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  1. Glad you guys got around to the Jank tourney! It’s always fun to make the not-as-commonly-seen cards useful. Sometimes you even find a likening to a card you’ve never looked at before.
  2. Critical Hit Games in St Petersburg always has some Armada stock and have a good group of 6 or so regulars. They have a Facebook group that is pretty easy to get a game going
  3. Opening salvo and DCaps is gonna be a real surprise since it can essentially match an ISD2 on its initial long range shot. I’d be interested to see how the list works. Back in the day before the flotilla # limit my buddy’s Sato build was 2 MC30s and 3 Combat retrofits. And it put out way more damage than you would think.
  4. Regarding the GR75 combat retrofit. Not a huge success but in a rebel fleet running around with IF! (Think dumpster fire type) it it’s not terrible. It’s at least fun, does some slicing (if equipped) and tosses two blues (with a con fire) that almost always equal 2 damage with IF!. Not a lot but annoying when you get shot 4 other times that turn as well and helps with activation count. A very small niche (like minuscule) but it’s there. Also, helps that everyone assumes it can’t shoot so doesn’t pay it any attention.
  5. The multiplier could make it a little ridiculous I suppose, at least compared to other squads. I do like the cancel the first accuracy thing, meaning usually a Jedi would be able to Brace/Scatter though if you try hard enough (2 accuracies) you could still stop them from at least one defense token. And IMO a scatter seems right on a Jedi. Kinda like a build in ECM for them, though they still only get to spend the token twice a turn. So a swarm (hello Vulture droids) could burn them down eventually. And maybe to balance out how fragile those ships seem and how powerful that ability would be perhaps only a single scatter? That should keep the cost reasonable. though now that I think about it, preventing an accuracy does nothing for a ‘generic’ Jedi squadron, they would still go pop. So maybe just a single die reroll? But keep the single defense token? ok enough of this wild speculation for me today, we’ll know eventually...
  6. that sounds like a more elegant solution. I also think the keyword is better because then you could also have ‘generic jedi’ in the aethersprites and Eta-2s.
  7. I think there should be lots of unique Jedi too. Just spitballing a hairbrained idea here but what if they had maybe 1 defense token and 1 new Force token. Said Force token could be exhausted/spent? to change one dice (either attacking or defending) to any face you wanted. Kinda symbolize the forcing guiding them. Gives them help but is a limited resource so you really only have 1 defense token.
  8. This! I would 100% do this as well!!
  9. These look really neat! I’m digging the artwork. Side note: Clone only in the gunners card. So obviously there’s some upgrades locked behind droid and clone specific ships...Even if the card is already faction locked. Not sure how they might delineate the crews of ships but I’m excited to find out eventually. and THANKS again FFG!
  10. I’ve been eyeballing one myself. It would be my Garel’s Honor anytime I take that and not a swarm of HHs. Edit: thanks for letting me see what it really looks like with a good paint job!
  11. Life! why did you stop my spree!??? Hopefully, another one in the next day or two. https://swasector47.blogspot.com/2020/02/starhawk-among-us.html
  12. I’m excited, work dependent I hopefully can make it. But I’m definitely refusing to go until I get some of those sweet propaganda posters plastered all over my internets!!
  13. I'm on a spree! Two more games incoming over the course of this week! https://swasector47.blogspot.com/2020/02/garm-frigates-vs-swarm-of-imps.html https://swasector47.blogspot.com/2020/02/st-louis-game-1.html
  14. Holy smokes! Thanks for pointing out some of those discard vs spend interactions. Never would’ve thought you could use her to get around XI7s but it makes sense when you go back and read her card. Thanks for taking the time to write this up every week too!
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