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  1. My bet is February for deluxe and maybe end of March/beginning of April for the next cycle.
  2. I wouldn’t mind a game based on the rpg. Something akin to baulder’s gate or whatever rpg type is in their realm of possibilities. i would hate a digital card game that is multiplayer. The game is fun because you are playing with someone for close to an hour in person. I would hate that experience in a digital form. The trolling would be strong.
  3. This seems like a high ceiling card. Sure you can use it whenever to limit losses, but your opponent gets the same benefit. Great on the defense if protecting your stong hold or setting up a strong hold break next turn with the first player token. This also hurts harpoon/staging grounds combo characters a bit,but keeps them still good if first player.
  4. Lore every other week would be great, but that is not what we really saw the first couple of months. I would say it was 1 lore a month that was split up into every other week.
  5. When Public Forum is broken before the honor token is placed on it, does the opponent get the choice to discard the card in the provenience?
  6. Unicorn courtier seems like another bad unicorn card. A 1 drop courtier is amazing for the ponies, but why could it’s base stat not be 2 to match the 1 cost Otomo courtier. 3 (situational) political should not be too much (looking at you Doji whisperer). It basically says for 1 cost ignore the stat buff of the imperial favor for one conflict. Leaves much to be desired. the other cards look fun. Now dragons getting more monk/tattoo stuff seems fun.
  7. An Android game: Elevator simulator clone.
  8. So if you attach 2 of these to one character, does that get you 2 fate per 1 fate removed?
  9. I hope a game themed in Rokugan, like a rts or turn based would be cool. Think Total war series, Civiliazation, mount and blade or any game where they attempt politics would be amazing. A digital card game to me would be lack luster to me. I feel they take away from store fronts a bit.
  10. I know you are not talking about the megagame where folk take on the role of politicians and act out scenarios in a large scale (40-50 players), but now I want to see that at a grand kotei or something. Clan loyalty would be tested and results could affect the story in a bigger way than just regular tournaments. They could even add in the card game to decide battles or something.
  11. Some of the choices are quite revealing. Playing unicorn I agree with no assaination; most of my losses have been through dishonor(big thing at my flgs).
  12. Our local group seems excited about the news, but more than a few are looking into a way to spread out the costs. To me this is still better than any ccg out there, where I could pay 100 dollars for 36 packs and get 5 decent cards that don't mesh. Here I pay 45-60 a month and get more options than I know what to do with. (Just this once as a special event) Side note: I do not understand people talking about barrier to entry at the new year. You could still buy 2 core sets and have a decent deck for like 70 bucks and almost a play set of every other card in the set. Other card games 70 bucks get you one cruddy deck that you may not even like the play style of.
  13. So if I remember right. When they first announced information about this game at the beginning of the year they stated they had an ambitious release for the first cycle. So I am not surprised.
  14. The review/article was ok. Some things were weird in it and L5R is probably not his jam in the end. Most reviewers seem to have a problem with the games being too long and has too many decisions. Yet, with time a lot of those desicions will become automatic. In terms of the appendix b. It seemed like a way to get people to read the article without actually directly writing it in the review. As far as the comment section. It seemed like a circle of the same three people trying to say not much.
  15. The real story is scorpion winning every game with dishonor (he has it also in the forfeited match). So will there be a collection of all the games somewhere soon?