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  1. Spawnod

    Children of Tradition

    Kinda how I saw this entire monologue. (Also video has cursing if that bother someone)
  2. Spawnod

    Children of Tradition

    Sotorii is still not likable to me. Yes, his character and fiction are written very well here and definitely humanizes him, but he is still a punk. Is that weird in the stories time period? I thought we saw a similar age difference in another fiction. If anything, If the presumed son of heaven demands it, it will happen.
  3. Spawnod

    Children of Tradition

    Is the hyper link missing I cannot read the fiction....
  4. Spawnod

    Restricted List Updated

    I would assume an updated core set in 2020 like Netrunner. Also a rotation of the first years cards would be great. Lets have a 2-3 year rotation. That seems fair/long enough.
  5. Spawnod

    Gabos Longarms + Elusive interaction.

    This is hilarious. This exact scenario (with nexus and longarms) came up yesterday at a local tournament for 1st/2nd place. In the tourney we decided to say no damage was dealt, but upon further inspection of the scenario i believe damage would be dealt to the other creature, elusive or not. It all comes down to how Before Fight and when elusive checks the game status. Nonetheless, hopefully this gets an FAQ answer.
  6. Shinobi are the worse offense a clan can have. So it would make sense that only a privileged few would know about it and the shadow brands are probably even less people. Yojiro may have been one of Kachiko's underlings, but he was nowhere near Aramoro's level. He was also going through personal turmoil (honor vs duty). Also, being a courtier in Otsun Uchi probably left him separated from the machinations of the clan outside the city that other scorpion's would have to deal with. I do agree though he is not the best fighter, but he is a great courtier and a decent investigator. Like a emerald magistrate should be.
  7. The description of Shoju at the end was so much fun to read. The way they described all the villagers seemed a little off. I could not tell who was meant to be Samurai and who were peasants in the bazaar. Are the castes not that far off as some other fictional describe?
  8. Spawnod

    A Simple Test

    As a person who has not read the O5R fiction I was confusing Asami with Kakita Asami for a bit longer than a hot minute. Other than that, this was a lot of fun. I assume the kid is important to the story later. Also, this must take place prior to the imperial decree.
  9. The problem with bigger packs could be keeping peoples attention or overwhelming players. My local area lost over half of the participants as they felt overwhelmed with the quick release schedule. Most of them come from miniature gaming or other LCGs where the release is slower. So, having the same amount of cards in a smaller time frame would not help the problems. As some others stated earlier, with less frequent release people would feel like the meta would be solved faster. This may be a caused by low density of players or the local meta does not change enough. These two issues are not unique to L5R, but as L5R is the experimental game we may seem some changes that will make the game release schedule more palatable.
  10. Spawnod

    The Pinnacle of Power

    Is there another way to look at Enforcer? It is a 5 fate 4/4 for one turn: bad investment It is a 4 fate 4/4 with 1 fate on it with a loss of 1 honor It is a 3 fate 4/4 with 2 fate on it with a loss of 2 honor or it is a 2 fate 4/4 with 3 fate on it with a loss of 3 honor and immune to assassinate. This is not entirely correct, but looking at it like that the card does seem better than comparing it to other 5 coasters. i do not think it is terrible. It has versatile enough stats that it may help shore up weaknesses. I think it could warrant a slot in some decks.
  11. I thought that was less of a taboo in Rokugan. Like Hantei would acknowledge the kid, because the kid would still be of his blood and descendant of heaven. Wasn't the one of the crab families lead by an illegitimate son of peasant?
  12. The copyright is probably just for the image. The number in the set is 1 which may also be a sign that it is just for this promotional image. I hope to be wrong and you are right.
  13. I agree Seeker is not good for us. Fire gives us FoF and Djinn, Water gives us Press for battle and fight on/along the river of gold. I think the water cards are just as impactful as the fire roles. The pole on the facebook page does show a favor towards fire (78), but 25 wanted water with seeker of fire coming in at 15 people. I would not call that "hardly nobody" (I know you know this, but just for everyone's sake I wanted to share this.)
  14. Because the unicorn are impatient and wanted to burn this role on keeper of fire. This was a bad idea imo. We should of gone seeker of fire here and keeper of water at worlds. Oh well.
  15. Controversy is a non issue. I wish we saw more of these write ups or official ones for the koteis. I like it better than watching the games as we can get the players inner dialogue.