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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/13/qualify-for-worlds-in-less-than-twelve-parsecs/ I always thought Worlds could be fun, but looks like I have to git gud now XD The top players at each of these events will earn their invitations! The Top 8 players at each System Open. All undefeated players in a System Open Hyperspace Qualifier. The winner of each Hyperspace Trial. The Top 2 players at each Hyperspace Cup."
  2. So, Crackshot got super nerfed: Not only is it bullseye only, it is also now Primary Weapon only ? But then again, a 2 die primary should do more damage in 2.0 than in 1.0, so it could still work out for the RHOs. https://youtu.be/bWmzvvx3rjA?t=22m59s (a little blury, but shows the card)
  3. I proxied a similar list vs myself in TTS. I actually play Rebels, but the Jendon Bomber swarm seems super strong. With this build, you do lose one TIE Bomber, but gain the Talent slot. Not sure if Elusiveness is the best EPT, the idea was to help them survive vs higher Initiative ordinance (though PS 3 is relitavely high). Trick Shot maybe, then take a solid second crew on the Lambda? This is what I ran it as: Gamma Squadron Ace — TIE Bomber 30 Elusive 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 Proton Bombs 5 Ship Total: 47 Gamma Squadron Ace — TIE Bomber 30 Elusive 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 Proton Bombs 5 Ship Total: 47 Gamma Squadron Ace — TIE Bomber 30 Elusive 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 Proton Bombs 5 Ship Total: 47 Colonel Jendon — Lambda-Class Shuttle 46 Admiral Sloane 10 Ship Total: 56 Total: 197 (Yet Another Squad Builder link)
  4. I know . . . I mean it's a good ability, but it locks Garven into the focus action, etc. Benthic I guess??
  5. So, I guess we can call it the "3po Precedent" (you have to at least guess "1" - no longer 0), but read on page 11 of the Rules Reference under "Focus:" "A ship cannot spend a focus token to change (focus) results to (evade) or (hit) results if it does not have any (focus) results." So this means Garvin in 2.0 has to have rolled focus results to pass on the focus. No more spending a focus for "zero focus results." It also makes me bet Ten Numb will get FAQed to say that he must have rolled focus results to spend his stress.
  6. So, a buddy of mine just pointed this out (though I guess it has been clarified Dash will work with Outrider Title . . . I mean, it is his ship afterall haha): If Dash really 100% ignores obstacles, he could never trigger the second part of the Outrider Title: https://youtu.be/M_cJyUKTRto?t=26m22s "After you fully execute a manuever, if you moved through or overlapped an obstacle, you may remove 1 of your red or orange tokens." Haha, so yeah, techincally Dash will never trigger that xD - he never moves through or overlaps obstacles, he just ignores them all! It also, again, distinguishes between "moved through" or "overlapped" an obstacle. Anyways, I agree: I think the RRG will clarify a lot of this, and Dash will be a beast in 2.0!
  7. Good points! Yeah, boosting Ghosts off rocks, etc., very good example - and that does incline me to think Dash will still be able to take actions on obstacles! All asteroids do, after all, is make you skip your perform action step, thus Night Beast can still get his focus for doing a blue move onto an obstacle (I presume). I was just wondering if Dash's ship physically ended up on the rock, if that was different. Because the heading in the Rulebook does say "Moving Through or Overlapping an Obstacle." Since Dash's ability only mentions "While you move," I was wondering if it only applied to "moving through" and did not apply to "overlapping." Because you can suffer the effects of overlapping an obstacle outside of moving -> for example, getting barell rolled onto a rock during the Engagment Phase. Anyways, yeah, I think this is correct. Good call.
  8. So, for the Rebel Commando sniper: 1 black and 1 white, w/native surge conversion (so 5/8 and 3/8, respectively). Scout Troopers do not have offensive surge, which makes me wonder if their sniper rifle will be, like, 2 black dice (4/8 and 4/8) or like, 1 red and 1 white (6/8 and 2/8).
  9. Dash's old ability in 1.0 says: "You may ignore obstacles during the Activation phase and when performing actions." Dash's new ability in 2.0 says: "While you move, you ignore obstacles." (https://youtu.be/M_cJyUKTRto?t=24m8s) Sooo, maybe I am reading too much into the 2.0 wording, but I do not think Dash can perform actions on obstacles. Yes, while his template is down and he is moving, cool, he ignores those obstacles (Step 2 of Phase 3, page 6 of the Rulebook). But after you put Dash at the end of the template, and take the template away, if part of his base is on an obstacle, at least how it is worded, I would say Dash suffers the effects of that obstacle. He does not get to perform actions (Step 3 of Phase 3). Right? I mean, his 1.0 ability expressively says "when performing actions," and his 2.0 ability only says moving. On page 6 of the rulebook, "Execute Manuever" and "Perform Action" are still seperate steps. Also, on page 15 of the rulebook, it makes clear there is a difference between "moving through" and "overlapping" obstacles. It sounds like Dash can move through obstacles, but I do not think he can ignore the effects of overlapping an obstacle. So no more landing on an asteroid and barell rolling off for a shot. Right? Unless "while moving" simply means Activation Phase, just like "evading" means having an evade token . . .
  10. If I remember from the FFG Rebel Conversion Kit unboxing, Alex Davies made it clear Han does work like an extra attack, and does not prevent you from attacking again: go to minute 35 of this video: Basically, Han let's you take an attack from one arc from a turret (bowtie or normal), but does not stop another attack at the ship's normal initiative, as long as it's not from the arc Han shot (first) from. So, yeah, this would technically allow Dash to double tap with missiles, or say a Y-Wing (which has a primary arc) to double tap from their normal arc w/their primary weapon (or ordinance)
  11. I've proxied a tad courtesy of TTS. They seem good because: > Adding the ten point generator still only puts them at 65 points - 3 points cheaper than a DLT or Flamtrooper squad > Probably the best bet is the generator which adds 2 whites and Suppressive. Instead of 2 bikes, you could run 3 E-Webs for 195 points which could throw a cumalative 6 suppression the round they use the generator! > Surge to crit is very good shooting vs armor or into cover. > From the update in the RRG, they should be able to interact with objectives like normal troopers (intercept transmissions, supplies, etc.). Only moving and some other things are different. Other than that, I believe emplacement troopers are more or less like normal troopers. They are slow, for sure, and not sure how good Sentinel will be. Still a decent amount of R4 weapons and all that.
  12. I think the docked Sheathapide deserves an honorable mention for being a winner. It adds coordinate to the Ghost, and lets you coordinate for free before you activate - meaning the Ghost could coordinate even before executing a red manuever! If mods are harder to come by, a free coordinate seems pretty strong. The docked Sheathapide was a little underwhelming in 1.0 because having the second turret attack from the Attack Shuttle was just too strong. However, in 2.0, the docked Attack Shuttle only lets you perform a free rear attack (with the Attack Shuttle's primary weapon value) after a front arc or turret attack. Not bad, just more situational. ________________ But yeah, I am not sure if down the road they will find a way to release more X-Wing pilots, but I hope they do! I also hope ships like the A-Wing get pilots back/add new pilots when they get re-released! Hopefully Tycho will come in the re-release A-Wing!
  13. Chewbacca's 1 Pip Command Card: "Ripping Arms Out of Sockets: Choose an enemy commander at range 1. Get out an exacto knife and cut that miniature's arms off. That enemy commander loses all weapons, and all of its offensive surges now convert to blanks. That enemy commander can now only attack with the following melee weapon: Off-Bakance Kick: 1 White Die" Haha now that command card would be broken. Literally...
  14. Hmm. FFG seems set on making sure if you choose one faction to play, you don't have to buy the other faction to get the necessary cards, etc. For that reason, I do not see Chewie being able to pilot vehicles, especially those of an opposite faction. I bet, though, one of his operative command cards will either sabotage or repair vehicles. Good idea!
  15. I like this idea a lot! Considering all of the current, classic Falcon pilots are in the conversion kit (as well as the Millennium Falcon title), I've wondered what they possibly could do with the rerelease - this makes sense! Swappable dishes, etc. seems like a cool idea, too. Also, wonder if we will get more crew (Obi Wan crew?) in the rerelease.
  16. So, with how Garvin Dreis' ability, it sounds like you can still spend a focus token to change ZERO focus results? Right? I know FFG is trying to cut down on cheese, like "zero is a thing" (1.0 C-3po, 1.0 Turani Kulda ruling), but as far as I can tell, Garvin can still spend for 0 so he can pass the focus. Or is there some separate rule about 0 now? (Could also impact Ten Numb's new ability)
  17. Looks like the art for fragmentation grenades features Deathtroopers?? A sign of things to come? Also, I wonder what frags ability will be. I doubt it is "Pierce," wonder if it is "Suppressive"? That could make sense. Or some new mechanic. Guessing we will find out in the full preview.
  18. What if it has some special ability? Like, you have a forward arc with 3 dice, then if you equip a turret upgrade, equip it as a dual arc turret instead of a single arc turret? Just kind of combining ideas already mentioned, but it could be kind of cool. Similar to how the old Outrider title played around with how cannons worked. You can even make it a ship ability: "Flying Fortress: If equipped with a (turret upgrade), use a (dual arc) instead of a (single arc). [And some ship ability about bombs]" Guessing white reload, focus, TL.
  19. Of course, FFG has not exactly been doing symmetrical releases. So maybe not Chewie and Wook warriors. Maybe it will be Chewie and Ewoks, and Ewoks will introduce "zerg rush" ideas.
  20. Wicket will be the new operative! Of course! Ewoks will balance out Royal Guards by having 6 units base, with an option for 8. They will also have Cover 1 as a card ability. _______ I'm kidding. Really hoping for Chewie and Wookiees. Wooks could balance the melee aspect of Royal Guards with vibroblades. Maybe the extra 4th Work could have a bowcaster.
  21. Sorry if I came across abrasive! My bad, my bad. Just was wondering if some folks out there didn't realize this specific Rulebook isn't the "end all be all." But yeah, reading back through the thread, I agree with you about jam action, etc. If all the power levels are going down, it'll still be good.
  22. So, I bet a lot of clarifications like failing actions, etc. will be included in the rules reference (hopefully). It seems the quick start guide should be called the "really quick start guide" and the rulebook the "normal quick start guide." Remember, the rulebook is meant for people buying a core set who have never played before. I am sure they will get into more intricate/FAQ-style rulings in the rules reference.
  23. I think a lot of these little questions will be cleared up with the Rules' Reference. The rule book we have now is the rule book with the core set. See the component list on page 3, or the discussion of the System Phase on page 6. Also, on Page 16, before it talks about a lot of the items on question (jam, calculate, etc.), refer to the section "Beyond the Core Set." There will be more details about reinforce, calculate, jam, etc. They likely do not discuss them fully because those items are not included in the core set. It is probably also why it specifically said to clear focus and evade tokens, because in the Core Set, you can't get calculate or reinforce tokens. So, "fly casual" I guess
  24. I cut all the art off of my 1.0 cards and have plans to make a mosiac. Now if I only had any artistic talent haha. If someone does, it would be cool to see what kind of mosaic they could make.
  25. So, semi-unrelated, but my thoughts about Rouge One expansions: > It seems like they are rounding out the Original Trilogy (Palp and Guards) by quarter 4. Just likely waiting on Chewie/Wookiees (Ewoks? ), But I bet sooner than later. Maybe we get Rouge One stuff first quarter 2019? > Rouge One fits super well, especially since they are focussing on Galactic Civil War. Plus there is something for everyone in it: My guesses: Imperial: Krennic (Commander) and Death Troopers (Corps or Spec Ops). That tank would be sweet as a Heavy unit!!! Rebel: Saw (Commander) and Saw's Partisans Units (likely Corps, doubt Spec Ops) Maybe some modified land speeder for a Heavy unit? I feel like Saw and his Partisans could have some really interesting mechanics/cards they could introduce. Not sure what exactly, but they could really spice the game up.
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