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  1. Spawnod

    The Fires Within Story Insert

    Not such a fan of this one, because it was a climax/conclusion to a story from months ago. The momentum was all but lost and the arc still not complete. Also felt awkwardly rushed at the end to get to the fight and then a cliff hanger. Not a bad piece, just a little below average to me.
  2. Spawnod

    Elements Unbound

    Taryu-Jiai is kinda limited, but flavorful. Both of the covert creatures look a lot of fun. That Tengu is very powerful as first player. Web of Lies does not seem great, but will be difficult to break as a stronghold. Can't wait to see the rest.
  3. Spawnod

    Kurosunai Village

    This is probably one of my favorite stories from the new lore so far. The peasants were so much more relatable than the samurai have been in general so far.
  4. At the end of the article, they state there will be a free follow up adventure.
  5. Spawnod

    The Fires Within

    Uni stuff seams fun. Hopefully Unicorns and lions do not end up feeling to samey as they are kinda of going the same Military swarm direction. Smoke is going to be nuts though almost to perfect of an answer to these strategies.
  6. The enlightenment might sneak its way in to 1v1 via a stronghold or role card.
  7. I know in my play group making deals and being political is a huge thing (one of our favorite games is Cosmic Encounters). Having it in the actual rules is awesome on how to deal with it, but I think a tiny bit of clarification might be needed. How long can/should the delegation last? What can the third party do during the delegation? Main reason is I do not want the odd person out to be "forced" to sit there quietly and I do not necessarily want them to interrupt every other part. I do still want there to be opportunities to jump in and stop said treaty as the the odd person out, but not be over obtuse about it. Thoughts?
  8. Spawnod

    LR Multiplayer, YAY!

    Seems like to get the group back together!
  9. Spawnod

    Restricted List

    Didn't the same thing happen to Netrunner? They printed too many power cards in Core and did not realize how people would actually play the game. I would rather have this list now in the mindset of the player base, opposed to 2 years from now when decks may look more or less the same.
  10. Spawnod

    Restricted List

    I am not sure how much the meta, but it will make cards like policy debate and certain splashes like Unicorn/Lion or X/Dragon less desirable. I do not expect scorpion to all of a sudden drop to tier 2 or Unicorn to raise up, but at least this list is not super punishing to the lower tiered clans. Worst part: I got to have this list out in front of me for the next couple of weeks for deck building. /sarcasm.
  11. Spawnod

    New Lore - Toshi Ranbo stuff

    I think we will finally start seeing our story decisions showing up. Hopefully the next story will delve into movers actually making moves, not just more set up. Side note: I like how Toturi is still seen in a bad light from other samurai due to his "slow" actions.
  12. Spawnod

    'New' Official Map

    Can we chalk this up to Rokugani Cartographers are not that good with dimensions of rivers. Also, since travel might be limited, the samurai who drew the maps may be going off word of mouth and using a artistic spin on things. Other than that this may not be the official map as it is a board game.
  13. Spawnod

    Conspiracy Time

    Oops your right. Gotta fix that.
  14. Spawnod

    Conspiracy Time

    Nah, Y’all are way off. I got it from a “reliable source” the stars represent the return of the Boar clan. They were in fact the ones who killed the previous Emerald Champion in an attempt to avoid taxation. The Boar are also keeping the jade themselves to show the crab up to earn their position in the empire. Little do they know that this new Boar clan are in fact Nezumi in trench coats standing on each other shoulders!!! (Also note: all the bad stuff going on with the weather are being caused by methane emissions from all the Unicorn horses in an attempt to add a political slant into L5R)
  15. Spawnod

    Next Expansion

    My bet is February for deluxe and maybe end of March/beginning of April for the next cycle.