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  1. Shwarrz

    Clinker Squadron

    How do you get T-85 models? I would like to have on, two or maybe twelve...
  2. Of course, but you can move your arms or rifle few inches up or left f.e. if needed...
  3. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Maybe try to contact Darth Jawa from Boardgamegeek? https://boardgamegeek.com/user/Darth Jawa
  4. Game rules ar important but... some amount thinking IMO is recomended. My friends and I went one step ahead and we make some changes while playing. - if token is instructed to be a figure I replace it with figure from SW Miniatures, so it becomes figure at the moment I know It. - we can't stand on terminals or crates - i own 3Dprinted ones so it's easier to imagine - when one truly Imagines giant Aqualish sitting on terminal then my point ia clear. -friendly figures do NOT block LoS - on battlefield you can always tell your friend to move a little or crouch down.
  5. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    Great! Ok, 4 questions after reading "Introduction": - Heroes start with any XP points? You wrote "Introduction (threat level: 2) (XP cap: 2)" - or am I getting it wrong and XP cap is refering to the max amount of XP to be gained after mission? - Neutral Mission Tohens are placed randomly? Can Imperial Player know which one is which? - What about second Royal Guard figure? Only one gets chance to kick some Rebel assess? - How it is decided which mission is played after "Introduction"? Green if rebels win and Red if they loose?
  6. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    I have first question - i see maps, but i can't find what tiles are used to create it. Is it placed somewhere in docs? I would for sure manage to find out their numbers and sets, but it would take some time.
  7. Shwarrz

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    I've introduced your idea to my group of IA-friends, and i think we will start testing your campaign next month.
  8. Shwarrz

    Is Epic 2.0 the next big announcement?

    I have faith in 2.0 Epic. I bet we will get conversion Kits in the middle of 2019. And also - My predictions are: Republic corvett to establish new factions or Ressistance to sell it with Ep9 hype wave. And by the example of Armada's SSD it would be nice to get 2 tyes of cards for epic - one of them playable only in Epic format and some of them allowed in Standard or even Hyperspace. That would be fun to see them on tournament's tables in light versions and full-power in Epic Play.
  9. First of all: This. Looks. AWESOME! Full respect for your huge amount of work. May I have a question? How Exogorts work exactly? I'd love to put them on the battlefield during casual play with my friends.
  10. My bet: big box Rogue One, small box Endor and then... boom... Second Edition based on Sequel Trilogy
  11. Shwarrz

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    All i am waiting for is bloody ZUCKUSS and 4-LOM, for the Force sake!!
  12. Shwarrz

    Rebel Fighter Squadron II pack Issues

    Something is wrong with this pack, i've got one extra E-wing. But i do not complain...
  13. Shwarrz

    Imperial Feedback

    I've taken AT-DP as Open Group in this one... you can push Rebels away and be the only adjecent figure.
  14. Shwarrz

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Core Set placed in the Sequel Trilogy. Rey and Kylo expansions inside. First Wave of Blisters - Finn, Ressistance Fighters, Phasma, FO Stormtroopers, Baala Tiik, Guavian Enforcers. Introduction of Force powers statistics to the characters. More dice. Combinations of four attack dice slowly becomes boring. And of course converision Kit to make all 1.0 figures playable in skirmish and Mercenaries also in Campaign (Obviously most Imperial and Rebel can't be available in sequel era campaign)
  15. My "Ominous figure" was Jabba so it's not that funny at all in my case....