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  1. Our local group seems excited about the news, but more than a few are looking into a way to spread out the costs. To me this is still better than any ccg out there, where I could pay 100 dollars for 36 packs and get 5 decent cards that don't mesh. Here I pay 45-60 a month and get more options than I know what to do with. (Just this once as a special event) Side note: I do not understand people talking about barrier to entry at the new year. You could still buy 2 core sets and have a decent deck for like 70 bucks and almost a play set of every other card in the set. Other card games 70 bucks get you one cruddy deck that you may not even like the play style of.
  2. So if I remember right. When they first announced information about this game at the beginning of the year they stated they had an ambitious release for the first cycle. So I am not surprised.
  3. The review/article was ok. Some things were weird in it and L5R is probably not his jam in the end. Most reviewers seem to have a problem with the games being too long and has too many decisions. Yet, with time a lot of those desicions will become automatic. In terms of the appendix b. It seemed like a way to get people to read the article without actually directly writing it in the review. As far as the comment section. It seemed like a circle of the same three people trying to say not much.
  4. The real story is scorpion winning every game with dishonor (he has it also in the forfeited match). So will there be a collection of all the games somewhere soon?
  5. I would not be surprised if there is a delay for the out of states folk.
  6. So unless I misunderstood what the speaker was saying the release date is going to be October 5, 2017. See Team Covenant video of the in flight live around the 49 minute mark.
  7. Toss up between crab, unicorn, and dragon. These to me have some fun shenanigans that interest me more than the other clans, but will try the others. on a side note I want to have a side project to build a full neutral deck. It may take a few sets, but that would be hilarious to run.
  8. It might be a typo. Also they say IDE Messanger has 1 military and 1 political, but the card shows 2 political.
  9. I have seen the rule book, but I did not see a story. Where was it? edit: never mind I was looking at the rule reference not the learn to play.
  10. New desktop background?
  11. It is not so much going to a tourney with Hatamoto, but other players focusing on that as the goal/end result of practing at a smaller tourney. I bring this up as I have seen that type of behavior in other card games with big prizes before.
  12. For the casual player the seeker and keeper cards will be kind of a pain to keep track of, but I like the idea that we will need to keep changing our decks. I am not sure if the hatamoto thing promotes a healthy environment. It makes the game seem super competitive and may drive away a lot of new/casual players.
  13. From a game design perspective it is cool that each clan "breaks" the rules one way or another. It will help folks learn/memorize the game much quicker.
  14. I agree with both formats and the YGO way of things does have its down side (such as Konami banning popular cards/decks to sell new product). we will see how ffg will handle it. The fact we care about how the game will look like three years from now ,when the game has not even been fully revealed yet, is either super nerdom or a good sign.
  15. I hope they do a yu-go-oh ban style once a year, so we do not end up with a stale meta.