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  1. On my side, it all started "softly" i needed to purchase AT-ST before EaW just in case it gets better with expansion. Store had this unmotivated clerk (Several LGS suffers from that too...) and was pretty angry to look for the big destiny box of dice... I first asked for the ATST and he told me 2$ (CAN, something like 1.60$ US), I thought to myself: "Maybe it's unmotivated employees day and they are selling their bad card" I asked how much they had, 7. I purchased all of them. Then i asked for millenium falcon: 6$ hum... strange, how many? 2, got them. Black one: 1$ (Ok, its bad, but at this price). Basic lightsaber, 1$, got 11. Finnally i got several legendary at discount price, but i was too tired of watching that unmotivated guy and didnt ask for Old Vader and Emperor. When I came home later that night, I had a tought: "What if dice were not on sale, but instead he sold dice to their "purchase" price instead". Took a look on their website and confirmed it was the case. Was a good day after all, Chak
  2. Rookie pilot and Ezra Even thought i didnt win much, was ultra fun and the fact that i had on average 4-5 vehicule on turn 3 gives me some hope. My main problem was the card I added to deck. I coulnd pratice enough before tournaments, so 4-6 cards were not optimal at all (Either support or events). One clue about future change is: I had deploy squadron in deck, but it is useless, next time ill test with swiftness. Seriously at beginning of turn 3, this can win matches. Chak
  3. Bored to see no new topics or interresting replies on existing ones. Please post something good, like: -How to build a good 7th sister deck (I mean tournament good, that means no price of failure because people plays COERCION in tournaments). I'd like to know wich characters you choose, I tried several combo and it just didnt work. -How to make a good Lando / Vehicule deck. I played mine at tournament, lost most of my matches, but they were very very close ones. 100% of the time I had either falcon or U wing turn 1. -Challenge: Purchase all copy of a specific common card at LGS, or same thing with a really cheap rare, also, when doing trade, always ask for that specific card as an "add-on" to your trade. That way, when anyone is looking for thta specific card, they know where to turn to... Plz post wich card you did it to! -Anything else Chak
  4. 3 points: If your character with 8 health or less is defeated by opponent during turn 1 or 2, instead defeat him at the end of round 2. 2 points: If opponent discard last card from your hand, deal 2 damage to any character 1: When rolling at start of game to determine who choose battlefield, your special sides count as "2" points each Chak
  5. Thanks! Chak
  6. Humm... i'm pretty sure magna guard can be assigned the 2 damage from planetary uprising even at 8 damage. Because usually it doesnt work with other character since they die instantly. Hummm... unless i'm missing something like i don't want to look throught rules tonight, Chak
  7. Regardless of randomness of that happening or not: You lose at the end of upkeep if you don't have cards in hand and deck. Hera's vehicule will come back in hand at the end of action phase, wich is before upkeep, so yes, hera would spare you from losing in this situation. Chak
  8. 100% agree, PASSING is not an action at all, and most importantly it's written on coercion: "They must play that event as their next action, if able." IF they wanted you to mandatory play this event, it would have been spelled: "They must play that event." Also, after 3 hours of searching the internet, i finally found the french version of Coercion, called Coercition: In english, the word "as" can cause some confusion, but on the french card, a more clear word is used: "Lors" If I translate the french card to english, it would be read as: "They must play that event when they do their next action, if able." I consider there is no confusion at all, you can choose to do action (Then you have to play event) OR PASS Chak
  9. I wrote eralier on this post on this subject: Strategically speaking, you could PASS until opponent does several damage on a character, the use action and price of failure to kill your character (Already damaged), that way, at least you don't lose you entire turn. However, coersion is still unthinkably strong in this context. Just be carefull when opponent plays yellow villain, mulligan your price of failure in oppening hand if possible... Chak
  10. Any king of tournaments that use a "best of 3" format rather than the usual 1... Last saturday we ran an event, that wasn't announced enough, so only 6 player showed. We played acording to the official rules... 3 match... That's all. 90 mins and it was over, not even worth moving there (I always try to win, but I go there to play against more player than my usual friends). Chak
  11. Very nice understanding of the game, not too powerfull, but still usefull. I think too strong, maybe something like: "Each of your characters starts with +1 health" Also, i'm looking for: 2 points: "If your characters take "splash damage" (Damage to multiple characters at once, but not indirect fire or "distribute as you wish"), then each characters receive 1 less damage" Also: 7 points: "Use only if you start the game with only 1 character: Your character have +5 health and starts with any upgrade that cost exactly 1 played on it for free" (Not strong, but funny if you want to play "historically" lonely character like IG-88 or darth Vader) Chak
  12. I should have added when I said this card is clear: "Passing is not an action" The: "If able" only apply if you choose tomdo an action. You always have the right to pass, since passing is not an action at all. However, by passing you eventually take the risk that your opponent pass and you basically skipped your entire turn because you didn't eant to play an event. What is clear is if you take an action, you must play that event, only the lack of ressources or restriction like: "Play only" will prevent you from playing that event. "Spot something" that don't match, remove a dice when there is no dice, "heal 5" when you have 0 damage won't prevent you from playing that event, you have to play it, if you really don't want, there is the PASS option... Chak
  13. There is virtually no comparison to make between Old Vader and Black lotus: -Black lotus was present in 3 expansions only, and each expansion very low qty (Around 2.7M alpha, 7M beta, a little bit more for unlimited) and impossible to find (None of those expansion in my home town, not a single card and almost none in all province). Darth Vader come from a relatively hard to find expansion at first, but that expansion has been reprinted in huge number (Too high for demand), it is still available and will be for some time. -Magic saw the player base growing fast and steady... SWD had several player upfront, but is stalling at the moment, so more cards, no new players. BTW, not that I don't want, i'd like to see 10x more player in SWD... -Black Lotus was broken, OP, broke most concept of the game (...1 land per turn... but no restriction per turn on 0 cost artifacts). It was restricted to 1 per deck in early days of magic. Darth Vader is a good charater, but well balanced and relatively unstable damage wise (1/3 chance to roll damage per dice), since fan of movies like the card, combined with game play, it is worth +/-50$. But save this post if you want and wait 2 years, but its value will be around 50$ again... or much lower. Again, i'd really like to see older SWD cards gain value, but it is unlikely. Chak Note: If we all want to see our cards gain value, everyone convice 10 of your friends to play SWD, that way some expansion will be out of stock and we might see some excitment when someone plays either Darth Vader, Poe etc...
  14. Sorry for everyone that think that this card is not ultra powerfull, but FAQ won't help, this card is clear, your opponent must play the card, the only card that can resist Coersion are event that starts with: "Play only..." and that play only don't match. What we need is probably a rule change or complete add-on in rulebook on "When can you play an event...". Chak
  15. I'm not sure what is not working with this game at the moment, is it: -Charaters with 7,8,9 hp can randomly be killed on turn 1? -Action cheating, counting tactical mastery and other card, can randomly disrupt your ressources turn 1, action 1? -In tournaments, the first roll, to determine battefield, can sometime determine the winner (The first playing coercion wins)? -Cards that play stuff for free? -Cards that do AoE damage (Thermal etc.)? -Character with low point count that overrides almost every other low count ones (Cpt phasma, rey)? -Is it the randomness of dice rolling, then some deck don't care about dice roll and cost (AKA Poe / Maz)? I'm not pointing at a specific point, i'm not sure exactly what's the problem, but yesterday after a tournament, we played games for fun and I stumbled against a Old Vader / New phasma... turn 1 disrupt my ressources, leadership, best defenses,, vibroknife... wasn't OP at all (Ended turn 6, with booth of us at 1 card in hand) I was just disgusted at this pair against me and more importantly, BORED. Bored at stupid combo like Sabine / Running interference / Action cheating, not tournamnet viable exactly (Best sabine deck finished 1-3 at yesterday tournament, but extremely boring. Sorry for negative post, but I feel i'm getting pushed out of the game by bad game mechanics and boring card interraction Chak