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  1. I agree! When Policy Debate isn't a sure win, it gets a lot less appealing. Which has always been the bane of dueling (in the old game) - if you aren't bully-dueling, then why bother ?
  2. Would be cool if this was Doji Chomei ...
  3. I like Scorpion for 3x Poison and 2x Forged Edict.
  4. I run lion without toturi or ujiaki, and have played unicorn without altansarnai. Both viable decks i think.
  5. I'd say fewer 2 and 1 fate characters, as you would be spending your Fate allotment spread over fewer characters (given that some of your dynasty slots would be taken by holdings)
  6. I am glad to see ffg succeeded in making a 4+ unicorn character even worse than the existing ones! Can't give the ponies good cards, who knows what might happen!
  7. I wouldn't mind a Tsuko with some kind of penalty (something akin to the Obstinate Recruit, although not that harsh) together with awesome stats (and the Honored General "entering honoured" thing ?).
  8. Wauw, got Unicorn (without cheating) :). Very cool test!
  9. I can imagine a player not defending (because the attacked province is e.g. Night Raid or so, or because he wants to save his characters for other purposes), then being blown out when I change the conflict to his already revealed (but unbroken) Shameful Display.
  10. Characters only participate in conflicts, I think? So, if the conflict moves, so do all its participants?
  11. Nah, it's a "defensive" (as in - only when you're behind) ready & move only. That feels very Crab-like. Border Rider & Shinjo Outrider ... those feel really Unicorn like. And the new Unicorn Seeker & Keeper cards - those are the cards I was waiting for.
  12. Ide Tadaji for the Unicorn. Yasuki Taka for the Crab? some dragonfly for the Dragon????
  13. Matrim, I think Yoritomo Reiu was referring to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banzai_charge ... which, in the context of suicide infantry human wave attack is NOT the same as Kamikaze (which was only used for Aircraft suicidal attacks as far as I know) and was used (almost only?) against the US troops in the Pacific theatre.
  14. Unicorn just have to try and win without champion. In triplecore this is finally starting to work for me. But altansernai is (in my deck) only there for charge/cavalry reserves or politics.
  15. I um ... only made an account here because I was stoked for new5r. As you can see from the account name. I normally do my boardgame posting over at bgg. I see absolutely not why i would lie about my ffg purchasing here? I just wonder how ffg can think it wise to alienate *certain* (admittedly whining) customers for the sake of one probably non-customer. But i guess THEY are the succesful firm so they presumably know better.
  16. Well, it's pretty clear FFG is trying really hard to get "new people" aboard, not caring about whether veterans return or not (I guess expecting them to turn up anyway). As a long-term L5R veteran (both CCG and RPG) who owns most of X-wing, Android Netrunner, AGOTLCG first edition & a lot more of FFG stuff and who was planning on buying heavily into both the new LCG and RPG, I feel like my business & contributions here are less desired by FFG than those of new people (the majority of whom are probably going to buy one core set, which we'll see appearing in second-hand stores soon). Oh well, I'll always have my proxies.
  17. Man, Tatsuo is kinda useless in the fiction too! I thought only Nerishma was supposed to get ambushed!
  18. @Toshimo: thanks for the feedback! I am not a big fan of Utaku Infantry due to the fact that you have to build up to a critical mass before he becomes actually good. I have had eight characters in play before, but that was with Lion. Unicorn is usually 3-5. Basically, Utaku Infantry for me are "if I overcommit, these become equally good as a Matsu Berserker (admittedly useable in both MIL and POL)". Border Rider I like a lot! Outrider just seems to get assassinated, dishonored etc too much to really be worth the two fate. Movement is just so much less rewarding here than it was in O5R... Way of should indeed be cut. I keep it because ... it's "Our Way". It feels to me that if I even have to cut my "Way of " card to make my clan work, then why bother? I would much prefer it if I Am Ready would just cost 2 fate. I never seem to have the right things come together for I am Ready. Just when I need it, I either don't have fate on characters, those characters are not the ones I want to straighten etc etc. I understand I need to put fate on guys, but I seem to come short in money when I do this too much. @Sousuke: Maybe 3 cores makes the difference! I didn't want to "free up" that many sleeves from other projects, and thought to keep experimenting with triplecore until after my boxes arrive :).You give me hope! I must say that I began my new5R experience with Unicorn, and only recently picked them up again. With what I learned from playing Crane, Scorpion and Dragon, my more recent games with Unicorn (all vs Scorpion) were far more interesting & close. Just no wins yet (Just for good measure: my 2-core 30/30 decks, no role): Ancestral Lands Endless Plains Manicured Garden Meditations on the Tao Shameful Display 2x Aggressive Moto 2x Border Rider 2x Giver of Gifts 2x Ide Trader 2x Meishodo Wielder 2x Moto Horde 2x Moto Youth 2x Shinjo Altansernai 2x Shinjo Outrider 2x Shinjo Tatsuo 2x Utaku Infantry 2x Utaku Yumino 3x Otomo Courtier 3x Imperial Storehouse 2x Admit Defeat 2x Assassination 2x Banzai 2x Captive Audience 2x Cavalry Reserves 2x Charge 3x Court Games 2x Fine Katana 3x For Shame 1x I Am Ready 3x ornate Fan 2x Political Rival 2x Steward of Law 2x Way of the Unicorn
  19. I'll not deny I used a bit of hyperbole However, I have played a lot of games so far (using 2 cores and 30/30 decks, just to not have to proxy too many cards but still approximate 40/40 triplecore decks ), with multiple clans (I am not at all clan loyal EXCEPT on tournaments, I'll play everything). I can win with every clan I have played so far but Unicorn (although my latest iteration got to 3 provinces before succumbing, which is a lot of progress compared to the beginning). I have played Crane, Scorpion, Dragon and Lion and can win with each of those (even win more than lose). The latest iteration of the unicorn deck works because I stopped trying to play with Unicorn conflict cards (I went down to just Way of the Unicorn, Cavalry Reserves and Captive Audience - and perhaps a singleton We Are Ready). So, hallelujah, with subpar personalities (subpar due to the existence of one awesome conflict card, apparently - like I haven't spend 20 years having subpar personalities in the other CCG just because they had a relevant rulebook keyword) and a neutral conflict deck I can almost win - then why even play Unicorn? So, I used 2 cores with splash. The splash cards worked out really well. They would have worked equally well (or even better) in a non-Unicorn deck. The neutral cards are very good. They are equally good in other decks. The one card spoiled for Unicorn in the first booster is ANOTHER 3-cost 2/2 (which would be playable just like the Warrior Poet etc in an 8-fate stronghold ... I definitely notice my Unicorn deck is *almost* there, just occasionally too poor) which is not going to help us. Oh - and that thing about playing subpar personalities for the sake of one conflict event ... remember the existence of Forged Edict and the Crane Canceller. Even our strongest card has a big, big "don't go there" bullseye on it. And I know, this is the equivalent to "dies to doom blade" from that other card game, but still this makes the glaring weakness of Unicorn even bigger. I tried - I really tried to get them to work, and I really hope they will get there. But I've put a lot of effort in it, and those decks would still be better by just tossing all the Unicorn cards and replacing them by their equivalents from e.g. Lion.
  20. Our one existing Unicorn Stronghold already HAS a serious weakness (it doesn't do anything, and that is a weakness compared to the six other strongholds which have an ability) AND the Unicorn characters cost more in many cases. The only way I can explain this is that FFG was always planning to put a Unicorn Stronghold in one of the early dynasty packs with 8 fate production (or a massive, John Wick - level hate for Unicorn). Aggressive Moto -> it's a Matsu Berserker, only costing +1 and having a double disadvantage (counting 0 as worse than - in a skill w.r.t. Bayushi Yunako etc). Meishodo Wielder has 2/2 stats for 1 only half the time, whereas I consider those stats barely worth 1 fate. Doesn't even have cavalry. Moto Youth is ALMOST a Matsu Berserker (again, only half the time). Once again having 0 rather than -. Altansernai is by far the worst of the champions. The Outrider has again 2/2 stats for 2 (see Meishodo Wielder for more on what I think about those stats), with an ability which is duplicated on the (hardly used) stronghold. Maybe the ability would be used when we get a better stronghold. Tatsuo has once again a movement ability, a worse thing than Conflict characters from hand and stats which in another clan would cost 3 fate. Utaku infantry seems designed for another game where characters do not leave the game often. 1 additional fate per turn might ensure some characters stay around longer and increase the value of the Infantry. Yumino has again the 2/2 stats, only this time she costs 3. Yes, she can turn any card into a one turn Ornate Fan / Fine Katana ... that's not worth TWO fate. Three glory, in a clan that currently doesn't have that many ways of honoring is more a liability than an advantage. Warrior Poet has AGAIN 2/2 stats for 3. Oh, and our new character from the first dynasty pack ALSO shares those stats. I can only conclude again what I said up above. Unicorn is supposed (from the beginning) to have an 8-fate stronghold (but it was not put in the core set for "eternal legality" purposes or so). Or FFG just hates us.
  21. I wouldn't mind a stronghold producing 8 fate. I think most of the unicorn's ills would be solved that way.
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