?
  22. Blue Squad B-Wing + Thrust Corrector + Linked Battery = 25 points https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:267,109,-1,-1:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Not saying it is meta changing, but could be fun!
  23. Yeah I second trajectory bombs and alpha Harpoons. Nym Miranda should work, too. Either alpha one off, and hope, or drop bombs, run, make them chase, tlt, etc. Try to dodge arcs.
  24. http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/empire/p08u1au11uEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05u13uEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp11uEMu21uEMuEMuEMp11uEMu21uEMu25uEMp11uEMu21uEMu12uEMp13uEMu28p13uEMu2ap13uEMu28c08 So, once the E-Web and Scout troopers hit the shelves, Imperials can REALLY spam it up: Commander: Veers - Esteemed Leader, Commanding Presence (x1) Corps: Stormtrooper, HH-12 (x1) Stormtrooper (x5) Spec. Ops.: Scout Troopers, Duck and Cover (x1) Scout Troopers, Duck and Cover, Environmental Gear (x1) Scout Troopers, Duck and Cover, Grappling Hooks (x1) Support: E-Web Team, Overcharge Generator (x1) E-Web Team, Barrage Generator (x2) 798 Points - 13 Activations!!! Once we know more about strike teams, you could save points on the scout troopers, spread upgrades around differently, etc. I think you need 1 barrage generator, and at least 1 HH-12 just in case you run into a vehicle list. Or maybe don't even worry about vehicle, and just use numbers to your advantage to grab objectives.
  25. Dear FFG, Please add some way for the 2.0 App to tell you how much half of your ship is worth; especially because all ships can get half points now! Running a swarm having each ship slightly different in point cost sounds like a head ache to track half points on, so if half points is built into the app, that would be nice! Granted, it's not that hard to figure out, but in a tournament when your mind is focussed on the game, it can be like "Wait, is half rounded up or down for odd HP ships?" and "If the ship is worth odd points, is the MoV up or down?" It would just streamline things, be very simple to do in the app, and make figuring out MoV slightly faster for tournament play. Some ideas: > Have in parantheses after the total ship cost something like this: "(D: 4, Pts: 27)." "D:" is how much damage to get the ship to half points, "Pts:" is how many points half damage is worth. So, in the example, at 4 damage, that ship gives up 27 points. > Or, just add "combat mode" to the App. Once you build a list, have the ability to toggle it over to Combat Mode, and use it to keep track of shields and hull. The 2.0 App could thus give you a running total of the MoV as you play.
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