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  1. Nighthawk101

    Some questions

    As a tip, when glueing the figure to the base use the peg to mount it on the base and twist the figure to your desired position then put a drop of glue to the underside where the peg is in the hole. Once it’s set hard if the cardboard tile won’t slide in because the blob of glue is too high just use a nail file to flatten it, works a treat. Because my first round of glueing figures to bases I snipped the pegs off and applied glue to their feet and it can get messy and sometimes the glue reacted with the black plastic of the base and turned a little white. Hope you’re successful.
  2. Nighthawk101

    Some questions

    I also glued my figures to their bases. When it comes to the cardboard tiles , the ones that are too loose and want to fall out just dab one spot of glue along the leading edge and slide it in. If you ever need to remove it it should break free if you forcibly try and slide it out. I haven’t had to test that theory and honestly can’t imagine I ever will.
  3. Nighthawk101

    Which x pack to get after core set?

    Great thanks. I’ll have another look. 👍
  4. Nighthawk101

    Which x pack to get after core set?

    Out of interest icabod, did you get your copy of Suppressed Memories ? Because I had a look on their website and it showed it needed to be ordered in. This happened to me last month with Element Games in Stockport I ordered it on the website as it said it was available but 3 weeks later I was still waiting so I emailed them and they apologised and said their supplier didn’t have it in stock and couldn’t provide an expected restock date. So I had to get a refund.
  5. Nighthawk101

    Solo play and scaling

    The app does scale according to the number of investigators you’re playing. I play exclusively solo as well and always play with 3 investigators as this seems to be the sweet spot (for me at least). Increasing the investigator count playing solo just overwhelms me with all the items/stats/abilities to keep track of , plus has diminishing returns because the mythos and combat is scaled accordingly anyway. You can always have “house rules” if you’re struggling with a particular scenario, for example 2 actions plus one free space of movement.
  6. Nighthawk101

    Suppressed Memories Availability

    I’m UK based and just ordered myself a copy of this a couple of days ago. You are right it is hard to get hold of but there are still some copies out there in the wild for about £40 ($60). The prices on eBay are extortionate !
  7. Nighthawk101

    Astral Alchemy scenario

    The answer is in the ROT13 coded message as I recall.
  8. Nighthawk101

    App sound issue

    Anyone else who uses the App on their iPad find the sound keeps cutting out ? I'm not sure if the problem's with the App or my iPad , I'm getting sound from other apps and sources.
  9. Nighthawk101

    Hidden Agendas

    Thanks. I suspected I might run into problems later in the game if I continued , as I didn’t take the cards. So I quit and started over with just two investigators , not my preference, and the start played out differently without mentioning Agenda cards , so you can’t play this scenario solo with three or more investigators. I am now about halfway through and getting hammered ! This is one tough story with just a team of two 😔
  10. Nighthawk101

    Hidden Agendas

    I'm just starting my first solo play of the Hidden Depths scenario using 3 investigators. Right at the start of the game it asked me to gain an agenda card for each investigator followed by a yes or no question. Can this scenario only be played with 1 or 2 investigators only when playing solo ?
  11. Nighthawk101

    Mansions of Madness Bug Report

    Scenario: 10:50 to Arkham App version 1.7.0 on iPad. My investigator used a ladder to get on the roof of the train. They failed the skill test and the app text said: ”You scan the dark of night around you but spot the shadow descending on you too late. A dark mass slams into you and you tumble down the ladder you were heading for with the creature. Place your figure in a space with another interact token. Then place a [random flying monster] in your space.” I nominated a Hunting Horror to place but there was then no monster listed in the monsters tab so I couldn’t fight it. I just put it back in the box and carried on. Also, the same game said I’d found the incriminating evidence unique item twice. I nominated another evidence card to gain and carried on.
  12. Nighthawk101


    Hmmm, I don't own that expansion but I'm finding it odd that they never seem to come up. Maybe I'm not playing with enough investigators or haven't triggered a particular story branch ? Or maybe they're only used with certain investigators playing ?
  13. Nighthawk101


    I have had the handcuffs common item card for ages now, I forget which expansion they came with. I’ve played all the scenarios a few times each now but still haven’t had this item come into play. Which scenario uses them ?
  14. Nighthawk101

    Formless Spawn

    I noticed the same when I unboxed my copy earlier today. I stopped using their useless peg mounting system ages ago, all my figures are glued to their bases.
  15. Nighthawk101

    App update

    Yup. New Horrific Journeys expansion content and some welcome bug fixes now available on IOS.