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  1. There is a big difference between GW and FFG. As a former GW product fan I can tell you GW never focused on 2-3 factions as you put it ! My friends and I own all the factions for fantasy and 40k and all the army books and codex so never GW only focused on 2-3 faction per year. There are many people who are fans of Terrinoth and play Runebound and fans of orcs and the Dwarves. my gaming group granted all old timers but strong 36 people are all holding up on purchasing this miniature game until they publish Orcs & Dwarves. We have no desire to play as Daqan or Undead or... for now we will just play Runebound and use our favourite orc & dwarves heroes and look at this game and wait with great interest. if FFG wants to increase their revenue for this game they need to scratch the back of all interested fans for the six factions which came out in Rune Age. if FFG keep going back and produce more units/Heroes for the original 4 factions in that case they are missing out on the big picture.
  2. Can you tell me so far how many heroes are available for you to play and which of the six factions do they belong ? Daqan, Latari Elves, Uthuk, Waiqar, Orcs and Dwarves ? from looking at the pictures there is an Orc hero and Dwarf hero in the base game but what about the rest ? If this has already been asked please put a link for me. I am very interested to find out what factions the hero`s belong to. I own Runewars the board game and all the heroes are also broken down to 3 catagory. Good (Daqan and Elves) Neutral (Dwarves and Orcs) Evil (Waiqar and Uthuk) Thanks so much. Always, Frida
  3. I like all 6 races and Neutrals. I want to have a tray of Beastmen (Neutrals from Runewars board game) being led by Mountain Giant on my left flank). the neutrals should be strong in defense (not as good as Dwarves) but every turn they have to roll a Loyalty dice. On a result 3-6 nothing happens. result of 2 they do not move and on a roll of 1 # of them run away. so there is a risk factor but when in combat they fight very hard. you can even have an option of adding a row of neutrals in the front/rear of your infantry to boost up the offense and modifiers. rambling... i am just going by my house rule thing for neutrals... Frida
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