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  1. I think the right answer is 100+ point bid, right?
  2. If closed S-Foils gave you a disarm token, but made all of your 3 banks white, I think that would be pretty useful for the few turns before you engage. Nothing crazy good, but nothing horrible either. I think the B-Wing repack will hopefully have a title or something, or a double-cannon slot weapon that is super powerful. I do like the idea of adding a crew slot back, too.
  3. So, if they do make a Tie/FO Interceptor, how would it differentiate itself from the Silencer? The Silencer has the the same ship ability as the Interceptor, and adds some shields. Typically the FO protocol has been to add shields, slightly improve the dial, and call it a day. . . so it sounds like the Silencer is the FO's version of the Interceptor, at least for X-Wing. I mean, I'm sure the FO Interceptor and TIE Silencer are different ships, but how would you differentiate them in the game?
  4. Looks like the same dial as the A-Wing, but has blue 3 banks!
  5. If you think about it, Init 5 is kind of where Kylo was in 1.0 at PS 9. Kylo always had to take PTL, which meant he was stuck at 9. So he was always beat out by PS 10 and 11 (Vader, Quickdraw, Nym, Poe, etc.). Now, with a big bid, Kylo will only move before the handful of PS 6 ships out there, which is probably about the same number of 10 to 11s that beat him out in 1.0.
  6. So, the real question is how much should scum Han gunner actually cost? 6 points? 8 points? He pretty much means you can link any white action into a red focus. It's almost like old fashioned PTL (who doesn't want a focus token?). Obviously, not as good on lower init, but still better than 4 pts. Also, you can bump and still use him which is way good. Also, I guess there are not too many gunner slots for Scum, so that kind of reigns him in.
  7. So here is my 2 cents: > A Scimitar with Barrage and Proton Bombs is only 39 points. It can shoot 3 dice with a focus that denies R3 bonus and gets full mods in bullseye, and though it drops to 2 red dice on a K-Turn, it can still fling bombs straight, left or right. And it has 6 HP with 2 green dice. > A PS 2 X-Wing is 41 points, and with S-Foils gets a focus to boost (but only 2 attack). It still can keep 3 red dice while stressed (though targets will get a r3 bonus on defense), and has a talon roll. It has 6 HP with 2 green dice. > So, to me, the Scimitar that can drop bombs and potentially get full mods by only taking one action (focus) should be equal in cost to the X-Wing. Granted, it does need a focus to shoot, but don't forget about the bombs and that sweet ship ability. It is a balancing act. No shields, must have focus, but had better offense and bombs. The X-Wing can't bomb, has shields, but gets a native 3 dice, and can't get full mods from one action. To me then, the generic bombers only need a 2-3 point increase. Or drop X-Wings to 40/39 points base Jk
  8. And good point about stunned pilot! I guess Dash would still take a damage based upon my logic? Sure, he ignores the effects, but he still overlapped/moved through. (Speaking of stunned pilot in general, you take a damage, but still roll to see if you take more damage right?)
  9. Fair, fair. I was trying to see if there was some way to make it work with the current rules, but I guess not XD I was basing my comments off of this discussion about Dash: I made the same argument about him never triggering Outrider, but I also thought he could not perform actions over rocks, but apperently that is all part of "moving."
  10. Call me missing double mods, but what about Expertise? You could make it "Bullseye Only," have it come with 2 nonrecurring charges, and make it so you spend 1 charge to change all <focus> to <hits>. Make it cost 6 to 8 points or something. Or, come with 3 nonrecurring charges, and if the defender is in your bullseye, you can spend 1 charge to change 1 <focus>. Maybe even spend a charge AND take a stress to do so. In that case, make it only 6 points.
  11. So, I have heard (on this forum) that Alex Davy at EU Nationals said that Dash and Outrider do work together. Apparently Dash's abilitiy ignores the effects of obstacles, but he still can overlap or move through obstacles. I think that makes sense, it his ship afterall. But I think you can make an argument in the current RAW as well that Dash and Outrider work: Page 13: "A ship moves through an object if the template is placed on that object when the ship moves." There is no reference to if you suffer effects or not. Simply, if your template is laid down on an object, you have moved through it. Dash, again, ignores the effects, but his template was still placed over the object/obstacle when he moved. Regardless of whether or not he ignores it, his template still went over it. And the template going over an object is what determines moving through. Page 14: "While a ship executes a maneuver or otherwise moves, it overlaps an object if the ship's final position would physically be on top of an object." So again, overlapping is determined by your ship's physical position, and has nothing to do if you suffer effects of the obstacle or not. So Dash ignores the obstacle, sure, but his final position still was physically on top of the object.
  12. Boba has 3 courage so Duck and Cover might be decent on him. Red die with conversion is good defense, but he will still blank out on occasion (after all, he will mathemetically still let 1/3 of hits through). Overall I really like the list! Totally something I want to try.
  13. Here is the nice thing: The 2.0 Rules Reference is a living document. So things like initiative and even how certain tokens function (how ion works, reinforce, etc.) can be updated and changed a lot easier. There are no pesky and diverse reference cards to track down, etc. Interesting to hear they tested it. What if initiative only swapped if you had the same number of squad points? Idk. That way ppl can still take bids and have it matter.
  14. So, both of the criticals Console Fire (roll to take damage) and Disabled Power Regulator (recieve an ion token until ionized) trigger "Before you engage." I have seen it played where people are like "I do not roll for console fire because I had no available targets" or "If I do not shoot while I have Disabled Power Regulator, I will not get ionized." It kind of makes sense, however I believe these criticals trigger whether you have targets or not, or whether you shoot or not. Page 10 of the Rules Reference says "During [the Engagement Phase], each ships engages, one at a time[.]" And "When a ship engages, it may perform an attack[.]" So basically, each ship engages no matter what, whether they shoot or not. Thus, these crits would trigger the next time that ship engages (whether that round or preceeding rounds). Correct? Just tryna get used to all the Second Edition lingo XD PS Also interesting that "Disarmed ships still engage even though they cannot perform attacks"
  15. So what we know so far, based mostly on this https://youtu.be/cD7Unc-6cCw?t=37m56s (Gold Squadron Podcast): > 9 Hull, 3 Shield. White Actions: Reload, Rotate, Lock, Focus > Looks like no ship ability. > It looks like Finch Dallow has Crimson Specialist's ability, specifying it has to be a bomb (not a mine) > https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/3/spark-of-rebellion-1/ Dial looks like: Spd 0: Red Stop Spd 1: Guessing blue banks and straight, red hard turns Spd 2: Guessing 2 straight is blue, white banks and turns Spd 3: Red banks, white straight. ________________________________________ For slots, guessing Sensor, Tech, a few devices, gunner slot, maybe crew? Not sure.
  16. "You were supposed to bring balance to X-Wing, not destroy it!"
  17. I'm hoping with the A-Wing Rerelease we get some good PS 5 ace options. Hera with her pilot ability in an A-Wing? The return of Tycho Celchu?
  18. So, Rebels in 2.0 are both (a) better off than people think (including myself ?) and (b) still a little more bland than some of the other factions (Imperials right now seem to have a ton of sweet options, especially their crew). However, with all of the rereleases coming out, I'm sure Rebels will get some sweet Crew upgrades, and Rebs have a ton of crew slots. The Falcon Rerelease, U-Wing Rerelease, HWK, Ghost, Sheathapide, etc. Might take some time, but what are some awesome crew we could be getting to help buff the good old Rebs? Old man Obi Wan? K2SO? Bhodi Rook crew hasn't transferred over yet. Han Solo crew? Maybe a Luke crew? Some random Rebels TV show people? Jan and Kyle pilots made it, so maybe we will get them as crew? Rex crew hasn't been transferred yet, etc. Mon Mothma? Chirrut Imwe? TLDR; Rebels have a lot of crew slots, and granted their current crew is not that interesting, but the future is bright for the Rebel crew slot.
  19. For reference, there still are some reasons for Rebels to fly range 1: Lowhhrick's ability is 0-1, Cracken's ability is range 1, Jake's abiltiy is 0-1, Evaan's ability is 0-1, Biggs is 0-1 and in attacker's arc, and Selfless EPT is 0-1 and in attacker's arc as well. So there still may be a place for the 4 ship, rebel blob-synergy. Only thing is, blobs usually do best jousting to get everyone firing from their arcs. Blobs can spread damage around, so they should do okay in a joust (plus, for Selfless/Biggs to work, they have to be in the attacker's arc as well). But the thing is, versus an Iden swarm, or a Jendon/Jonus swarm, I do not think all of the range 1 synergies in the world the Rebels could bring can beat them. It doesn't matter how much dmg you can distribute, or if you can 4 semi-modded shots on target, Jendon and Howl swarms simply have more firepower, more ships, and more mods. And the Imperial ships themselves are cheaper.
  20. Yeah, my first instinct is to fly Rebels in a four ship block: Cracken, Ten Numb w/Squad Leader, Dutch, and Kyle. Or something like that (Biggs, Cracken, Dutch, SOMETHING), and just try to keep everyone range 1. It must be 1.0 Lowhrick habits haha. I mean the Devs did say the Rebel's faction identity is helping your friends, and a lot of the helping pilot abilities are closer range, like 0-1, etc. However, I think there may be something to flying a "loose" formation rebel synergy list. I think @ficklegreendice makes a good point. Garven is 1-3; Dutch is 1-3 (with no range limit for who he chooses when they get the lock); Jan, Roark, and Kyle are just "in your arc," so 1-3 (and they have 2 firing arcs w/Moldy Crow); Cassian is 1-3; Essege is 0-2; Lando is 1-3; Magva is 0-2; Benthic is 1-2; and coordinate is 1-2 (Ap-5 and co.); Leia crew is unlimited range; and Jyn Erso is 0-3. EDIT: Kanan's ability also just says in your arc. So yeah, I think I need to break my mind set of "must keep range 1 of buddies at all times" and I bet there are interesting lists to be made.
  21. They have fooled us all - the release is really September 13th, 2019!!! Hence they are still featuring 1.0 prize support in the kits! #ConspiracyTheory
  22. For named B-Wings, I was looking at Debris Gambit for a little bit, but I think Squad Leader might be the best talent. You could Coordinate Dutch to hand a TL back (if Squad Leader Ten Numb), or just coordinate some other ship, and still get the benefit of now being stressed. AP-5 and Cassian seem like natural fits for support ships. Maybe throw Leia crew in there somewhere.
  23. I feel Lone Wolf got hit hard - not only does it still have the range 1-2 restriction, but you only get 1 reroll per round. Granted, mods are supposed to be harder to come by, but LW already had a pretty strict positional requirement. I think LW would have been cool if it stuck to only rerolling blanks, cost 6 points, but had 2 charges (recovering 1 per round). I mean, 2.0 LW is not bad, it's just not that great.
  24. . . . in the TIE Defender repack, FFG adds Darth Vader as a TIE Defender pilot? How much would an I6, 3 force charge, Darth Vader pilot ability, TIE Defender possibly cost? 160 points base? Haha They probably won't do that, but it is just a funny thought. Getting a free evade, then up to 3 other actions would be insane on a TIE Defender haha. P.S. Great book, definitely reccomend it!
  25. I wonder if Asmodee Digital ever gets to X-Wing, if FFG could have some sort of online way to qualify for worlds?
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