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  1. Hummm, legendary was meta for a while, 6 months ago. Chak
  2. Tournaments: I care little about prizes, but little enough to go to tournaments. They should eventually consider playing 3 match against players. 1 match is ridiculously short and a little bit random. TTS: Don't care. Game is not fun enough by itself to justifie TTS. Why I like SW destiny? 34% Physical dice and card in my hands, 33% collection, 33% the game itself. Chak
  3. LCG OR CCG will not garantee the future of this game. More complex mechanics and different theme card along other feature will. The actual problem I have is (And our playgroup): Game is too simple, eventually I feel like more new characters will translate into: "Same stuff as 2 sets ago, but slightly stronger". I put a lot of hope in new design team. As for CCG vs LCG, I tought this debate was over. Player getting into an CCG don't want their game turned into a boardgame. The moment FFG turn this game into a LCG, I'll sell my stuff, along most of players at local store. It is also too late to attract LCG players. I'm currently looking for draft starters. Lots of players here are too. Since 90% of tournament players here "have everything", a draft or sealed will be more than welcome (I'm feeling like 50% of tournaments here should be sealed/draft). Chak
  4. It's called a tournament. Tournament should be fun... but Players are seeking victory. When aiming for pure fun without caring about victory, it's called "play for fun with your friends". Chak
  5. Humm you know in game it rarely works like this: After step 2: Opponent can resolve a 2 damege side to pop your shield After step 6: Opponent can use a 3 damage side to pop all thise 3 shields Thats 2 dices for your opponents, no cards. You've used dices AND cards. Qui-Gon will probably revive thanks to that expansion, and he will have very good synergy (Good doesnt mean broken). Chak
  6. Thrawn price was justified by first being a relatively popular character in the story and was indeed a good card. However, as good as he is, he is part, or was part, of a very specific kind of deck (Discard, or in rare caee, vehicule). Yoda's gonna be versatile to the death. Lets speak USD $, I maintain my point at 40-50$. Chak
  7. Sorry for Pal, didnt notice. Yoda: At last someone is challenging me!!! You bet 20$ I say 40-50$ MINIMUM (BTW Canadian dollar, please remove 30% from my numbers). Lets see who will be right. Chak
  8. Humm, "Complety broken, errata, overpowered"......... Of course because using 3 shield to do 3 damage is OP... You know, Sabine and IG-88 each have a 3 gun side and 2 dice!!! Thats twice the damage without even combining cards. Sorry i'm sarcastic, ? Chak
  9. Maul and Palp are 2 different topics: Maul: Good, not exactly the legendary you want to pull from your pack in a box if you didnt get 1-2 Yoda in that box (Less than 20$) regular dice side, and a relatively orienting ability that could have been worded like this: "Roll after opponent character only, force your opponent to mitigate support, upgrade or another characters dice." Palpatine: Deck must be built around him, very strong: 3 damage side, free, an ability that looks all your dice in play for rebate... You will USE his ability each turn because you built a deck around that (Of course because you put him in the deck, you would have put someone else if not). Damage wise, he is cheaper that Old Vader, and has 3 damage side compared to 2... Value will be higher than maul (20-25$) but since his deck will be more difficult to build around than Maul, some might be unhappy to pull him as legendary in a box instead of someone else. Yoda: Ultra strong (Not broken), similar to cousin "Maz", even more versatile, no blanks, very strong special you can rely on (2 dice, 2special per dice, 66% one special per roll) low cost. Will fit in several actual deck, and will have several deck created with him. Ultra strong combined with high demand will make a 40-60$ (60$+ if more players joins during holidays and temporary shortage of expansion). Maul light saber: No explanation here. Too easy to understand that this will be the 40-50$ upgrade in the set... Not "broken". On several points you are right. Yoda +anyone at 17- will be interresting. Might even give another life to underpowered older characters (Luminara comes to mind, other are possible). Yoda's not limited to blue partner also. Chak
  10. You know... when looking for pure 100% skill, you better play a boardgame rather than a CCG. "The more even player's collections are..." Exactly the opposite, when at a disadvantage, that's when your skill will really shine. I personnaly went to tournaments with "theme decks" rather than tournaments one. Call that volontary handicap if you want, but I love challenge. Exactly and I agree. I am not asking FFG to design stupidly broken cards and discontinue the set they are from 2 weeks later. A higher card value means local game store will "BOTHER" to sell individual cards and dice. Just think about that, why would a store bother to hold 20000 differents cards if everything was priced at 0.10$ or less? Answer is, they would not. You would have to purchase packs at 4$ each, with 0.5$ worth if cards in it in ordert o get your 0.10$ card you were looking for. Not 100% agree, but I agree on some points. Every CCG have a % of "pay to win". Each game has a different % value. I estimate that SW destiny is 30% pay 70% skill (Ok we could start another topic on wich % luck is responsible but...). It is so easy to make a very good deck, almost tournament one, for ultra cheap (Who cannot afford Emo kids...). Does that mean you can make "ALL DECKS AVAILABLE"? No of course, but it gives challenge to try to. Without challenge there is no game. Chak
  11. Also on Yoda: "The return of 50$+ charaters" Collector's advice: If you see single being pre-ordered, and Yoda at low price, now is time to fill your binder." Chak
  12. Yoda special: Do you think the same can be choose twice? Chak
  13. CCG needs value to keep player playing... and collecting. Proof? When awakening was relatively unavailable and SoR not out yet, there were several players at gamestore, why? Card price. High prices are exciting, gives value to the rare cards you own, even if you don't have every card you want. CCG tend to become boring when "everyone have everything". Last tournament I attended, no one, NO ONE needed anything. Every player had all the card needed in their tournament deck... It's not that bad... or is it? Yes it is, CCG must have difficult card to obtain. When i was playing magic (type 1, equivalent to legacy or the other one) 99% of the local players had "not every card" needed for their decks, and we still had tons of fun and some almost "unrechable" cards gave us a reason to trade and hope. When every one has everything, it's just boring. I'm a 50% Player 50% Collector and I'm becoming bored... FFG, PLZ discontinue something and make something HARD TO ACQUIRE, after all, it's a CCG (The first C is for collectible). 100% agree Chak
  14. It's a first rotation for them, and actually the player base is relatively new and small. When more people joins, more tournament kind will follow, it is a simple rule. i'm looking for trilogy and infinity (also standard). Trilogy will give the impression of the first time i played, with very little card pool and less dramatic choice when making decks. Infinity will always be an option, and i look foward different type of tournaments. My only concern, is card value. If we compare SW with Magic, Magic discontinued alpha, beta, unlimited, revised (and more expansion) BEFORE creating type 2 (Kind of a rotation before the word existed). SW is doing the opposite, awakening still widely available and eventually not usable in trilogy and standard... I'm looking for a drop in price for those card, and i'm a little sad about that. (High card value draws people to CCG, deflation and weak value will, on the other side, frighten collectors and player/collectors). Chak
  15. Not specified, but at the same time, it is likely that those card will be "legal". Except maybe for picture or expansion symbols, they will have the same gameplay effects. Chak
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