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  1. I like a Crane splash with the Lion. I haven't had a chance to play with cards from the Imperial Cycle yet, but.... Political Rival, Admit Defeat, and Steward of Law are nice cards. People don't expect political rival in the face, Admit Defeat MESSES them up when the under defend, and Steward protects against dishonor and works great with For Shame - especially if you go courtier heavy
  2. I can't read it on my phone (out of town), is aged crone a dynasty or conflict character? The Lion seem to be making out like bandits. Tattered Missive seems bad - especially if you want that imperial favor or need a blocker/ easy attack
  3. If the Mantis become a Great Clan, they are prevented from pillaging? Wouldn't it be more profitable to freely raid and have hidden ports/hideouts in Crab lands and give them a cut?
  4. If we ally with the Mantis, do we need to repeat the path of letting the Shadowlands in? Can we just unofficially support the Mantis for all our military equipment and manpower needs? Seems like the next best thing to rebellion. And everybody wins. Except Crane.
  5. This is existence. We are all the same person.
  6. Too be fair, my store won't get it in until today's shipment and (I live near FFG) they posted today that we can pick it up at our local friendly game store.
  7. Maybe, I'll reread. The game of Go seems like a trap for Kachiko and a warning for the Emperor. The Emperor is used to losing to Shoju? Kachiko and Shoju are of the same mind? 6 steps from a huge lead, provided no errors?
  8. Kachiko seems to have greater ambitions in mind. Shoju seems to want the Scorpion to take a back seat. If that is the case, why would Shoju recommend another Scorpion to a position of power? By doing so, Kachiko thinks Shoju is on her side. It gets the Emperor to make a different decision, and sets Kachiko on the road to treason. Is Shoju setting her up? If he can control the damage he can get what he wants.
  9. Don't forget there is a splashable 1-cost conflict character that let's you look at your opponents hand. If counter spells become an I see i see that card and attachments taking a stronger role.
  10. Political rivals are 0 glory.... I personally love Admit Defeat.
  11. I thinks we all need to reread the recently released fiction, "The Stories We Tell", meditate on the meaning of the story, and go back to bidding not 5 every turn.
  12. I was horribly beaten on Jigoku by a player named Reiga using Ponies. So embarrassed!
  13. Oh, and hey. The Prince is about to have his gempukku, we (collectively) just had our gempukku - worlds. We just got our lesson moving into the world.