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  1. I played Arvydas in the top 8 and he was running Vinto in his list.
  2. Deployment: AT-DP Captain Terro Elite Jet Trooper Elite Jet Trooper Reg Jet Trooper Imperial Officer Imperial Officer Rule by Fear Zillo Command: Call the Vanguard Element of Surprise Ferocity Fuel Upgrade Grenadier Negation Overcharged Weapons Overrun Planning Provoke Shared Experience Sit Tight Size Advantage Take Initiative Tough Luck Went 5-2 in swiss, losing to Matt Lansdowne in the 5th round and Kenny Brown in the 7th round. Lost in the semi-finals to the World Champ DT.
  3. I like keeping a hidden token on my point dial because that is usually the first thing I update after my eRanger murders a poor little weeqway
  4. What happens if a player performs an attack with a hidden/focused figure and forgets to use their beneficial condition and the attack resolves. Example: 1.) Focused Onar opens door and shoots jyn without using their focus token (they forgot). 2.) Onar doesn't have range, jyn rolls an evade. 3.) Jyn uses nimble for her evade result, moves two spaces. 4.) Onar's activation ends. 5.) Player using Onar states that he/she forgot to use their focus token. What happens then? Does Onar lose their focus token? Does he keep it? Do they go back to step 2.) and attack with the correct set of dice? Do they maintain the original results and just add the green dice?
  5. I have a question due to the previous skirmish game I played. Can J11 take a shot at C10? I believe they drew LOS using J11 bottom right corner to C10 top corners.
  6. He was slow, but now with that extra movement with Hera's smooth landing, it seems he gets to pull a card 1st round on every map in rotation (except Anchorhead Cantina but you can use Gideon for help).
  7. Question: On the New Ownership mission (Stashes), Where is the best place to send Greedo round 1? Do you send him to control the pit stash? Send him to the middle stash? Send him to the top stash? I like sending him to the pit but I feel like he loses his value when he is such a good threat to keep in on the action especially when my opponent can send a 2 cost alliance smuggler to contest. If I send him to the top stash, it can bait the opponent to opening their door which could be a positive for me but I could lose him round 1 and potential 4 points controlling the stash. I usually never send him to the middle stash unless I can't afford to open my door round 1. Just curious about how other people use him on this map, Thoughts?
  8. They should also give him more traits like the vehicle trait because of his jet pack.
  9. Will lists be able to include the new HOTE content?
  10. Thanks, they just went live with the In Flight Report
  11. I am hoping for this too but FFG put themselves in a bind by making jet troopers vehicles. Vehicle beast tamer would be OP for Jets. I wonder how they will balance it.
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