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  1. I’ve seen it used effectively with Sato. It helps keep Sato’s squadrons alive long enough that swarms of black dice come hither...so many ACMs!
  2. I haven’t found much success with a Vic, but my buddy made this gem below. It’s cheap like any good Vic. Great little area denial tool that can still harm you at range or hit like a truck if you close to finish it off. Victory I (73)• Captain Needa (2)• Ordnance Experts (4)• Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)• External Racks (3)= 89 Points
  3. Likewise! I’ve got the asteroids set but couldn’t ever quite make the leap to the space station. Once your store is up though....
  4. Holy smokes Batman! Now there’s some thinking. Guess what is now for sure in my next fleet. And then you throw in a concentrate fire...
  5. Also, anyone thought about Jaina’s Light as a Draven ride/cheap flak delivery boat that could also shoot ships? It’s an always unobstructed attack and with TRCs still works on ships. With Toryn nearby on the ubiquitous flotilla there’s a decent chance of damage sticking to squads too!
  6. I made a super Flak MC-75 once and my buddy happened to bring something pretty close to a Thrawn 2 ship. Flanked the MC with Y-wings and VCXs for targets...erm, support. MC75 Armored Cruiser (104)• General Draven (3)• Ruthless Strategists (4)• Electronic Countermeasures (7)• Ordnance Pods (3)• Leading Shots (4)• H9 Turbolasers (8)= 133 Points It did a tremendous job clearing the skies, the 1.5 turns the std Imp swarm showed up and lasted. It then went on to do next to nothing to the ISD and due to poor planning with the rest of the fleet, exploded in a ball of fire. But that one round where the scatter aces melted was just a pure delight. I haven’t succeeded in building a balanced fleet around it though. I dream of the possibilities though.
  7. You mean to make 7th Fleet Star Destroyers just that more accurate of a title.
  8. Thank you all for the quick responses! Time to join the Facebook groups and go searching for my fellow admiral types. Again thanks!
  9. Thanks! Well then it’s time to get proficient with google translate (for said forum) until I can get better at the German language.
  10. I’ve got a good group of guys here in Tampa, FL that I play with regularly but I’m moving to Germany in a couple months. Specifically the Kaiserslautern area (Ramstein AB). I obviously love the game and want to keep playing if I can. Wondering if there were any groups in the area already? or if I will have to get busy converting folks when I show up? Or if I just have to drive for a bit to find someone?
  11. I posted this is the thread about squadron fixing, but thought it'd fit here as well. To me it looks like the something Hanger Deck upgrade reads "When a non-unique squadron with SWARM? at distance 1-X"... 2 more words in that line, then 5 words in the next line and then 7 more lines that I can't decipher. The beginning part at least sounds like a card to me and looks like it has all the right spacing/lengths for those first 2 lines. What all the details are and what it actually does is beyond my pixel reading power though. One can hope it might be something to buff swarm's of TIE's though.
  12. I’m not saying it is anything related to this topic, but one can hope. To me, one of the Rebellion in the Rim cards that’s too fuzzy to see (something hanger deck? The one with TIEs flying out of a hanger) could very well be something along the offensive retrofit or support team slots suggested above. Adding my own words to what is clearly a pixelated mess, I have made up the following, “when a non-unique squadron with *Keyword* at distance 1-X...lots of unreadable pixels and like 5-6 more lines that I won’t guess at” Maybe they’ve already thought of something along these lines or maybe I’m just itching to figure out all the other new cards and get a good ‘ole fashioned “There’s too many of them” TIE swarm.
  13. Thanks for streaming! Gives me my little armada fix throughout the workday.
  14. Thanks for making the videos Karneck! I’ve been debating diving into Vassal and by the time I decided Green Knights videos were down. I didn’t quite know how to get started so here’s to a quick-ish learning curve and some future games!
  15. I just got word my FLGS (Florida) has several in stock today. So they should be out there in the wild for all soon.
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