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  1. Sure. But the system, how you play a card, what a card does, how the opponent react is not bounded in any way to the way to build a deck. So we can compare them. I do prefer the building system of LoTR, and that is why I haven't buy anything from those two other LCG. But I think they have done a better job in making their rules.
  2. I agree on some aspect of your thinking but disagree on the vast majority of what cause them. Have you been playing in other LCG cooperative games? Other cooperative games? I do have, and try to think about what difference exist and let to the conclusion that our problem are: 1/ No REAL difficulty levels. I mean easy and normal modes aren't that different, nightmare is on a different package that need to be buy, is half release almost only in english. Such games with many way to be played should have many way to change the difficulty of the game. So very different players (such me who find most nightmare way too easy, and you who find most normal too hard) enjoy most part of the game. 2/ The need of a real clock pressure. Something that push you to go further in the scenario rather than just using your action to get to an ideal situation. It was supposed to be the threat but quite early we realize that we can bring down the threat quite efficiency, at the point that I usually end up a game at a lower threat that I begun... Time counters, mount doom mechanic, race scenario are some exemples of scenario that make this working way better, but it should be on the core of the game 3/ The game should not be about building a board always better. Allies are just too strong. They stay at every turn, are adaptable about questing or fighting or even sacrificing against enemies attack. Best decks often are the ones who are able to play many allies each turn. Having allies that have a once per game cost and then produce a value each turn is not viable. It will obiously lead to a situation where you need to stand up to the point where you have no difficulty at all to win. How to solve it? Not being allowed to have more than X allies, have allies that require to be payed each turn (new wilyador, dwarven sellsword), allies that dies from themselves after some turns or use. Of course for some balance attachment need to be watched too. Especially readying effects, who have to get the same restriction as allies. With those element fixed we can fix the rest of the game accordingly but they are the key problem to me.
  3. It is not really about what "SHOULD", since the only things that need to be done is to have fun the way you want. But I do that, always was and will recommend anyone who feel that appealing to do so. To build general decks indented to beat all scenario edited up to the point they are playing (sometime with an exception like Dol Guldur, but most of the time really for all scenarios). Vilya deck are too powerful for some scenarios and so are not the most interesting to play but since there is many decks that can be builded this way I do like to keep playing the game like this.
  4. Have fun. I don't know what are the easiest nightmare,. But they goes up to the dream-chaser cycle actually. Have fun ;-).
  5. 1- Cycle 5: Angmar Awakened. Mechanically speaking it is the best cycle, it is even a no-match. A vast variety of quest, there is no 2 quest that look alike in the cycle and each is highly replayable. I realize how good it was when the nightmare come to spice up all that. My only regret is that 1nightmare failed to make the The Battle of Carn-Dûm one of the hardest scenario in the game. 2- Cycle 4: Ringmaker. The only story that is consider to be really good. Time counters are not popular but I found them really interesting: they introduced a rhythm in the game that was really missing in the beginning of the game. There is some memorable quest, especially with nightmare. 3- Cycle 3: Against the Shadows. To me the real start of our actual game: a story, some quests that require a good deckbuilding. They are not as good as they where, and I probably rate it too high only because it has nightmare when many cycles haven't. The story was okay. 4- Cycle 9: Mordor. The temple of mordor is a blast, and the average of the quest is quite good. So even without knowing the last I still put it high. 5- Saga Sda. It is quite odd to class it among cycle who have 2 times less quests. The average of a saga Sda quest is quite low, but it also have the best scenario (not only for me, it is also the result of the last poll): battle of pelenor fields. And I like the last 2, even if they aren't fit for the end of the campaign. 6- Cycle 6: Dreamchaser. The boat idea was fun, but making 5 or 6 quest using it was way too much! And all the scenario with a map are not very good, not really replayable. I still like raid of the grey havens, a things in the depths and a storm in the cobas haven, but the cycle is quite irregular. 7- Cycle 7: Haradrim. I Really like some of the quest (race accros harad and crossing of poros) and the average of scenario is okay. 8- Cycle 8: Ered Mithrin. Not a large diversity, only one scenario who raise up (fire in the night) 9- Cycle 1: Shadow over Mirkwood. The beginning of the game. Many design errors, scenario who are quite easily when you understand how to handle them. Quite hard to play them now, even in nightmare. I still like escape from Dol Guldur, still the harder quest in the game thank to the hardest nightmare. 10- Hobbit Saga. Battle of the five armies is one of my favorite scenario but the rest is quite trash. 11- Cycle 2: Dwarrodelf. Worst scenario. Worst design (nothing happens, then an effect kill you unless you have a counter, that you can keep for this card since the rest of effects are almost blank), a story that doesn't work. The end of the cycle with foundations of the stone and shadow and flame is quite better than the rest, but it still have some mark of the flues of the beginning of the cycle.
  6. I just can't manage to understand the love for Leadership Aragorn. I may notice it can be useful in the core set environment, event if I still prefer Theodred from his sphere. But the more we build the less we use it. He has an ability who does not support any thematic of the game, and who is expansive in comparison of every card we can pay for with resources. I found it to be one of the worst hero to build with now, and the worst Aragorn for sure. In order to compare I do have built some decks with every other heroes of the core set (except for lore Glorfindel). I was already aware of the success of leadership Aragorn but I keep to be perplex when I face the number 🤔 On this other hand spirit Frodo have a unique ability, many interaction and use (I actually play it in 4 decks I think). He is, with Dain, my favorite Hero from the first cycle. I have already voted for the second round!
  7. Also, the news indicate that the contract of this AP is about playing only one hero, but allow us to start with an attachment on him. We don't have any more information (no visual of the card) but it is already interesting.
  8. Golden belt seem to only give 1 additional slots, it is confirmed because the rest of the phrase is on singular.
  9. And today we get a news with some cards: Saruman Istari. Isengard. When a player card effect should reduce your threat by any amount, reduce this amount to 1. As long as you play an event with the printed keyword Doomed Saruman gain the tactics, leadership and spirit icons. Response: After you play a card with the Doomed keyword, ready Saruman Saruman Staff Artifact. Item. Staff. Action: exhaust the Saruman staff to choose between: reduce by 2 the X valor of the next doomed event you play this phase or shearch the top 5 of your deck for a doomed event and add if to your hand. (shuffle your deck.) Golden Belt Item Attach this card to a hero (Limit [not readable but probably limit 1 per hero)] The attached hero can have 1 additional [probably restricted but we can't read this part] attachment. Rohirrim Scout Rohan. Scout. Action: Discard Rohirrim Scout to choose a non-unique enemy in the staging area. Don't make engagement checks from that enemy against you this turn I bet that the 2/2/2 ally for 2 is both Isengard and doomed :).
  10. I only test for solo. I'm playing Grima, it give my more resource to be able to play all that (especially since I have also o lorien, steward and keys of orthanc) and cause no harm since I have no issue to reduce my threat by a lot during the course of the game. Here is my decklist: http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/61849 If I would play in multiplayer I would probably prefer a more doomed solution: legacy of numenor, deep knowledge, seeing stone, lore Aragorn, desperate alliance (so every player can reduce their threat with Aragorn). But I haven't got the chance to playtest this one.
  11. Sure it could be a contract too. I'm almost sure it is not an event for silvan. We already got host of lorien in pack 2, so it will be too close. But it is not such a bad thing because host of Lorien is absolutely nuts: so far I just play it repetitively every turn from turn two and enjoy a dozen of comes into play effects plus the Galadriel/Celeborn bonus, and some of those come into play are used to shuffle back to my deck a host of lorien and if needed a feigned voices and/or a test of will (thanks to galadhrim weaver) and redraw them (thanks to ministrel). So, yeah, we can reduce the threat, feint all enemies, cancel all treachery (if needed, I usually let many of them who are absolutely harmless) and have so many willpower and attack that you crush many things. You will note have 10 allies of turn one but you can easily get 4, 4 more on turn 2, make immediately an host and begin to make insane loop. It is really impressive.
  12. Hi, We have some tiny news for the third packs of Vengeance of Mordor Cycle in french, it is only a name and a visual but I still want to share it with you. The pack is named Le Défi des Gens-des-Chariots, who can be in a approximate traduction The Challenge of the Wainriders (an word to word would be People-Wagon, there are eastern people who fight on Wagon). We can see a Galadriel on an illustration : Since there is already A Galadriel ally, and I don't expect to see Galadriel on a encounter cards I think it is most likely to be the hero, or possibly .an event of attachment related to her.
  13. Hi, That is indeed very far ^^. We may see each other at a national event (if one is organized next year, there was no such thing this year sadly) but apart for this I think that every french player I know live closest than you. And I know a lot of players ^^. I said what I prefer, but I always manage to find some comfort area for both players when playing with a less-hardcore player ^^.
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