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  1. I've played Porkins (elusive/chopper) a little in Fly Casual. He's not bad tbh, his time on target is insane. Pretty much a budget Tie Defender (minus some stats), with regen. However, I think it's hard w/Jek bc Braylen is only 52 points w/crack shot and just so crazily efficient. Having full mods on offense and rerolls on defense vs any number of attacks is too good to pass up. Plus a lot of Rebel efficiency still takes Leia crew, which means Porkins ability is not as useful
  2. Obi Wan (alive), Crew, +1 Force: After a friendly ship at range 0-1 is declared the defender, if you are in the attacker's arc, you may spend 1 Force. If so, the attacker must attack you instead, ignoring any costs (such as Target Lock). (Obi Wan's sacrifice to Vader) When the ship carrying Obi Wan has no active force, flip this card over. Obi Wan (force ghost), Crew, +1 Force: If you do not have a Target Lock on the defender, while attacking, you may spend one force to reroll one die (Luke turned off his targeting computer and trusted the force).
  3. I flew something like that once, but had Magva instead. It takes very little damage, but also does little damage as well haha. The idea is Saw could help with rerolls once all the damage has been spread. Anyways, Roark bumps Rex to 7, or someone else if a kill shot is possible. Initial engage though, definitely bumps up Rex. ______ But Roark + Moldy Crow and Rex Tie leaves you with 109 points, so there are definitely a lot of options besides Biggs and Saw.
  4. Roark Garnet (41) Leia Organa (6) Moldy Crow (18) Ship total: 65 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 3 Captain Rex (32) Ship total: 32 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Biggs Darklighter (48) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Ship total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 3 Saw Gerrera (52) Selfless (3) Pivot Wing (0) Ship total: 55 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 4 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z47XWW46WWW156Y16XY7XWWW142Y35X130WWWWW140W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  5. Just agreeing with the general sentiment there needs to be some negative effect. After all, 2 games streamed at Worlds had big swings because of the 1/8 Debris crit. You need to be forced to calculate risks like that, instead of just knowing 100% there will be no consequences (other than action loss). You could even have it be something like: "Roll 1 red die. On hits, take a strain, on focus or crit take a deplete." That would be unique, and there is still a 25% chance nothing happens.
  6. Someone, somewhere on this forum mentioned the idea to regen force only on Blue Maneuvers. That's kind of an interesting idea. I guess "execute" vs "fully executed" would be up for debate. ____ I think the difficulty is with the Lore, Jedi are supposed to just be hands down better than everyone else because of their connection with the force. Better, faster, more accurate, etc. Not that the force advantage cannot be overcome (Grievous, Jango, large numbers, etc. could), but it is a big advantage. I feel like force as it is nails that aspect pretty well. Ships with the force are simply better than those without. Sure, you have to roll a focus to use it, but between attacking w/a lock and defending, odds are you will get the chance. The trick is costing it fairly to non-force users, but still usable over all. I think any ship with 3 force will be hard to price correctly. _____ P.S . Could regen cost more along 2 axises: Agility and Force Rating?? Like a grid?
  7. So, not asking for spoilers about Chapter 11 (bankruptcy, jk), just got there, but when it says "Warning: If you lose this scenario, the campaign will end" it doesn't just reset you to square 1 if you lose, right? Or like, auto delete? Or idk some other horrible thing? Can you retry it?? I've played the first 4 scenarios way too many times, and I am not too keen on replaying 10 scenarios if I lose. Fantastic game, I just don't have that time right now 😛
  8. I had not considered the reload trick before, especially if you already have a TL from FCS or get coordinated, etc.
  9. This could be fun: Hera Syndulla (VCX-100) — VCX-100 Light Freighter 73 Lone Wolf 5 Advanced Sensors 10 Saw Gerrera 8 R2-D2 (Crew) 8 Hull Upgrade 2 Ghost 0 Ship Total: 106 Half Points: 53 Threshold: 8 Luke Skywalker — T-65 X-Wing 62 Proton Torpedoes 12 R2 Astromech 4 Afterburners 6 Servomotor S-Foils 0 Ship Total: 84 Half Points: 42 Threshold: 3 https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v6!s=200!61:124,111,,,58,56,164,,148:;4:,136,2,105,142:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  10. I had some flying Saw, Lone Wolf, R2-D2, hull upgrade Hera. The idea is R2 takes the heat off of Saw a little, and Lone Wolf let's you reinforce each round. That was before it had a sensor slot, so I'd probably add advanced sensors now. It was decent. Not great, but decent. A friend of mine had a lot of fun with some build for Kanan, it was Collision detector and Hera crew, though I guess you could just sub it for Leia crew now.
  11. Something I never got was the 4 Attack rating in the front arc. Is it to simulate the crew on a bunch of little turrets, so it's basically 4 reds?
  12. I personally love two-ship lists. The level of advanced planning and thinking about dials is enjoyable to me. I almost think a 2 ship list flown well will, at certain points, take more time choosing dials than a swarm will. But yeah, I do think at least one or both of the ships need consistent and/or passive mods. Two ship lists are very, very variance dependant, and it feels really bad when you think you have out positioned someone consistently (you shoot they don't), but the dice just do not push damage through. So anything to mitigate variance is great. Hence Han is so good.
  13. Go to that high def Y-Wing spread floating around (thanks @svelok) and look at the second card in, just after Snap Shot. Its something "sight" and is a secondary weapon, 2 red dice, bullseye range 1-3. Going down the side there seems to be the words "executes" "spend" "attack" and "result" So, guessing, works just like snap shot, but either (1) spend a force to use it, or (2) you can only modify with force or (3) spend a force to use it and only modify with force. Thoughts? ___ I remember in the old PC games (Dark Force 2?) Deadly Sight or something was a force power. Not that Jedi in ships will be shooting lasers from their eyes, but yeah. ____
  14. HanScottFirst

    Snap Shot

    The question is the cost. For example, Saw Crew in 1.0 was 1 pt (so 2 2.0 pts), but he now does the same thing in 2.0, but costs 8 pts (so 4 1.0 pts). So yeah, I could see snap shot costing 6 points in 2.0
  15. Super cool idea! I'm in favor of the IG-88 style moves. Like, a purple 3 hard where you move the 3 hard, and then rotate 180 degrees. Or, maybe have a ship that has both T-Rolls and Sloops, either one red and one purple, or both purple or something. I guess with how force regenerates, you will always be able to execute purples, right? Because you will always have at least 1 force at the start of activation? Maybe having it cost 2 like @BDrafty said. But that would lock out 1 force pilots.
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