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  1. Father's day last year I got an E-wing from my stepson. It put a tear in my eye because it was my first ever father's day present from a child.
  2. I've had my Fenn Rau one-shotted by an Academy Pilot from range 2 with crit-crit that turned out double direct. Not exactly major-major-direct but odds for the shot and draw are small...
  3. Don't worry! I'm going to fly Zeb because he is UniPS with my A-wings...
  4. I've tried Moralo with triple Bots in team epic and Latts-Bot in 100/6. They are gimmicky but extremely hilarious at that.
  5. ^This is my all time favorite...
  6. Force Friday is sadly kinda nonexistent in Finland. But my FLGS has birthday event with some discounts and I'm going there to check it out after I'm done with my morning coffee...
  7. I've had my most successfull games against Dengar with Snap/Juke A-wings. One block and the others stay out of arc throwing a ton of attack dice at him. Just remember to rotate the Greens with "block", "snap" and "shoot" from turn to turn so Dengar only has suboptimal targets. Also my stepson has had success with QD (Adaptability) + RAC (PtL, Kylo, Vader). Dengar is a violent pilot so you must out-violence him. In one game he killed Dengar during the first round of shooting and that was the game.
  8. Happy friday! I'd like to have pre painted Green Sqd. A-wings (I only fly Greens) and a better quality paintjob for YT-2400 (it's the only ship that is absolutely hideous out of the box). My whole week has been a happy one. I've been on a sick leave because of work based burnout. Doctor told me to do something that makes me happy so I've been playing a ****load of X-wing!
  9. I'm kinda ok with my wife not playing but I wish I could pit my daughter and stepdaughter against each other for a demo game. The girls are roughly the same age (14 and 15 years) and my own daughter even asked me once "Daddy? Can you teach me to play X-wing?".
  10. Wasn't he into some historic wargaming back in the day?
  11. Start of combat abilities (Rey crew, Glitterstim and Countermeasures)
  12. In my last tournament (SC) I felt bad after three out of four games. The worst was the first matchup against one of the better local players. We were both flying uniPS3 lists of full 100pts. He had two protectorates and a scout. I had three Snap/Juke Greens and Wookiee Liberator. I won the toss for iniative and in that matchup it really makes the difference. I also had exceptionally good dice and he had equally bad. 100-0 and my Auzituck and one of the Greens were on the table with only one hull in the end. I've never seen him so frustrated.
  13. I think a single generic B-wing is not good enough heavy hitter to have Lando as an expensive support ship. For 50pts you can get more than a single extra action and there are way better uses for 30pts than a Blue B. Also Green is too low PS to effectively use PtL. I only hope Lando with couple of supports was a valid list but there are reasons why you only see all the other named Falcon pilots being played.
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