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  1. Hehe. Here I can certainly agree! I had heard about the 26-Apr before my store :)... however they also told me that the snowtroopers will be coming 03-May together with at least one (maybe both) Rebel Expansion(s)!
  2. Well I don‘t have the time to dig through every last post on every website or forum to get hints that something is coming. That‘s why I was asking GW directly (in the store) and got the answer that there are „no Plans“ localizing it. To me, this „new GW“ is not any different than the „evil old GW“. But i‘m Ok with stopping the conversation about them as this thread is about Veers/Release date. If you are happy with them that‘s great (honestly).
  3. The Core game as well as Deathzone 1 came localized, Deathzone 2 did not while the Almanach (containing Deathzone 2 ) did again. Therefore, I‘m sorry, you are the one‘s who’s not correct! As they already started with different languages there was no point in keeping it all English from the beginning ... which would in fact have been ok for me. However, when you start releasing in several languages you have to stick with it and not stop in between and give false information to your customers!
  4. They (GW) haven‘t changed... I Stopped playing all there games except Blood Bowl and there they released supplement rules books called Deathzone: Season X. While Deathzone Season 1 was available in several languages (and I bought a copy in my native language), Deathzone Season 2 only came in English and officials said they wouldn’t know if it ever would come in other languages. So I bought the English version (meaning that I then had 2 adding rulesets in different languages which is not really good - had I know before I would have bought everything in English). A few months later GW announces and publishes an Almanch book that has both Deathzone rules combined (+additional rules) and of course comes localized. That meant that GW officials lied about the localization to sell more books. ? Because of that I‘m a fan of early product announcements. I’m also ok if there’s a delay. It‘s plastic toys not essential stuff.
  5. Well at least we saw Luke train while we didn’t see Rey train. I’m not saying that I can’t understand your point that Luke might also has learnt the way of the force (too) quickly (for me it was explained well enough)... again I think it comes down to personal taste. However if a decision was poor in the original Triology why does a new Triology 30+ years later have to make the same mistake? For Lando I did not specifically mean E8. I was sad that he wasn’t even mentioned in E7 already. After the Movie I thought it would have been great if he could have taken over the part of Benicio del Toros character (not in exactly the same way of course). I’m really looking forward to Solo as Lando will be in it. I have not read any books so I don’t know if the Han - Lando backstory has been told already but this is certainly something I’m excited about. Old characters as side notes: they might be side notes but when I have a role that kills her/himself heroically why not use a character that at least some people know and not introduce a new side note one? For new audience it doesn’t matter, fans of the old Triology could have seen it as a fan service. For me this minor decision contributes to my point of the poor handling of characters from the old Triology. For Chewie and the not able to tell about Hans death my main complain is mostly E7 when he exits the Transporter and walks past Leia who is standing right in front of him without saying anything :(. They just repeated that mistake in E8 when he meets Luke. With Rey and the not really tempted by the Dark Side I meant that we see her jump in a cave (like Luke) but then only seeing herself multiple times while Luke faces his Archrival and clearly fails: he takes his weapons (being told not to before) and uses them to realize what will become of him. Maybe I did not get the Rey scene completely but compared to Luke’s it feels not Like temptation at all.
  6. Well I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste then... I still believe that they should have given her a different, more genuine story. It might have lead to less discussion and created something new. For that they would have needed a different situation /start point of course. I’m still sad that they haven’t chosen a more ambitious approach regarding this triology. They played it save and reused / retold story elements from the original triology. In that logic it makes sense to reintroduce similar characters (Rey -Anakin). Maybe the new Triology that is not connected to the original one will deliver something better.
  7. Well then this all leads back to the main complain I have about E8 ( with which I’m not alone, I know): I don’t like the story and I don’t like how they treated the characters from the old movies. I don’t need Luke to completely destroy the First Order Army but I really didn’t like what he had become: a old, grumpy scared man that even tries to strike down his own nephew. In my eyes he would have deserved a more meaningful death (like Han) and not be the reason of the end of the Jedi. Chewie is not allowed to tell close friends about Hans death, that’s always done by a stranger (Rey). Lando doesn’t even appear. Is not even mentioned. New roles are introduced, to die 30 min later (the Rebel Admiral) while Old Veterans die as Side notes. (Akbar, Mothma, Dodonna). Poe Damaron takes several poor decisions after another, people die because of him, but in the end is promoted to the Leader of the Resistance. The Resitance is basically done at the end of E8: 10-15 people escape from Krayt, Fleet is destroyed, nobody answered the cry for help, yet we hear that this is just the start of it. I made no sense to me. I also thought that the whole starship chasing story was boring /too long. Also: does a flawless, boring character becomes better if his flawlessness is explained? I’m not sure I’m general for Rey I personally think it would have been better to give her a different story. Star Wars already had a super flawless character: Anakin. Anakin at least had this change to and back to/from the dark side that Rey does not (yet) have.
  8. Never heard of Marty Stu before. Actually I always used Mary Sue for both genders. Personally I don’t think Luke is a Mary Sue. All the Powers he gets is through training/instructions by/with the most powerful Jedi. He fails several times during the original Triology (Dark Side cave, being impatient costs him his hand, overconfidence almost gets him (and most likely Leia) killed in Jabba’s Palace). Rey doesn’t train in E7 and only basically trains herself in E8. Even the Dark Side cannot really tempt her. That - so far, missing one further movie - qualifies her as a flawless, boring character. I liked the Trailer and have a better feeling about Solo than I had when I watched the first trailer for E8 (which I really disliked at the end). The visuals remind me of Rogue One (which I really liked )!
  9. Nothing peaks more interest than a towering AT-ST... at least in my group. I have pre-order 2 cores and 1 expansion each. still not sure about a dice pack!
  10. They might use the time to announce more stuff :). Scouttroopers have already been mentioned by Alex Davy (game designer) in the team covenant demo on Gencon.
  11. I think they also aim for a world wide start at the same time (with localized versions). There are messages on Facebook where suppliers from certain countries (Australia, Spain) already have all Legion stuff but are not yet allowed to sell it. This of course delays the release of a product.
  12. I’m also a big Fan of Retributor Armor. It is expensive though.
  13. I’m really happy about this book finally being officially announced! There might not be any new expansion announcements but this is equally awesome!
  14. As they are flying they don’t necessarily have to be cavalry. A siege base should give plenty of room for wings when they are not spread out but move more to the rear of the horse.
  15. Ironbound (Daqan) Siege Golem (Daqan) Barrow Wyrm (Waiqar) Pegasi Riders (Latari) Chaos Lord (Uthuk) Obese (Uthuk) of course new Factions like Dwarves, Orks, Dragonlords or Shadow Elves would also be great!
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