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  1. I only like nerfing Biggs IF the classic rebel ships get a buff. (If you do nerf him, I like the idea of "once per round," or maybe something like the ability only triggers if the firing line to the target passes through Biggs or something - which means he could block farther than range one, but would be a lot more tricky to use). The buff would have to be some blanket thing, like a "Rouge Squadron" title for any small base rebel ship (X-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing, K-Wing, etc.) that just copies and pastes the text from"adaptive ailerons" (basically if you're attacked by more dice than you defend with, after rolling your defense, roll one additional green die). If you want to go Epi 7+8, have the title be Poe Dameron's "Black Squadron" instead. The buff would be simple, but not overpowering. Bringing a B-Wing up to 2 green dice probably wouldn't do much with the red dice power creep, but getting an X-Wing up to 3 would be sweet - and seem a lot more like the movies. TIEs are more maneuverable, but watching the movies, X-Wings aren't slouches, either. Besides, TIEs have an evade and X-Wings don't - that by itself simulates the increased agility. What do you think? Would that buff be enough to replace Biggs, or would it need to be something greater? Would the title be free, or cost 1 point?
  2. This might help: watch Mighty Ducks seven times in a row, followed by a few rounds of Bad News Bears Bombay: "You think losing is funny?" Averman: "Well, not at first, but once you get the hang of it." But on a slightly more serious note, it does seem frustrating how certain game mechanics get "net decked" everywhere. I'm new enough where I can't really have winning or losing streaks, but something that encourages me is Nand Torf's 2017 list. Sure it had Miranda and Biggs, but it seemed pretty atypical. I mean, everyone maligns X-Wings (I still think they need a buff), but a T-65 and a T-70 made the World's finals! Not sure how that translates to local metas, but worth a thought. Also:
  3. It's simple: Make a 100 point unit called the "Death Star" that can be played in any kind of play (the plastic model would be a grey semi circle that takes up the entire Imperial player's side, and reaches to about the middle of the play area). If the opposing player does not field Luke in a T-65 with proton torpedoes, the Imperial player instantly wins!
  4. Well, I just read this through haha! It would seem the community has already rehashed all of my X-Wing ideas a thousand times lol... ITSA TRAP! I still have some ideas to make A-Wings and B-Wings more viable, as well as what amounts to a negative point, reverse hull upgrade to make TIE swarms even more swarm-y
  5. We must have some serious Attani Mindlink haha, because I just had some similar ideas: Let me know what you guys think! The basic idea for the T-65 is a dual card to open or close the S-Foils (ala Rouge Squadron 3D) that operates somewhat like cloaking.
  6. FFG has already delved deep into the Expanded Universe for new ships. Excuse me, I mean delved deep into the Legends and video games for new ships (HWK 290, TIE Defender, E-Wing, a large majority of the S&V, etc.). They even invented a completely new ship at least once: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Raider-class_corvette https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2014/12/19/here-comes-the-imperial-raider/ So, why not take an Expanded Universe faction, and outfit them with newly developed ships no one has seen before? Forgot old CIS droids rusting away on Raxus Prime! My thoughts go for a Chiss Ascendancy Faction. Thrawn was brought into Disney's Rebels and Timothy Zahn wrote a new book about him, so the Chiss Ascendancy has been re-canonized. I would trust FFG to build a new faction of Chiss ships and slowly roll it out. With the Raider as an example of FFG's ability to create new things, the idea is very promising. I think some fan made a Thrawn card, and considering what Thrawn has done for Star Wars, it's time for him to have an official faction! I would say Yuuzzhan Vong, too, for a faction, but that just seems like a bad idea...I never read those books and they always seemed annoying haha. Either way, unless they release Waves more slowly, or Disney Rebels comes up with a ton of new ships, they will have to look somewhere to keep expanding. And let's be real, the Chiss would be sweet!
  7. I have only been playing X-Wing for around a month, and think it would be super cool to buff up some of the classic starfighters from the original trilogy! It seems like the classic ships - especially the T-65, A-Wing, and B-Wing - don't get as much play anymore and are totally outclassed by newer ships. A little ironic since the game itself is called "X-Wing" haha... Anyways, not sure if there have been similar ideas or discussions, but I had some ideas of my own (and made some really poorly put together mockups in MS Paint): This first idea comes from playing Rouge Squadron 3D and being able to toggle between S-Foils closed and open. > T-65 X-Wing Title - Dual Card (kinda based on a Pivot Wing/Cloak idea) - (0 Points): S-FOILS CLOSED: You cannot attack. Increase your agility by 2. Your action bar gains the BOOST icon. When you receive a focus token, you may flip this card. "LOCK S-FOILS IN ATTACK POSITION!": Cancel all effects on "S-FOILS CLOSED." After attacking or activating in the combat phase, receive 1 stress token to flip this card. Or, ACTION: Flip this card. The T-70 could have an S-Foils Title as well, the difference being when the T-70's S-Foils are closed, boost may be done as a free action. Or, I thought about S-Foils being a modification, and have a "Rouge Squadron Pilot" Title for both the T-65 and the T-70 that would add a barrel roll to the action bar, and maybe something like a Systems or Illicit icon to the upgrade bar. I love the B-Wing, but it is too pricey by the time you pump some cool upgrades into it, so here's an idea: > B-Wing Title - (3 points) A/SF-01: Your upgrade bar loses one torpedo icon and the cannon icon. Gain one missile icon. Your primary weapon value is now 4. Considering the B-Wing's roll, and the fact some ships in X-Wing now have primary attacks of 4, I feel this title would suit it well. > A-Wing Title - (1 Point) RZ-1: Your upgrade bar loses the missile icon. Your primary weapon value is now 3. This one is tricky, it would mean not taking the extra EPT from the Prototype Title, and no Proton Rockets, but it would make the A-Wing more like a TIE Interceptor. > TIE Fighter/Interceptor Title - (-3 Points) "THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM:" Non-unique pilots only. Your hull value is now 2. You cannot equip any other upgrades of any kind. Just a funny idea for 8 point Academy Pilots to fly in droves. TIE/FO could take it, too, but not keep its shield (just have 2 hull). The Y-Wing seems to be all right, and its title is pretty solid. Maybe just release a 15 point, 1 PS "Gold Squadron Rookie" or something. I think it would be cool if FFG packaged cards like this with some pilots and sold it as a Episode IV-VI upgrade pack or something. Of course with Episode 8 coming and Disney Rebels, they probably will be looking forward instead of back. Anyways, thoughts? What are other ideas out there for classic ships? Any one found ways to competitively fly a T-65 other than Biggs?
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