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  1. Shwarrz

    Polish Aethersprite spoiler

    Yeah. Polish has really complicated syntax. For computers it's quite imposible to convert it - artificial neural network would be recomended in my opinion. But trust me, even natives have hard time with this mess. There are as much rules as exceptions - we mostly use intuition.
  2. Shwarrz

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    That's where this graphics come from... But I'm still posifive for Endor box announcement this or next week before Adepticon
  3. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Feedback from first gameplay. First of all, my friends pointed out that my campaign log does not have checkboxes for marking Rebel/Imperial victory for each mission – I have to correct it… xD Back to thread – we’ve managed to play only first two missions, your ideas for mission mechanics are marvelous, but takes long to play. Each of tchem took us circa 3 hours gameplay + prep time. For now it’s double Imperial Win. My Rebels are Loku, Verena, Gharkhan and Fenn. Imperial class deck – Power of the Dark Side. For the Introduction we have nothing to complain about. It’s suprisingly balanced. My Rebels were defeted becouse of poor choice of heroes – no good technics test, they’ve failed soooooo many Times with this terminal. (I think i’m going to let tchem change one hero for the rest of campaign). They were not able to even capture pod, not to tell about freeing rebel captive. Threfore I do not understand what the red loot box is there for – maybe a little story would help – it seemed really not important. Yiyar Clan Infiltrated – My rebels were really confused what this mission is about, raching „mission will progres…” for the third time took away all motivation. For what i can tell they had no idea what’s going on. Side quests seemed for them co irrelevant - IT-3PO was not reward risking time or health for – doors remained closed. They’ve also completely ignored loot boxes – any teasing what’s inside them, and not telling wchich one is wchich would help. Rebels should know from the start that killing Yav Yiyar is their goal even if they have no idea where he is and what they meet on their way. But the main reason of their failure were HK droids. So powerful at this stage of the campaign, reinforceing them was painful for rebels. By the time they’v defeated Onar all Rebels were wounded and one withdrawn. Second missiond did noth help them at all – I’ve got 5 intel and the rebels 2 – snowball is rolling. I’ve decided I’ll not use them for now – if the winds turn, i’ll spend some. So, for the second mission I would recommend: -making secondonary objectives important. Maybe IT-3PO should have pass key for Entrance Door – then it makes sense he cannot die. So you need to free him or do extreme 4 Test to open them or 15 health/black Dice defense. But then less enemies on the outside tiles because I was able to wound first Rebel in the first turn. -repleace HK for some custom cards lik „Salvaged HK”, one blue die less, 6 points, no rerolling enemies defense dice. Bot for both mission It would be so helpful if there was more story. So the rebels could know What the heck is in fact going on. If you would like I could help you - and write something. For my friends it’s so important to know where they are and what are they fighting for.
  4. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Sure, feel free to use it, I can send you better quality and vector graphics files for modifications. I've also made one with basic informations implemented. https://imgur.com/I3w2TZw
  5. Battle over Coruscant (RotS) Battle of Katana Fleet (Thrawn Trilogy) Battle over Borelais ("Enemy Lines" during Yuuzhan Vong War)
  6. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Yet another question, how we decide wchich side mission will be played? Random or Rebel get the chance to choose 1 form 4, and next one 1 from 3 remaining?
  7. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    I've made custom campaign log. Take a look if it's valid and cohesive with your ideas https://imgur.com/a/xdh2Qke
  8. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Fine. Ok, another one - when do I exactly reveal additional objectives to the Rebels? If there is no indication on card should I reveal all of them to the Rebels at the start of the mission?
  9. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    I'll certainly give you some feedback from us. 2) I think i'll give it a try. 5) Overview file reads "Though the Rebel Players won’t be as powerful as their heroes on these missions, the played allies will have special rules. Firstly, allies can be wounded before withdrawn. Place one strain on the corresponding deployment card and receive a Weakened condition. The weakened condition is permanent and the figure’s speed is decreased by 1. Also, the figure cannot perform any ability checks anymore. Note that the allies still count as deployment " That's what I ment.
  10. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Ok, we're starting this Saturday. Few more questions: Is Angel (hero) Playable from the beginig or is she exclusive only to one mission? And correct me if I'm wrong: C-NG starts deactivated ->someone activates him -> when he is defeated he deactivates, Angel flips to wounded side -> someone activates him, Angel stay wounded -> when he is defeated, he deactivates - Angel is defeated (?) so he cannot activate again? So what for Angel has health value? Imperial Class in "Adversaries" catalog deck is playable for this campaign or is it exclusive for some missions?? Vinto is only unavailable for campaign to play the role of Vijar? If so, can I play Vijar as token/another figure and still bring Vinto to play? maybe other restrictions are similar? Mission 3 - Hera Syndulla receive Laminate Armour. Is it already included on Shira's deployment card? When heroes receive her as ally she still have this upgrade or is it one mission addition? During Intermision allies can be wounded - it's easy in case of 1-fugure group. But how it goes with multi-figure group? They're treaten separately?One figure wounded, one not in one group. Or when last of group would be fefeated he is wounded but stay alone or group is reinforced and all figures are wounded?
  11. I've played expanded version... never again. Completely unbalanced! We've crushed Imperial player like ****. I'm still hearing screams of his troops... since October.
  12. Shwarrz

    Clinker Squadron

    How do you get T-85 models? I would like to have on, two or maybe twelve...
  13. Of course, but you can move your arms or rifle few inches up or left f.e. if needed...
  14. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Maybe try to contact Darth Jawa from Boardgamegeek? https://boardgamegeek.com/user/Darth Jawa
  15. Game rules ar important but... some amount thinking IMO is recomended. My friends and I went one step ahead and we make some changes while playing. - if token is instructed to be a figure I replace it with figure from SW Miniatures, so it becomes figure at the moment I know It. - we can't stand on terminals or crates - i own 3Dprinted ones so it's easier to imagine - when one truly Imagines giant Aqualish sitting on terminal then my point ia clear. -friendly figures do NOT block LoS - on battlefield you can always tell your friend to move a little or crouch down.