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  1. Been looking forever for Centurion Armour, good stats, seems fair! Would love to see more in the future!
  2. Ill keep that in mind, Jargal! Id like to go more in depth with what I have planned as far as encounters are concerned but can't be too sure if any of my Acolytes might read it. Thanks again!
  3. I never played 1st edition but Iv got all the books on a pdf so Ill defiitly check that out! I appreciate it again! I was thinking more along the lines of throwing just tougher and stronger enemies like radical inquisitors in termie armour or a band of cultists with marks led by a champion CSM, but Im glad to see some enemies that are outside my box of thinking!
  4. Ooh, didn't think of that, I like it! I agree with the subtlety so Ill let them take the hit and make it matter where enemies are concerned. Like stocking up on haywire grenades. Thanks bunches!
  5. I appreciate the swift response! So far the tech priest and SoB are the killers while the priest and the savant wanted to do things more subtley with discussion. The tech priest will keep his power fist in a backpack and will need to use a half action to ready it. It seems they dont mind the subtlety hit by carrying the weapons, and Ill play on it. In fact I had a main suspect book it bexause they aint subtle at all! I really want to make their enemies just more on their level based on their high pen weapons, albeit Dark Pursuits is for beginnersx i learned and will add a bit tougher enemies. Thing is is I juat met these guys through roll20 and dont wanna take their stuff away because it puts a pit in my stomach, so Id rather roll with the punches! Thanks again all!
  6. I'm talkin after first session, gave them a requisiton with some trade in modifiers and te SoB gets a power glaive, the tech priest got a power fist, the priest got a power sword and the savant-to-be got a plasma pistol. We are ordo malleus and have just done the first part of dark pursuits about to investigate the port. I plan to throw more daemons than I had planned to and giving people unnatural toughness to take more hits but I just wanted some advice as Im a brand new GM. Also I am quite aware I messed up by not restricting them but I also expected the dice to be more fickle. The tech priest needed 16 to get that fist and rolled a 9. And I don't wanna be that guy that takes away their shiny new toys. Thanks in advance if this gets answered!
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