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  1. Awesome! So...when is the next preview article?
  2. I dig the list. What was your plan for the games?
  3. They employ some sort of silica force field to prevent this.

    HOTE at GenCon?

    What Hasbro board game issue?
  5. I very recently got into this game and only play skirmish. Reasons I like Imperial Assault: The map rotation and different objectives keep the game dynamic and fresh; The mix of public information with just a touch of hidden information (e.g. the command cards in your hand) makes for interesting decisions; The different types of dice help the units feel unique without being overly complicated; As miniature games go, IA is super cheap; Compared to X-wing, unless you have a really really bad turn, regular kinds of bad turns are merely setbacks and not game ending. People don't care if all the models are painted; and, I am sure there are a bunch I am forgetting. I think that IA feels like a really good competitive game that can only improve over time. I would recommend checking it out.
  6. Really it has only been like 70 something days. We still have a few weeks left. Does that make you feel any better?

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Want: Single command cards and deployment cards. Elite Jet Trooper, Zillo, and Targeting computers are my priority but anything you have I am interested in. Have: Various Destiny singles. Also x-wing expansions and promo cards.

    Store Championships 2017 Results Thread

    Does anyone have the decklist for this one?
  9. They are still on FFG's twitch. The final were all on may 6th but they streamed other destiny matches throughout the event. https://www.twitch.tv/ffglive
  10. Sorry again for the delay everyone. The top 16 information is now mostly up. I have the character and archetypes to add to each player but if anyone can supply decklists that would be amazing. I will continue to work on this until I have at least everyone who made day two on the list. Please provide any decklists, questions to me and let me know of any errors that occur as well.
  11. Day 2: [[Final Standings to be added]] Top 16: Name| Characters | Decklist | Andrew Rothermel Daniel Weiser Jonathan Magnuson Will Klein Nathan Gardner Dylan Gauker James Skeffington Joseph Bange Nick Obee | Phasma/Bala/Trooper| Decklist Tom Reed Jason O'Leary Zach Bunn Stephen Didion Ben Kiefer Brian Lindberg Edward Ong Top 16 Matches: | Won | Lost | |-------------------|-------------------| | Andrew Rotherme | Edward Ong | | Nick Obee | Joseph Bange | | Stephen Didion | Will Klein | | Zach Bunn | Nathan Gardner | | Daniel Weiser | Brian Lindberg | | James Skeffington | Tom Reed | | Ben Kiefer | Jonathan Magnuson | | Dylan Gauker | Jason O'Leary | Top 8 Pairings: | Won | Lost | |:-------------:|:-----------------:| | Nick Obee | Andrew Rothermel | | Zach Bunn | Stephen Didion | | Daniel Weiser | James Skeffington | | Dylan Gauker | Ben Kiefer | Top 4 Pairings: | Won | Lost | |:-------------:|:------------:| | Nick Obee | Zach Bunn | | Daniel Weiser | Dylan Gauker | Finals: | Won | Lost | |:-------------:|:---------:| | Daniel Weiser | Nick Obee |
  12. This thread will be updated with results of the 2017 World Championship for Star Wars: Destiny that is located at the Fantasy Flight Games Center. Tournament Details: Streaming – Saturday, May 6th: 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) at https://www.twitch.tv/ffglive