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  1. New Lore - Toshi Ranbo stuff

    I think we will finally start seeing our story decisions showing up. Hopefully the next story will delve into movers actually making moves, not just more set up. Side note: I like how Toturi is still seen in a bad light from other samurai due to his "slow" actions.
  2. 'New' Official Map

    Can we chalk this up to Rokugani Cartographers are not that good with dimensions of rivers. Also, since travel might be limited, the samurai who drew the maps may be going off word of mouth and using a artistic spin on things. Other than that this may not be the official map as it is a board game.
  3. Conspiracy Time

    Oops your right. Gotta fix that.
  4. Conspiracy Time

    Nah, Y’all are way off. I got it from a “reliable source” the stars represent the return of the Boar clan. They were in fact the ones who killed the previous Emerald Champion in an attempt to avoid taxation. The Boar are also keeping the jade themselves to show the crab up to earn their position in the empire. Little do they know that this new Boar clan are in fact Nezumi in trench coats standing on each other shoulders!!! (Also note: all the bad stuff going on with the weather are being caused by methane emissions from all the Unicorn horses in an attempt to add a political slant into L5R)
  5. Next Expansion

    My bet is February for deluxe and maybe end of March/beginning of April for the next cycle.
  6. I wouldn’t mind a game based on the rpg. Something akin to baulder’s gate or whatever rpg type is in their realm of possibilities. i would hate a digital card game that is multiplayer. The game is fun because you are playing with someone for close to an hour in person. I would hate that experience in a digital form. The trolling would be strong.
  7. This seems like a high ceiling card. Sure you can use it whenever to limit losses, but your opponent gets the same benefit. Great on the defense if protecting your stong hold or setting up a strong hold break next turn with the first player token. This also hurts harpoon/staging grounds combo characters a bit,but keeps them still good if first player.
  8. Lore every other week would be great, but that is not what we really saw the first couple of months. I would say it was 1 lore a month that was split up into every other week.
  9. Public Forum

    When Public Forum is broken before the honor token is placed on it, does the opponent get the choice to discard the card in the provenience?
  10. More Card Spoilers

    Unicorn courtier seems like another bad unicorn card. A 1 drop courtier is amazing for the ponies, but why could it’s base stat not be 2 to match the 1 cost Otomo courtier. 3 (situational) political should not be too much (looking at you Doji whisperer). It basically says for 1 cost ignore the stat buff of the imperial favor for one conflict. Leaves much to be desired. the other cards look fun. Now dragons getting more monk/tattoo stuff seems fun.
  11. An Android game: Elevator simulator clone.
  12. So if you attach 2 of these to one character, does that get you 2 fate per 1 fate removed?
  13. I hope a game themed in Rokugan, like a rts or turn based would be cool. Think Total war series, Civiliazation, mount and blade or any game where they attempt politics would be amazing. A digital card game to me would be lack luster to me. I feel they take away from store fronts a bit.
  14. Clan Loyalty...

    I know you are not talking about the megagame where folk take on the role of politicians and act out scenarios in a large scale (40-50 players), but now I want to see that at a grand kotei or something. Clan loyalty would be tested and results could affect the story in a bigger way than just regular tournaments. They could even add in the card game to decide battles or something.
  15. Meta Snapshot

    Some of the choices are quite revealing. Playing unicorn I agree with no assaination; most of my losses have been through dishonor(big thing at my flgs).