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  1. I agree! When Policy Debate isn't a sure win, it gets a lot less appealing. Which has always been the bane of dueling (in the old game) - if you aren't bully-dueling, then why bother ?
  2. Would be cool if this was Doji Chomei ...
  3. I like Scorpion for 3x Poison and 2x Forged Edict.
  4. I run lion without toturi or ujiaki, and have played unicorn without altansarnai. Both viable decks i think.
  5. I'd say fewer 2 and 1 fate characters, as you would be spending your Fate allotment spread over fewer characters (given that some of your dynasty slots would be taken by holdings)
  6. I am glad to see ffg succeeded in making a 4+ unicorn character even worse than the existing ones! Can't give the ponies good cards, who knows what might happen!
  7. I wouldn't mind a Tsuko with some kind of penalty (something akin to the Obstinate Recruit, although not that harsh) together with awesome stats (and the Honored General "entering honoured" thing ?).
  8. Wauw, got Unicorn (without cheating) :). Very cool test!
  9. I can imagine a player not defending (because the attacked province is e.g. Night Raid or so, or because he wants to save his characters for other purposes), then being blown out when I change the conflict to his already revealed (but unbroken) Shameful Display.
  10. Characters only participate in conflicts, I think? So, if the conflict moves, so do all its participants?
  11. Nah, it's a "defensive" (as in - only when you're behind) ready & move only. That feels very Crab-like. Border Rider & Shinjo Outrider ... those feel really Unicorn like. And the new Unicorn Seeker & Keeper cards - those are the cards I was waiting for.
  12. Ide Tadaji for the Unicorn. Yasuki Taka for the Crab? some dragonfly for the Dragon????
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