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  1. Captive audience always looked a bit dark side to me.....
  2. Which lead the other clans to believing the Unicorn are in cohorts with spider. Both are dealt with. Mantis finally joins L5R as a great clan in replacement.
  3. Aren't we all involved with an issue when things go wrong? We can hardly blame the Scorpion for trying to fix an issue before it becomes a larger problem.
  4. Yes, a play mat with outlined areas for all of the cards. With that, the turn order in the corner along with the opportunities for action windows listed!
  5. I can't even get it to display anything other than a blank page.
  6. Mechanics don't have to change. Fu Leng can't let on he has control of the imperial family. The family has to destroy the fabric of Rokugan behind the scenes while they continue to act as nothing is going on. To make matters more convoluted, the Spider actually do help peasants. Where the spider help the downtrodden, but are allied with the shadow lands, the Great Clans will trample on the peasants while being uncorrupted by taint. Who is right? Does Fu Leng want to turn everyone into mindless zombies, or just use the Shadownlands to enforce his will over the land? A forced peace and equality for all!
  7. Someone else on this forum mentioned this.... Fu Leng takes control of the Imperial Family. His goal is to weaken Imperial authority and increase conflict among the clans. This gets the support of the Perfect Land sect, which the "Spider" draws its recruits. Rokugan is weakened and in chaos - Shadowlands march in. In other words - playing imperials is playing spider.
  8. How many decades of anime, manga, Asian martial arts, Nintendo products, samurai flicks, ect. Until this isn't an issue? The culture is just blended? I'm not even sure to the extent Japan borrows from the west. As a blonde I'm tickled with how many japanese cartoon characters share my hair color. Helped me identify with Naruto as a Japanese magic ninja.
  9. Blank do solve? Also, is this a.....thing? play L5R online?
  10. It's the player you have to defeat, not the deck. Especially if you use water on my cards.
  11. A child? Born in A period of war?
  12. Actually civility, and manners , is what keeps us from killing each other. Social rules are great, not so we can see each other's inner being, but so we can function as a group. Human interaction is a negotiation. I guess political is a way to put it.
  13. 3 weeks to release. No weekly spoiler....this is rearing us apart!!!
  14. And the Clans in the middle will complain that they weren't chosen first, and when they are chosen their cards are not as sting as those that come after.