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  1. Hi my question's are many i am afraid.. ..when it says immediately or at dawn does it have to be the next dawn or any future dawn? Card says "the dawn" not Any dawn the card is unclear. Also is an encounter card placed on the initial space? the rules for set up say place a location but don't refer to an encounter on that Spot? Can dracula place two road blocks on the same road? Fog stacks why can't roads?...seaspaces with storms do not stack..oh no! If you read cancel in the reference a combat card is placed face down and remains in the play area...only dacula's right? It once again does not say that...refresh says pick up the hunter's last card the reference for cancel says face down remain?? I assume he picks it up orelse he could run out of cards and there is no provision for this in combat...It Does Not Say that though..poor editing. This rule book is very poorly written and while we can speculate there are not clear answers....is combat with an exposed vampire when it is revealed or at dawn dusk? seems like dawn dusk because the rules reference dracula as the player not just dracula himself. when you ambush with a vampire is it discarded after one combat? ambush would say yes, with out the card saying otherwise...or does it stay with damage? The rule would indicate it is discarded..reckless after all. I assume only searched out vampires would stay??
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