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  1. Episode 17 Part 1: Madrid Grand Kotei Episode 17 Part 2: The Chrysanthemum Throne Review Episode 17 Part 3: Fate Has No Secrets Review Episode 18 Part 1: Clan Packs Announcement Episode 18 Part 2: Meditations on the Tao Review Episode 18 Part 3: Imperial Cycle Reflections
  2. Episode 16 Part 1: Grand Kotei results discussion YouTube SoundCloud Episode 16 Part 2: For Honor and Glory pack review YouTube SoundCloud Episode 16 Part 3: Into the Forbidden City pack review YouTube SoundCloud
  3. In the latest episode we discuss 6 packs in 6 weeks, Worlds & give the lowdown on Justin's Phoenix value deck. Episode 14: Release plan, Worlds & Justin's Phoenix deck. YouTube SoundCloud Justin's Deck Breakdown Only YouTube
  4. Rather late in posting episode 12, and hot off the presses Episode 13...
  5. Brad was kind enough to drop by for a chat today to discuss all things L5R related, and face his toughest test yet - The Imperial Advisor Lightning Round. YouTube SoundCloud ________________________________________ Find us on: YouTube SoundCloud iTunes Facebook Twitter Twitch TV imperialadvisor.com
  6. Episode 10 is now available. We review GenCon, discuss the single core meta and look forward to L5R Honored as well as the first dynasty pack Tears of Amaterasu.
  7. The Imperial Advisor Episode 9 Trilogy (more an audiobook than a podcast)... Episode 9 Part 1: Glimpse of the Unicorn Episode 9 Part 2: The Scorpion Wall is Finished Episode 9 Part 3: Chrysanthemum Festival
  8. Yes, we actually played one last night. It should be up on YouTube tonight. The VOD should still be on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/161671176
  9. I think the 2 cost is a big thing. 2 cost events really need to be very powerful to see play. It's not too hard to pick up 1 fate in a turn though passing first or claiming off a ring - but getting 2 usually means holding over a fate which is always a tough choice. Interesting also that despite being a spell it doesn't appear to require a shugenja like most other spell cards we've seen. As I mentioned if we see a phoenix card that reduces the costs of spells (so it was a 1 fate event) that could definitely push this card over the top.
  10. We've so far resisted splashing other clans in the decks we've played. Mostly because we're trying to get an initial pure read on the cards rather than build decks to win. But you're definitely right that champs can really swing the board massively. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - they should feel big and badass. But not to the point where you basically lose the game if you don't have an answer. That said this game showed the pros and cons of them. I think every deck will have to have answers for a single big guy, whether that's a clan champ, a Mirumoto Prodigy stacked with weapons, or just a Wandering Ronin with fate.
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