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  1. Agreed. I haven't seem them yet and always assumed they would be shaped to fit over a city space. Very strange decision. Feels like they missed an opportunity here. Obviously this isn't a deal breaker but it still breaks my near OCD heart..
  2. I'm not sure if I'll ever play 2 Qasars, but I'm considering buying another for the cards (more disposable capacitor to trade for external racks with a friend and an additionnal Quad Battery turret). I have only played one game with the Qasar yet and he has over performed his role. He survived much longer than he should had due to multiple factors. I'm eager to try to again, but I feel that running two plus 8-10 squads would seriously gimp out the list's ship offensive ability or activation count. Perhaps it could work as a 3 activation list with an avenger ISD gunnery team with Sloane...
  3. My LGS just received their shipment, so there's hope that they show up sooner than expected everywhere.
  4. Forsaken Lore "shipping now" as of today !
  5. As an imperial only player, my commander is almost always on a electronic countermeasure ISD. If I'm not running an ISD, I'll put him on the tankiest alternative. I never had success placing him on a riskier small ship like the Arquittens or Gladiator. Forget using a raider for that too. Too expensive to serve as a lifeboat and it dies when being looked at.
  6. Thematically this would make sense only for the rebels (unless I'm mistaking and some example exist in the lore). I don't think this would be a good balancing move gameplay wise unless a new imperial ship is introduced to balance out this "new" rebel ship.
  7. Status has changed to "On the boat" !!!
  8. This looks very good. Tempted to try it out in my next bomber list.
  9. I agree with this. Jendon + Steele is just insane. It does an incredible job on either squadrons the protect to ball a few rounds or throws 2 blue dice twice (2 garantee crits with Steele) on ships. And we're not even talking about the relay advantage here.
  10. From my experience with FFG, a product that has the "at the printer" tag is as much as 6 months away from actually being in stores. I hope that this will be the exception.
  11. Same situation here... Just got into the game and I'm very disapointed that there is so little stock anywhere or that they are sold at a very high premium. It's even worst that many say that this expansion is almost necessary! I'll focus on the ones that are available for now.
  12. A ship dedicated to fight squadrons would be nice to have on either side. The raider with flechettes is as close as we have at the moment. But perhaps an offensive upgrade that let us count crits as hits against squadrons would be enough rather than an entire ship that would serve that purpose..
  13. Multiple star wars related reveals today ! Stay tuned and hope that we are not forgotten !!
  14. Erratas doesn't force us to buy new and improved ships ! But seriously, removing squads from Rieekan's ability and not letting commanders be attached to flotillas would be a good start. Or perhaps ignoring abilities and upgrades on anything that are destroyed but not still removed from play.
  15. Agreed for 450 pts. It doesn't add enough pts to bog down the game further with many more squadrons and might encourage to deploy large ships more often.
  16. Weapons team because of flight controllers, ordinance experts and gunnery team. Theres something for everyone in that slot. On the opposite side of the sprectrum, ion cannons need serious help. Apart from leading shots and SW-7, its a very poor slot..!
  17. As much as I dislike Reeikan, I dislike erratas even more. I'd rather see a clever upgrade or anything that would counter him. I really like the Thrawn commander idea that would cancel out the opponent's commander. It would have to cost a fortune and may be broken as hell, but it would make for an interesting wilcard in the game. It would always add a risk to having a fleet heavily focused on the commander's ability.
  18. Kovi

    New wave

    Here's my entry for the Qasar price is right ! What we know for now: Offensive upgrade slot + weapons team slot + officer slot + turbolaser slot (depending on Quad battery turrets), 2 defense tokens , only 3 dice. Considering that this will probably be a speed 2 ship, I'm guessing the blue version (Fire-I class) will cost 54 or 56. The red version should have a big premium for the ability to throw black dice at red range with Kallus. Maybe 8 pts ? So that would make it 62 or 64 points. I'm hoping we do get a full reveal today !
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