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  1. Nighthawk101

    IOS Game..!!!!! WOW

    I downloaded this and just finished the first scenario. It’s really disappointing and dull to be honest. It requires absolutely no skill to play , unless the first scenario was just an introduction. The artwork is really cheap too. I might play one more but am not looking forward to starting the next , not a good sign. Glad I didn’t pay anything for this yet.
  2. Nighthawk101

    Has anyone made custom 'gators?

    These are fantastic ! Well done you.
  3. Nighthawk101

    What's with this dog?

    I don’t think there is anything in the garden space other than that angry dog. Because of this scenarios darkness mechanic it wouldn’t make sense to be able to end a turn outside maybe ?
  4. Scenario: Rising Tide Platform: iPad  App: v1.5.1 (771) At the finale the ritual site location was the Residential area. During one of the mythos phases the app instructed me to "place darkness in the Warehouse and Warehouse" then "each investigator in the Warehouse or Warehouse suffers two face down horror (Will negates)". Obviously this text was describing the Docks , albeit badly. Also after the investigation was complete the closing narrative played out with no voiceover. This has happened to me before and is very anticlimactic. I did take screen shots but can never upload them on my iPad because it always says they're too big. Does anyone know a way around this ?
  5. Nighthawk101

    TOP scenario

    That’s great, I look forward to playing it again then. It’s a shame I’ve heard the culprit in Gangs of Arkham apparently doesn’t change, I’ve played it twice and it was basically identical to the first play.
  6. Nighthawk101

    TOP scenario

    I just finished Vengeful Impulses for the first time last night and really liked it too. It had some interesting dynamics like only being able to search certain things at a certain time. And it was a genuine whodunnit , I hope on my next play through the culprit changes each time. Can anyone confirm this ? It is light on combat admittedly but we’ve got Astral Alchemy for that !
  7. I have just finished this scenario and am unsure of the success of my ending. I closed the fourth and final portal using all four "key" items and got a brief onscreen text description which didn't end with the usual words "The investigation is complete". My closing narrative screen (which I can't attach as the files too big) describes me scrambling out of the house as the floors shake then all becomes quiet and calm as I exit , the dread and fear eases away etc. Looking back at an empty building awaiting its next occupants. This sounds like a successful ending to me but was my investigation incomplete ? Incidentally , Officer Tetsuo Mori was still alive. I know there are different outcomes for scenarios but this was my first play through of this one as I have just bought the Beyond The Threshold expansion. Thanks.
  8. Nighthawk101

    Behind Closed Doors

    Don’t all the scenarios have this hidden timer mechanic ? From my experience if you take too long you will run out of time and fail or the Mythos phases get so hard you end up getting crushed and eliminated. Maybe this particular scenario is just more urgent than the others giving the investigators less time to achieve what they need to. I’m still looking forward to playing it. I have the Streets of Arkham expansion but am undecided which expansion to buy next ?
  9. I see on the statistics page that this new scenario has gone straight to the top as the hardest scenario to play. I have yet to buy the Twilight expansion , but am already looking forward to this one. Is it really that hard ?!
  10. I played this scenario for the first time tonight and have a question. When it came time to piece together the research found in the museum the curator asked me a series of questions. All ,but one, of these I was unable to answer without guessing. I had reviewed the journal and written down every clue along the way , the app even told me that I had all the necessary information to be found in the museum. Also there were no search icons left on the map as I had been everywhere. But I believe I still needed more information to be able to deduce the “what/where/when” for each artifact. Based on what I had written down it was impossible to answer some of the questions. So I had to guess and of course made the wrong choice which led to all kinds of problems for my investigators ! I got absolutely creamed but just managed to complete the investigation on literally the last turn. Lucky. Has anyone else had this same experience on this scenario ?
  11. What Lies Within on iPad. iOS 10.3.3 App version. 1.4.4.(746) When the app instructed me to place the Ballroom tile it asked me to place an explore token on the West door , which I did. After exploring the East door first and the subsequent phases that followed , I returned to the Ballroom to explore the West door but the explore token in the app was gone. So I had to waste movement actions to go back through the Lobby and go round a longer way. Is this a bug or did one of the mythos phases change it which I simply missed ? Also for the final task of placing the 4 statues the one in the Lounge gave me this message "FINALE_INTERACT_PLACED" instead of the contextual instructions on how to attempt the puzzle and which skill to use.
  12. Nighthawk101

    Question regarding Phasing.

    That is a brutal ability then. So it would just move across the map from space to space as the crow flies. Small Spoiler : It makes me wonder now why the scenario gave me so many barricades to use , although I never purposely attracted the monster so maybe they would be useful then. This scenario definitely lives up to it's difficulty rating , I'm looking forward to playing it again though.
  13. I have just finished playing through Shattered Bonds and would like to find out how others treat a monsters phasing ability. I had the instruction " The Hound of Tindalos moves 3 spaces towards the nearest investigator" , the monster was in a downstairs hallway and the investigator was in an upstairs room , however the tiles were adjacent to each other. Does that mean the monster could have moved from downstairs to upstairs using 1 space of movement ?
  14. Rising Tide. iPad on iOS 10.3.3 App v.1.4.3(725) Completed the investigation and got the closing narrative but with no sound. Kinda spoiled the successes atmosphere. 😔 Fantastic scenario though , loved it.