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  1. Really? I totally forget about that ^^. That is an excellent point. I will play one dwarven tomb because I found this card way too versatile in mono spirit and my intent is clearly to be able to recover one test of will since it is the best spirit card ^^. But I will also be able to target stand and fight since I will also test the healing tech.
  2. I ask for all the cards, texte of the allies, scan of anything related. I would not push it harder, if they are afraid of trouble that can happen to them (or to the store who give the pack) I will respect that. I will also have to wait to have my many copies for test many hobbit secrecy builds.
  3. I already ask for scans of the allies. About fight abilities staff, feint and hobbit cloack seem to be enough. Without Tom it would be hard to kill enemies with hobbit. I usually play also secrecy cards (in this case ithilien lookout) who are able to do that.
  4. It is not relevant because it is clearly result oriented. Against this card the best strategy is not to heal, it is to be able to cancel. I prefer to have in my deck dwarven tomb to interact with test of will than stand or fight to interact with a healer. If this card was the only problem of this encounter deck it would be better to have more respond (any test of will or the combo of the two healer) but of course the encounter it threatning us in a lot of other point. Whose are more likely treachery than non-treachery damaging cards. And it is very easy to find a test of will during the game, especially when you can discard them on a very good tale. That is how I see this specific case. It may not be accurate since it didn't take into account the willpower that the healer give all along the game. So even if I'm not convainced I will still test with the healer to get a personal experiment feedback :).
  5. Based on another source it seem that Folco Boffin have a "once per game" limitation. It is not very surprising regarding the last heroes rewording.
  6. This card clearly deserve to be "test of willed". It is way more efficient than heal (it also discard an attachment O_o). The best tech is not to heal but to play dwarven tomb so you have a lot of test of will.
  7. This one is very interesting to me. I'm usually stuck when I want to play with multiple secrecy since Pippin is the only lore hero I'm interested with. Now this one bring a whole new world, with secrecy with two 8 threat hero (yes Tom and Sam, I'm thinking of you).
  8. @13nrvOr you can keep playing Caldara the same way you did until now. So you will still enjoy his gameplay and don't mind about the errata. Since I share your view about specific deckbuilding I will try to look for a generic version of this Caldara 2.0 and I will report how strong this new deck is. So you will be able to know if you want to give it a try. Fun fact: This deck is better than the old Caldara on Journey in the dark nightmare (because we can't bring back a hero from discard pile ^^).
  9. This would be awesome. But I don't really believe in it.
  10. In a french forum, where there is a rumor that packs have been given in belgium.
  11. I'm used to deck who can't bring back tons of allies. It is what we do with any other deck than Caldara anyway ^^. Zealous traitor and mirkwood bat are fatal only when the third one came out, and we are sometime in trouble with the second. I understand that those allies can also came out from a very good tale but when you need to discard it to resurrect it with stand and fight you have paying it too much. I will play the deck soon so I will have a more complete argumentation at this time :).
  12. Thanks for sharing this. As I thought there is no longer need for Caldara to be resurrected or to be set-up wih Sword Thane. So basically you just play a mono spirit deck who, one time, an ally bonus thanks to Caldara. I'm not a big fan of your good harvest tech. First because stand and fight seem to be superior. Then I found that with many allies you usually can just pass on the heal part. Since you play 3 jubayr you still be able to play another one when the first die. I'm surprised not to see steward of gondor, in order to ensure production generation to provide all those big allies.
  13. There is rumor about french packs released in belgium. If I get the text of the cards I will inform you :).
  14. These alternate version mean to be only with the "tournament kit" of this pack, not in the "in sales" version. So be prepared of having only the expansion.
  15. I totally agree with Calvadur. I just want to add that everything is allowed among the sphere mix. To me spirit remains the most important since it is the best way to cancel effect from the encounter deck. In multiplayer mode I often play 2 sphere deck.