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  1. I have a question about using the action from a Holding on another province than the one under attack. Say for instance that I have Imperial Storehouse, can I sacrifice it to gain a card draw even if it is not on the province under attack. I would think that I could as I know you can use actions from characters outside of the current conflict.
  2. Mustafar rain — Intensity! Focus you will on duality
  3. I find this topic very interesting. I think we could separate the discussion into competitive and casual with list building being an integral part of each. I personally think this forum often sets competitive and casual at odds with each other when they are two distinct ways of playing that are not in conflict with each other. Play HoTAC and have fun. However, for many players it is a lot of fun to improve your game and compete against others who are also trying to do their best. Tournaments offer a way to test your skills and list building against others. I hear AllWingsStandingBy saying that the competitive list building is not as much fun these days and that is a fair comment as part of the fun at a tournament is bringing something that you have put together that has a fair chance against other builds. In chess, the build is always the same so it is the tactics and strategy of the game that one must improve at. If you think that only the meta lists have a fair chance of winning then I think there should be no hesitation to take one of those lists or a derivative of it and test your flying and tactics against others. One thing that I think benefits other competitive games is a handicap system where a stronger player can challenge a weaker player to a game and there is a handicap system that allows the two to play a game of x wing with a somewhat equal chance of winning. I don’t know how this would work in x wing, whether it be a squad point reduction for the stronger player or a squad point increase for the weaker one or something else.
  4. Keep up the good work. The accent isn't hard on this ear...acquired taste perhaps.
  5. I read over the information on your website. I really like the idea of the annual invitational event. Any more information on what that would look like and how it would be incorporated into the rankings?
  6. Thank you! I didn't know that existed.
  7. This topic was raised in the Organized Play sub forum but I don't know how many of you saw it there. I would be excited to see a ranking system based on ELO or something similar to tennis. Major Juggler have you considered doing something like this? The top 50 or 100 players in the world.
  8. Great idea. I think top 50 or 100 players would be great. ELO system, tennis, etc. as you have said.
  9. Are you talking about a load of C-ROC?
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