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  1. svelok

    Is Maul in Sith Infiltrator OP?

    It's quite good. Not sure whether it's strictly worth the most-of-a-Vulture droid you give up for Palp, but it's pretty fun.
  2. svelok

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Yeah, 100%. Dust clouds being kinda medium-large is an important facet of their table implications. Small vs large asteroids is a world of difference.
  3. Juke is whatever, just make Sigmas more expensive.
  4. svelok

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    which in turn leads to idiots like me who say "I will continue to run gas clouds until I figure out why I'm wrong, however long that takes", so you should probably expect to see a lot of them for a while
  5. svelok

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    It's cool how many lists it "feels" like CIS have, despite having clumps of Vultures in almost all of them. Maul + 5, Wat + 6, Dooku + Wat + 3, etc all feel really different. idk I'm not a scientist It's an interesting puzzle. You don't need to stay in formation, that's fine - some lads can K-turn or hit obstacles, even that doesn't matter - but you want a kind of loose web of Vultures clogging up an area where everybody has at least one friend. Vulture blocks tend to lead to Vulture kills, which I guess is why we pay for the linked barrel roll with the red 3 bank.
  6. svelok

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    That is some thick-cut Rebel (and Republic) beef. Two TIE salads and a Howl Swarm in there too, plus a pair of Rebel Torp lists. Looking through the whole swiss, I don't know if it's beefy lists on top or just that it was beef the whole way down. That's **** close to purely beefy lists plus a few swarms.
  7. Quad Phantoms won't stop until FFG stops them in july
  8. svelok

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    Yeah, but you're getting trick shot and they aren't. If I have a 90% chance to miss, but it means you get a 99% chance to miss, I'm in.
  9. svelok

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    Clouds make trick shot better. I'll take a very low probability to do damage to you, in exchange for reducing your ability to damage me to almost zero. We both get the cloud effect, but only I get the extra dice. I am, however, on team "three point trick shot" so maybe I'm biased.
  10. svelok

    A wild idea to fix Generic pilot spam

    People really seem to hate generics being good for some reason.
  11. svelok

    A wild idea to fix Generic pilot spam

    It's sort of a boogeyman, but isn't it just strictly worse than UXXYY?
  12. svelok

    Opening Thoughts on Seperatists

    My initial impression of Discord Missiles is you need more than one, probably the maximum three. That turns them into a meaningful lane/area denial threat rather than a wannabe Energy Shell, which is what you basically get by taking just one. It'd be different if the B-22 or Infiltrator had missile slots, but you can't rely on getting a Discord Vulture to mid/end game. At that point, you've invested a full 6 points over spamming ESCs instead, but it might be worthwhile. I've not gotten to try it extensively, obviously. In my games of CIS so far (won some lost some) I've mostly just turbo-sucked at getting all my ships to engage at the same time because they all move kinda weird. (B-22 can't 3-turn, Vultures can't bank, large base decloaks + bumping).
  13. svelok

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    Roger roger!
  14. svelok

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    Can you point to where in the rules reference "reload this card" is defined as anything that exists anywhere? There's rules for "a ship reloads by", and there's rules for "recover one charge". You're saying that the word reload on the Vulture droid card is some new made-up thing that, despite having no rules whatsoever, means you get to a do the same thing as a reload action except only steps 1&2, which you want, but ignoring step 3, which you don't want.
  15. svelok

    Impervium Plating Vs Hull upgrade

    Keep in mind how rarely you would pay the 5 points for Hull Upgrade. It's not like you see it being worth that price on X-Wings or whatever similar statline ships. Impervium is one point more, and you're gambling on whether it'll better or worse. Soulless One is a multiplier on it but I'm not sold it's worth six points without. I think it's actually a few points overpriced for non-Soulless B22s. At 3-4ish it would start to be appealing on like, Kraken Wat or generics.