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  1. As far I remember before 2015 there was only one playmat, so we need to determine who win it at event. Not a cooperative thing. Since there is the same number of scenario and playmat in every kit I see.
  2. Sorry. TE is for Terre Exterieures, the french name for Outlands. I haven't realized we switch back to French because 13nrv and I are both French. Flash Outlands is my n°5.
  3. With caldara you need to put counter on 3 otherwise enemies on shadow cards also return to attack you. If you can do all this (or avoid all the attack on the beginning, who is pretty lucky but also the most realistic way to win) you win. I haven't think about elen jeweler or Emery to block. I have none of them anyway on that case. I'm not surprised flash TE can make it, it is most powerful that any of this deck under certain circumstances, but I rate it so low because he have also a 0% against too much quest ^^. I updated the deck list with my new secrecy, and with my actual view of wich is the best deck :).
  4. Path to Carcosa is annunced to september since two months. Akrham Horror get a high support. For example it have been released at the same time in French and about LoTR we almost ever have to wait one week to one month to get the translate version done. But yeah, I still hope that mountain of fire is right after :). Anyway I already play major part of the cards players in my decks. The last time I was doing that was when we get to know the doomed event cards. So to me it it the best expansion about player cards since voice of isengard.
  5. I have a completely theoretical question since it involved some cards that does not exist. But what happens if the cards was writed " Action: Choose a character. If you control a unique Noldor character, give that character +1 [Willpower] until the end of the phase and lower your threat by 3. " In thas case I will say you must have a character to play the card, on the same way you can't play a feint without an enemy on the board. I'm right?
  6. You might want another point of view since I already answer to all that in my previous post. I will anyway answer in case this help you. The size of the ultra pro is the perfect one. Smaller mean no margin so cards will start to get out of the sleeves too often.
  7. Because one of the face is almost not covered. Cards move is the sleeve so without any margin they slip out and get in contact with the outside and take all damage. Plus they are not as rigid as the first you link so they absorb less against all that kamul have listed.
  8. @Bullroarer Took I got it recently and only play with two solo decks. I get stomped by mono Sam (one of my worst solo deck, obviously since I play only one hero ^^). Then I stomp it with my Gandalf deck (win even if I forget to remove counter and dragon when changing quests). It could be interesting to play it with the entire list below to test :). But since it is only the 9th most difficult scenario to me I'm confident about the success of almost all of the deck listed below. Since it doesn't disrupt you (remove a hero, discard your card in hand, stop your from playing allies, remove your allies by unavoidable text on the quest) it is all about getting on the board fast and a lot of decks can do it :). With Vilya / Caldara the main problem was dealing with multiple attacks on the first/second turns. The low threat of Caldara doesn't stop too many of those attacks. Only in second position come the siege. Not because I lack defense, I generally get faster like 9 willpower or 8 defense or 7 attack. But because I can't play fortune or fate before I get my 4 hero (+ Arwen effects) so I have to pay for my allies. So I things don't go well (either from questing and attack) straight from the beginning I was never able to get back in the game. I also discard among 6 times the Sword-thain that I just shearch for with mirror of Galadriel, but this only will have make a difference in one game. But until now I never discard such a key card on mirror of galadriel in boromir deck and I play more than twenty times so it is pretty unfair ^^. With Gandalf my high threat got me too many times 3 attacks on the second turns. I was able to get back sometimes but in some others shadows effects kills me. He succeed in case where others decks wasn't able (one enemy + one locations on several turns straight) so I'm pretty disappointed about his only 2 wins. Boromir was really more able than Caldara on this adventure. In fact I think that Boromir hero is the best hero possible on battle/siege since he cain quest a lot for only one threat. But in your case the rest of the deck is only looking for willpower so here is the matter. I think that the Elrond/Glorfindel/Boromir deck that I play many years ago was in fact better than all our actual deck in this corner case. But even with willpower with an active location and some thing struggle in staging area (like other locations) it is really hard to gather enough to pass the location and be able to travel to the next one. Even on the turns where I play Gandalf. That is, on every game I play, why I have hard time to consider it the best deck of the game. I always feel the lack of a ethir swordmen ally who give a lot of willpower even on the start of the game. I realized that since the deck relies on synergies so he need to play a lot of cards to connect one to the others (like draw or tutor). And the deck is clearly good like this. Way more that I originally thought. But I will probably to make a test with a "good cards" (captain of gondor, a lot more of allies, 3rd test of will) list with the same heroes instead of the steward+0-cost attachment for the comparison. I realize something else. During our talk you never feel concerned updating your deck. Did you made your deck only as a one-shot?
  9. Finally I get back into Strange Eons. So I can (and it may even be easier) make them this way. It is more convenient? I have Strange Eons in french but all the examples are in english. If I make a french version of each (with french typo who is slightly different) can it be useful too?
  10. As far as I remember it was around 25 euro in my area. It could give you an idea ;).
  11. One of this problem can be corrected by having all the hero in alternate art :p. I stole from you the word playmap ^^
  12. The ones you mention are very thin so they don't protect as much. I personally put them only on small games that I don't use often.
  13. You can have it right now by ordering in FFG website you know ;). I'm no longer doing since stores get some in my country (so shipping is really cheaper ^^) but if you don't have any occasions talk about this to some people you know, may be wait for another NM announcement and order them :).
  14. You right. They are two sizes announced here. So let see what we got: 1- What you talk about is 66x91 (approximately, each brand have a small difference). They are the most common sleeves for card games and the one I recommend you to buy. I get all my LoTR cards in sleeves of this sizes (quests in ultra pro, decks in dragon shield). There is a chance that maktorius speak about this since clear matte is a reference of sleeve of this size 2- There is also smaller sleevees (among 64x89) who are made to sleeve cards that are on a binder, or to put two sleeves on each cards (like for really expensive cards). They are not made for be played alone but some people do it anyway. It won't protect well the cards so even if it is cheaper so I would not recommend it.
  15. I think you are right, test of will should not be upgraded like this. I will probably still correct some crazy loose on setup situations because I found them boring (I prefer doing this than restart the game, especially in multiplayer). But otherwise I will accept those effects. I finish to play 5 games against nightmare battle of the five armies with combo, Vilya, Boromir and Caldara. I got those results: - Combo get 4 wins and 1 loose (1 resource short); - Vilya get 2 wins and 3 looses (each time more than 3 attacks at 5 on turn 2); - Boromir have 1 win and 4 looses (sometime do to many nasty effects that kill Boromir on the three first turns, most are due to a staging area at 8 that can't be passed no matter with value you count); - Caldara win only one game, and only because I allow it to counter a "killing on the setup" treachery with a test of will, so it is a 0,5 wins and 4,5 loose.