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  1. CIS made two final tables and a top four at hyperspace trials this weekend: Grievous+ 5 ESC drones, and two Sear+7 lists. Transition to "underrated" beginning?
  2. Look at Republic and First Order right now. Good generics does so, so much for interesting listbuilding.
  3. updated for huzzah, mythic, atomic empire, and great escape trials - up from 440 to 630 total players, now
  4. This is not and should not be an acceptable defense, for any judge decision. I'm putting this first so it's more clear that I'm not taking issue with the decision itself - a judge's decision needs to weigh the situation and stand on its merits. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the ruling - but "well, the judge had no choice" is just a bad argument. Judges can always bend the rules in the direction of leniency if the situation warrants. To be fair, it does sound like the judge acted leniently. Strictly speaking, the floor rules call for a game loss if a list/deck mismatch is found after the event starts. From your telling, it sounds like this was waved in favor of a warning or something, and only actually awarded a game loss when the player showed up to play their next game with a still illegal deck/list issue.
  5. He'll have a chance to shine with future droid ships, I bet. All it takes is another action worth doing.
  6. people always miss the most busted abilities, the free-est dice mods, and the highest initiative pilots... thats the thing that makes me scared of the future of new pilots for old ships - give people what they actually ask for and the i5/6 bloat would be insane
  7. Ensnare is not just stapled but sent to space and cold welded onto the talent slot unless it's like Delta 7B prices - it completely transforms the ship, especially at high initiative. But in that scenario, Gravy Deflector can be cheapish while Ensnare is 7B-ish and then its a meaningful choice.
  8. its basically intuitive one or two hits coming in: roll 3 dice, only keep the best two - which is what a reroll amounts to if you're not doing weird stuff like rerolling eyes despite having a focus - is strictly identical to just rolling 3 dice straight three or more hits coming in (or weird stuff like juke is involved): roll 3 dice, only keep the best two, sometimes means the worst dice was still a focus/evade that would've been useful
  9. Due in some part to how FFG names our pilots, all Separatist players are involved in a conspiracy to make our conversations about the faction impenetrable to outsiders
  10. All I want is Ensnare to be like 20+ points so Deflection Fac can be cool and wholesome and cheap
  11. some day, that vulture will have 3 wings and nose cannons with evade/boost on the action bar or maybe be big and thicc with reinforce on its action bar and a billion firing arcs not yet... but some day (or maybe it just flew over a cloud idk)
  12. Its surprisingly ok. Aces get twitchy when you spread your arcs.
  13. I think Dedicated is better than Marksmanship but worse than Crack Shot, so sure.
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