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  1. My Rebels did not even manage to open a single door. It's pretty difficult in my opinion. When Bossk enters he kills last one of them - mission ends. And we play with custom heroes, who are more powerful than official ones.
  2. For Endor creatures, i'd love to see 3x2 base massive Gorax.
  3. Hi, is this thread still alive? My Rebels are waiting what comes next for them for this campaign, and i'd love to continue this journey
  4. This one is magnificent!
  5. I've got feeling that IA 2.0 is coming sooner than we think - That's why they're say nothing about it on "Report" nor Q&A. My bet is Force Friday, IA 2.0 based on Sequel Trilogy and campaign only in app (like Mansion of Madness). Not sure about skirmish, but if so... then we need Conversion kits and module in app for squad building with online points (no points printed).
  6. So you can Claim battlefield even if you are in control of it this round?
  7. Hi, we're preparing for the last take on existing missions Any chance you'll be developing any next missions soon?
  8. Republic needs large base, CiS does not have medium ship - so "Twilight" for Rep and "Jango's Slave" for CIS.
  9. Better question - will there be some livestream from FFG pannel?
  10. Yeah, because community in Poland is very strong, miniature gaming community and Star Wars community. Compared to country it's huge... but when you look at the numbers... I belive some US companies forgot how diferent European market is and how big USA is compared to European countries. Even if every activ player in Poland would buy "Lothal" at the premiere day it would be like 10% of what FFG wants. That was the problem since the begining, Core Game was delayed in Poland about a year or more... so part of community is collecting english version from the start.
  11. Distribution in Poland was put on hold year ago. Polish distributor -"Galakta" - is still intrested in giving it a shot, but FFG is forcing them to order high amount of stuff that is imposible to sell. They can not afford to loose money on every wave. Last box we had - HotE, last blister wave - Jabba's Realm.
  12. I've played with my fiance yesterday - My last Vulture, on 1 hull left, was defending for 5 rounds against 2 Torrents and Delta... I have faith in my dice. I gave him nickname "Brave little droid"
  13. Side Mission A - Bring a Friend Before that mission Rebels spent 5 Intel for Gharkhaan reward Card, I bought „Tusken Weapon” – that was mistake, Snow Troopers with this card are crashing opponents, their’s first attack almost made Verena wounded. Map is huge, when we counted movement points (24 from start to red terminal) – it takes 3 turns to get there, and on the way is dianoga, imperial forces and 2 doors. At the end of 6 turn they had 1 healthy hero on 3 HP, red terminal activated, and almost destroyed tech room door. I haven’t even said them that behind them are Security Droids. No way of wining this in my opinion. I think map needs serious rebuilding - tiles Hoth 05,06 are just to big and Bespin 04 looks marvelous but additional movement points costs heroes a lot. I have no Idea how they would be able to protect prisoner. Recomendations: -Extreme map rebuilding, maybe I’ll try to experiment with this myself and replay this one. -Security Droids replaced for Probe/elite Probe -Sorin „”OR” BT-1 when Rebels have lost both missions, „AND” if they won at least one. Side Note: There is no word how to activate bridge again, we’ve asumed using blue terminal does that. That's all for now.
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