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  1. Ent !

    It is still interesting to share experience :). I'm really late about testing Ent, especially in solo since almost all my test with them was on multiplayer. On multiplayer I really love Faramir who untap easily. But in solo we may need more ally anyway so I understand why spamming them at the beginning is more appreciated. Will have to test that by myself though :).
  2. Surge as Shadow effect

    Surge is part of the when revealed effect who says "reveal an additional card". Does it solve the problem? Not really since we are not revealing cards so revealing an additional card don't necessary take sense. We agree about the fact that the spirit is to reveal a card anyway. So even if the rules as we know them don't reveal a card I'm pretty sure that Caleb would rule to reveal one.
  3. Behind Strong Walls

    I had a discussion about cram. Could it be discard if the attached hero is already ready? To me it can but I came here to get a confirmation.
  4. Oath of Eorl and Ranged

    Correct! You can also declare attacker on others players ennemies with your ranged, and every ranged character can join, but not the others character of the player engaged with the enemy.
  5. Spending resources

    Denethor don't spend a resource to make a hero gain, he only move. I know that because I was playing the noldor allies who gain 1 defense each time a hero gain a resource from a card effect, and Denethor never help it :(. Yes it will work. And if you spend one or two resources on Boromir, Boromir won't receive any resource but Denethor will gain a resource, because the game don't track who originally own the resource, it only check if the hero have or not spend a resource this turn.
  6. LOTR Digital

    I look after it in steam time to time to check it and it is not yet available. I will immediately told you when it is :).
  7. FFG Created Heroes

    Na'asya, Eleanor, Caldara, Amarthuil, Kalhiel, Rossiel
  8. Behind Strong Walls

    Exhaust a character can also be useful with Arwen ally ;). In this deck with 2 spare hood & cloack we can use twice per turn the boost of Arwen :).
  9. Among non nightmare quest Helm deep and even more Pelenor fields are pretty difficult. The second one can challenge a lot of nightmare. So we can say it is a difficult one ^^. I forgot that solo was demanded on this thread. The rohan deck I show is more the multiplayer version. I also build a solo version ( but I only play it a few times so it may see some changes in the future to be optimized for this format.
  10. Behind Strong Walls

    If you discard born aloft to get back the ally you will not return born aloft, since it is in discard pile at this moment.
  11. Complete noob, event help

    Glad it could help you :). Good luck with your quest to get the promotional cards ^^
  12. I understand him :). With mine I challenge the same on nightmare, and recently beat pretty easily Attack on Dol Guldur.
  13. Rhovanion Heroes

    I personally found bow of Yew combo with foe-hammer. A weapon for 0 that allow to do it fast is exactly what I want, it is not a big deal if I can't do it effect on the same turn. In fact having to choose make the cards even more interesting in games (less powerful but more complicated)
  14. I play a lot Rohan recently because I love the new version I made with Eomund and Guthwine. Here is my decklist: I also made a more thematic (even if this deck is already pretty thematic) list here: There is other way to build a Rohan, around attacking staging area (Fastred, Dunehre, Eomer) and/or mount (elfhelm) but I found them way less effective.
  15. Behind Strong Walls

    In my opinion the real problem is that we don't rely on solid rules but on his human interpretation, who lead to confusing ruling like this.