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  1. I'm pretty sure that I would hate that timeline. Almost universally, fewer upgrades in a list means I enjoy playing with or against that list more. Okay, now I'm 100% sure. This was basically always true, even before the prices went up basically nobody ever used cannons. 0pt Jamming was >2/3rds of all cannons taken, and the rest were HLCs and Tractors that were all mistakes to take in the first place. I'm not really sold on the idea that cannons being popular on 3 dice ships is particularly more fun or interesting than not. Boba doesn't take tractor beam, B-Wings don't take ion cannons, oh no...? HLC, esp on medium+ bases, is maybe kind of a cool idea but I don't see that we lose, really, anything at all by the rest being bad on those platforms. They're all either already good, or taking cannons wouldn't make them particularly any more good. Conversely, Scyks get to be good, when they wouldn't otherwise, and the archetype wouldn't exist otherwise.
  2. is there at this point any particular reasons reapers cant just be made considerably cheaper? just sloane would need to go up too? i am unsure if adding random triggers to forget into a vulture swarm is a desirable outcome? the named vultures, unlike the hyenas, just dont actually do anything different enough from a normal vulture to change how you play them taking i3 now is such a bad decision, but lists with the named i3s in cis (066, dooku, 32c) would be easier to wrangle and therefore more appealing if you could have i3 wingmates without a 14pt tax
  3. I grab the steering wheel I yank it to the right should i1 and i3 vultures cost the same price?
  4. i didnt even do it this time, it was self-victimization
  5. i liked the part where none of the a-wings shot backwards
  6. note: not directed at anything in particular
  7. dont ruin hyperspace dont ruin hyperspace dont ruin hyperspace
  8. glad to see dictionary wars are alive and well on this points eve eve
  9. how is sc2 not a dead game? I remember sc2 being a dying game already when I was playing 8 years ago
  10. dash + 3 sounds more wholesome than any 2.0 dash list I've ever seen
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