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  1. Unpopular opinion, but the right answer might be X=SNR+Torps on Kylo, I dont see many ships in FO that would increase the list, but: 1. Midnight: in generel a cheap PS6 is exactly what you want, but she has been pretty underwhelming for me in all games 2. Scorch: potent damage output to somehow be worth the points he is for sure going to give to the opponent
  2. Why would you want to nerf it? Is it anywhere dominating anything? Does it feel like NPE?
  3. Do you think Blackout is better than QD in this 2-ship list? QD seems to be very good at destroying the Ini6 and other threats for Kylo. After QD dying Kylo is hopefully able to win on his own.
  4. Targeting Computer seems to be back in aswell
  5. Why don't you squeeze some probe droids in to help you getting locks`?
  6. Read the rules reference? It says you perform a barrel roll. With a hyperlink to the barrel roll section. There is explained how you barrel roll. Why should there be anything different?
  7. Actually I wonder if you really need Midnight in the list since her damage output without juke went down so much in 2.0. Maybe you could spend some of the bid points and go to a third silencer, which is able to block, deal damage and can survive quite some shots: Kylo Ren (76) Hate (3) “Blackout” (64) Trick Shot (2) Sienar-Jaemus Engineer (52) Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I also wonder how things will change with the new gas clouds, might boost the survivability of the silencers quite a bit
  8. I think I would definitely try to add some ESCs to pump up the damage
  9. I guess he was expecting more Poe, Nien, Lulo at 189 (which is still a coin flip then)? If you fly first against that list it might get hard
  10. It is the Republic starter pack. I have seen several pictures of german stores showing the new stuff. So it is going to be released on Thursday for sure.
  11. I am really impressed by his performance and it makes me going back to Kylo again! All these games were nuts, specially the empire match, where he pretty much loses QD before dealing any serious damage and still wins.
  12. Boba is still quite good. I think Boba+Slave1+PerCop will see some play, especially in Hyperpsace. Scum Han YT1300 also might see some play now, since the gunner is not longer mandatory.
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