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  1. Hmm yeah no condition card seems odd to me. Wonder if we will get rules in the Rules Reference for them?
  2. These puzzles are fun, no worries. And odds are the Corran player forgot the trigger (a lot of triggers in 2.0 ?), so onto the final round! I like the idea of 4k on Corran. Advanced sensor boost once you see the decloak and then hope Whisper does not get arc.
  3. Hmm. How about this: Use Corran's initiative 0 shot? Since the evade token has not been spent for a cloak, this must be the end of the engagement phase, so Corran should have that chance. Granted, 4 unmodded reds vs 2 greens with an evade is only 0.644 expected hits (http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi/?d=AiAAAAAAAAAA&a1=QQAAAAAAAAA), but maybe that is the way to go? You only need 1 hit to go through afterall. It seems more risky to maybe get a shot next round when you have a shot this round that could finish the game. Odds are Vader would take any token you get, so no matter what, the shot will be unmodded. I say take the range 1 shot with his double tap right now instead of wait.
  4. So, HWK-290 pilot abilities reference ships "in your firing arc" and Talents like Selfless reference "if you are in the attack arc." My question is does range 0 count as part of being in the firing arc? So, if Kyle runs into the back of a friendly ship, if that friendly ship is in Kyle's arc, can he pass the focus token? Or, if a ship with Selfless is at range 0 of the attacker, but still in the arc, can they take a crit for a friend getting shot at (presuming the friend is range 1 away)? Rules reference: > Entry for arc on page 3 (relevent info bolded): "An arc is an area formed between the lines created by extending hash marks or arc lines printed on a ship token to range 3. A ship is in an arc if any part of its base is inside that area. • Arcs are measured beyond the base of ships. The portion of any object that lies beneath a ship is not in any of those ship’s arcs" So, range 0 is bases touching, and arc is measured beyond the base, so I would say, yes, in arc abilities work at range 0 if you have arc. Also, techincally if you are at range 0, other parts of your base are still in the firing arc. > Entry about range 0: "Range 0 does not appear on the range ruler, but is used for describing the range of objects that are physically touching." and "A ship is at range 0 of another ship if it is physically touching another ship" So it says nothing about not counting "in arc" if you are at range 0. Also, we know the firing arc must include range 0 because certain ships can attack ships in arc at range 0 (Arvel, Oincunn, and maybe Rhymer but I will not get involved and have not read the related rules references for him?) I guess in some sense "arc" and "range" are related concepts, but technically different things. So if there is no range mentioned, I imagine "in arc" abilities default to 0-3. So I would say, yes. Selfless, HWK-290 abilities, and similarly worded effects work at range 0. Thoughts?
  5. If it is a nebula/gas cloud of some sort, I could see it being pretty intense. Probably not stress, but auto damage? Also, you can shoot if landed on it, but take a damage if you do? There was a Rebels episode with a nebula cloud (or something like it). The ships were melting in it, and shooting in/near it was dangerous. If I remember correctly.
  6. If it is an ion cloud, I think it will be something simple, like you get ion tokens based upon ship size for passing through/landing. Things I could see going either way: - Roll for damage/take auto damage/not take any damage at all. I would lean towards no damage. - Fairly certain it will obstruct attacks - Not sure if you should be able to shoot if you land on it. I could see that one going either way.
  7. "After rolling dice, if each die has a different type of result (i.e. no result is repeated twice), you MUST receive a stress and reroll all of your dice. This can happen indefinitely."
  8. The hard thing with Rebel synergy is that, for the most part (not always), the abilities are geared towards helping 1 other friendly ship. So, 2 ships have to be taken for 1 of those ships to get full/consistent mods. Other factions have ships that can buff a whole swarm at once, or they have ships that have great action economy all by themselves (Boba, Redline). Rebels have to build a specific type of list and then play well to execute their synergy strategy. It is kind of like they wanted all factions to have at least some ways for ships to access multiple mods/actions per turn, and other factions have it built into their ships/upgrades, while Rebels have it built into pilot abilities (for the most part). I am sure with points readjustments and re-releases Rebels will get more crew and other upgrades and pilots to help them along. And they can still do decent right now, just not on the top of the heap is all.
  9. Tractoring is kind of like 1.0 K-Wing action bombing. If you are in/near in arc, you cannot avoid being tractored if they move first. There is not a ton of stress control, and they have pretty good blues, and you can't block them if they move before you. You can avoid it, but I imagine you have to play super cagey. I mean, even rolling out of arc is not a guarantee you do not get tractored next round. For me, it is the unblockable part that makes it strong. No dice or tokens are used, you just get tractored. And 5 HP with 2 greens goes a lot farther in 2.0 than 1.0. Anyways, I think they are good, but maybe a little undercosted. Not horribly broken, for sure, but just a tad under.
  10. Oh thanks for catching that! Try this one: https://discordapp.com/invite/qywJegX
  11. I'd say R4 is good. Predator is a decent cheap EPT, especially with the repositioning. But yeah I've had some fun with him. . . . . . . . . . Daredevil could be fun, too. Any official word if X-Wings with closed s-foils can equip Daredevil? (Same thing goes for if can you equip Tactical Officer if you equipped Squad Leader?)
  12. A lot of higher PS out there, so you could also just take a big bid. 0-0-0 is also a good idea like mentioned. I think 0-0-0 is pretty cheap, so you could still have a bid of sorts.
  13. Hey all - just inviting all who want to a free TTS tourney my squad is running! Sign up here: https://tabletop.to/uvx-tabletop-simulator-tournament/ "FORMAT: - 200 point Extended RULES: - $0.00 entry fee - Registration closes at 8am MST 11/5/18 - Round 1 will be generated at 9am MST 11/5/18 - Current FFG Tournament Rules - Players have 1 week to schedule, complete and report match results from when rounds are generated - If a player fails to responds to a request to schedule, or no-shows a match, a 0-200 loss will be reported - Number of rounds dependent on total number of players [also, just like a normal tournament, you will use a single list for the whole event] PRIZE(S): - Set of custom UVX Lock tokens - TBD" Discord channel to facilitate match set up: https://discordapp.com/channels/345410577692098561/501124158495916042
  14. How about this new idea: instead of a copy cat ship, what about crew to help rebel swarms? Kind of in the same vein as how Leia crew can help the whole squad. What about June Sato? I could see him being a "large ship only" crew, and provide some buff to non-limited A-Wings. Or maybe Admiral Ackbar, large ship only, and provide some buff to all non-limited ships.
  15. So, I like the idea of vultures with a 2Att/3Agi/2H/0S stat line. Maybe Calc / TL / Evade / BR action bar? I agree the dial should be way good - like interceptor/a-wing/fang. Also, I hope vultures do not have any ship ability with native calculate sheninagans - that can be left to pilot abilities and support ships. So Tie Fighter/Z-95 is 23 points. Do you make the dial good enough on the Vulture (as a trade off for 1 less HP/calculate) to make the Vulture 23 as well? Or could it be down in the 20-22 range? Probably not 20 because then you could fly 10 of them. Or maybe it will be 20
  16. For real, this might actually do okay vs Bombers, or low shield ships haha. I would fly it (if I had enough Zs): https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v5!s!22:123,113,-1,4,-1:;57:-1,-1:;56:130,-1,-1:;57:-1,-1:;57:-1,-1:;57:-1,-1:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Gavin Darklighter — E-Wing 68 Juke 4 Fire-Control System 3 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 78 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 23 Ship Total: 23 Tala Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 25 Selfless 3 Ship Total: 28 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 23 Ship Total: 23 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 23 Ship Total: 23 Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 23 Ship Total: 23
  17. Good points! I guess a large part of 2.0 is they want every faction to be unique, so I see that for sure. I guess, though, could there be some way to have the swarm list archetype, but in the Rebel faction identity? The Rebel identity has been described as self-sacrificing to aid a friend/or sacrifice for the greater good. What about a pilot ability similar to the old Operations Specialist? Like, when a friendly ship misses, you can assign another ship a focus. Or maybe something like 1.0 New Chewbacca?
  18. I could see it being a new HWK or Z that lets non-limited friendly ships in arc reroll one die while making a primary attack. Or maybe something weird like friendly ships at range 2 can change one focus while attacking, etc. Rebels have some good swarm options w/the Z and A, but no way to get modification out to them. Most Rebel synergy abilities help 1 ship, not 3 to 6 ships like Howl, Jonus, Drea, etc. can. Ideas? Thoughts? What characters could fill that role?
  19. Hmm good point, you do not! As far as I know the commander cannot pick it up I guess the only difference is the z6 is an inherent part of the mini's unit card, while the Comms Upgrade will simply be attached to the squad as a whole. I.E. you do not lose concussion grenades as you drop units. I guess we will have to see what they say.
  20. Also, if the comms mini gets picked off somehow (only one in LOS for some reason), or if you only have your unit leader left, I wonder if the Comms upgrade stays equipped or not? Based on X-Wing, I will guess it will. There were a few cards in X-Wing that affected squad building, and if they were lost in the game, whatever effect on squad building they had stayed the same. (So, for example, an EPT equipped with R2-D6 stayed even when R2-D6 was discarded)
  21. HanScottFirst


    Yeah I'm thinking the B-Wing will even get better in it's 2ed repack! For the new model, guessing it won't get S-Foils, but I could see a model that rotates between upright or sideways. But in terms of gameplay for the repack: - Some double cannon slot super cannon? - A title? - The return of E2 mod to get some crew? - Not to mention more named pilots!
  22. My thoughts exactly. The Chewie card specifies "dealt 1 damage card" and the rules say "damage is suffered one at a time," so I think you get a charge for each damage card. With the Resistance Falcon only having 3 shields and the bomber the same, and both are high hull ships, I could see potentially triggering Chewie a few times in a game.
  23. Good to know! Definitely makes it a little more interesting/guessing!
  24. Wait, so if the imperial prope droid 1 pip card lets you look at your opponents command hand, does that mean command hands are not open information?
  25. I have a friend who is 9-0 in 2.0 play with Dash. He runs Dash with Perceptive Copilot and Bistan, and has a u-wing to coordiante and get in the way of other ships. I think he coordinates the double focus, which opens up Dash to take a TL, BR, etc.
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