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  1. THe scenario seem better this way: else you just never apply those forced effects. But that is quite ****** up that the keyword of the mechanic is incorrect. Thanks for asking!
  2. I also go with the third and do the same as @player3351457 and @DistractionBeast
  3. Having products developed and product published is two separate things. As you say there was no publishing in POD since a year (I haven't make the count but I do believe you) but there was some development since there is 2 POD who have been settled and played during this time. This mean we will probably also have another GenCon event and another fellowship event this year. Caleb absence may have delayed some nightmare but not any standalone scenario. About publishing there is some issue we probably aren't aware. Usually the standalone scenario doesn't even planned to be release on a particular date. They are just put on the store at the moment they are ready (or put on the store a littlbe time before they actually receive the product). So it is all about haven't be able to print them already. If they are delayed some nightmare may have been too, so may be we will have them in the same time.
  4. Quite an interesting challenge :). I once get the same project and ending playing those two deck (or close, vilya deck get updated since): http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/4287 and http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/43448 The fight deck wasn't interesting to play but the both where working very well together. I probably won't be playing them the same way now (want to have more allies in play in my other deck) but it was closest I get to your project since they were no quests that we especially fear (we do lost on a regular basis against escape from dol guldur nightmare and battle at the five armies NM). One of the deck was able to really handle the start of the game, usually the most problematic part of the game, with good heroes that block and kill enemies. having 2 deck with a good mechanic but who need times to be settled is may be not the best thing to do to achieve your purpose. I would say that doomed cards are essential in your path to the victory. You need to play many things in the first turn to face the brutal set up of many scenarios. Legacy of numenor allow almost a free turn for a reasonable cost and it is crucial. Deep knowledge is also quite good. In exchange a double back is really helpful in a lot of situations. More galadhrims geetings seem adequate too. I think about a card by card analysis and will try to get back to this later :).
  5. When I try new nightmare I pick my vilya deck and I win it right away about 75% of the time (it is an hardest scenario but the discover is not as important as a new scenario). When I try a new scenario I usually pick one of my fun (and not that strong so) solo deck, like one hero deck Sam or my deck built only with 1 core set cards and probably have an average of 2 or 2.5 tries before winning one. I do not tweak my deck in order to win a scenario. But sometime I just saw that the difficulty of a scenario is bigger than a thought so I pick a better deck (like with fire in the night, I go to a quite good silvan deck since the scenario is as difficult as many nightmare ^^).
  6. Since the expansion release are slowing down it is logical that nightmare release rhythm follow this. I'm still pretty confident about the release of nightmare in the future. It is my main playing resource so I'm also waiting for it ;). About the best nightmare my personal list is: Battle of the five armies Encounter at Amon Dun The Dread Realm Dunland trap Into Ithilien Defense of Cair Andros Tempest on Cobas Haven Shadow and Flame Nightmare Raid on the grey haven Desolation of Eriador Blood of Gondor Secret of Celebrimbor So most of the cycle 5 and some other from one cycle or another. You may notice that none of the saga scenario have been cited :/. Though Helm's Deep and A Journey in the dark are not that bad. Enjoy
  7. Most of what you are looking must be in the core set rule book or the rules reference. So there is not even need to fetch for an official answer. The following quotes are from the web rule reference. Out of play areas are anything outside the game hands, decks and discards pile. All the rest seem to be in play areas. The precision that must concern Beorn is: I also found, about in play : and
  8. Elrond / Glorfindel make an awesome combinaison. I still found Elrond + vilya to best the best deck both in solo or multiplayer. I personally play Eowyn during a long time alongside Elrond and Glorfindel, and another build with Boromir (before his errata). Gandalf is the best hero to pair with Elrond but it came a long time after cycle 2 so I guess you don't have it.
  9. It has been a little bit longer of course. But, in another hand, nightmare were release so quickly that they almost catch up the original: cycle 1 nightmare were release after cycle 3 original, and we got cycle 6 nightmare before the end of cycle 7. Nightmare also got a fixing part, so as an intention to make you goes back to an old scenario. You must let some time between the original publishing and the nightmare one. So it seem logic to me that nightmare were slow down at some point :). Be patient for cycle 7 because the next nightmare should be about flame of the west, and that's even better... at least to me :).
  10. The "limited" in limited edition doesn't make much sense if it is available for long term. The only exclusivity is for them when we talk about retailing method ^^
  11. I'm mainly a nightmare player. I agree that nightmare also enhance the theme of the original scenario. It is also supposed to correct the glitches that allow a specific kind of deck to broke the scenario. The difficulty improvement vary a lot from one scenario to another. Some difficult scenario don't get so upgraded (like battle of carn dum), some get incredibly difficult (escape from dol guldur), some easy scenario became 10 times harder (encounter at amon dun) and some get only a little bit more difficult. If you think the game is hard enough this is probably not the first thing to buy for you ;). I like to play power deck (not very interested in thematic building), I don't bother to loose 50% of my games so I'm playing only nightmare and more often the harder among the nightmare but it is very specific to me ^^.
  12. And you haven't spend any resource yet ^^. Here is some option to draw more cards: - Having multiple lore heroes and play mithrandir's advice; - Having a hobbit hero and play a good meal + Lórien's Wealth, so as drinking song soon; - If you can win in the turn (in a combo deck though) justice shall be done can be very helpful - If you are playing in multiplayer game campfire tales and message from elrond can be very helpful too. Draw all your deck by turn one is more an exercise than a real thing. You can build combo decks from that point but it won't be really interesting to play those decks since you won't play against a scenario, you just bend the game to your will ^^. But a deck that can be drawed entirely each time it the ultimate consistent thing. And with all those drawing tool with a 0 cost available on turn one we are already half the way. I don't see how this kind of deck could be considered at "inconsistent" I don't use tier appellation for LOTR because we lack the very first step: knowing who are supposed to be compared. But I understand your point and I agree, to me all the very best decks are tribal, except for vilya or may be Caldara (even it is new shape it is a quite good deck). Here is some decklists of what I talk in my messages: - Three hunters: http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/54384 - Another doomed deck: http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/113546 - Duo Combo (who still work and will enjoy drinking song): https://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/4727 - Solo combo that I used to play until we are not idle errata: http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/50363
  13. I strongly disagree. There is nothing more consistent than having 3 deep knowledge, 3 daeron's rune, some (3 for me) seeing-stone, 3 Unlikely Friendship and even (still for me) 3 we are not idle. That the sort of strategy can lead you to draw all your deck on turn one (the basis of many combo decks I use to play ^^). I still struggle, with this deck and for solo play, to define what is the good toolbox to use after drawing that many cards and producing many resources (using legacy of numenor). I should be able to play enough powerful cards to often win the game (I still win more than I would with LeaAragorn, but I think I should win way more with the right build) but I probably don't pack the right cards, probably too focused on attachments for my three hunter where I should play many powerful allies. I probably should play a list more alike my Aragorn/Merry/Sam deck with the same sphere and the same strategy.
  14. The Theodred part seem really odd to me too. I think Theodred is the second best hero of the core set, right behing Eowyn and near from Beravor and Legolas. Back on the original days of the game I heard of him among the best decks (the famous TED, for Theodred Eowyn and Denethor or TEB for Beravor). He is actually still in some of my decklist, and really show his valor during the previous solo leagues. Aragorn is quite useful in the core set, with easy play, where you rely a lot on heroes stats but doesn't shine very long after that. We quickly learn to play many cards, we play allies that does a better job than our heroes. For this plan having resources make a real difference, Aragorn don't.
  15. It seem intended to be resource tokens. But you are right: without specification you can choose!
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