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  1. I play, and like Jigoku, as well. If they disconnect, it is a concession. I win. Otherwise I get in some good play testing on my decks before I venture with my friends for "live" play. Even if we don't finish a game, I get a chance to see how my deck is functioning and interacting with other decks.
  2. I wonder if the Clan packs will fade from being tournament legal like the Dynasty cycles? Or will the Core and Clan Packs be standard in all tournaments?
  3. Ok, ok,......ok Phoenix caused the Tsunami. Crane find out. The conflict expands to Lion & Phoenix vs. Crane and Unicorn. Kakicho kills the Emperor, marries one of the heirs. (Can't decide which one) There is a power struggle. My previous mentioned war expands to a civil war. Crab pick the side that promises them resources for the wall. Scorpion will pick the side that ends up getting them blamed and thrown from power. Dragon come by to try to get everyone to chill. Toturi wins, jealous Seppun who loves Kaede throws some shade at Toturi in all this - getting him Ronin'd. 2nd born loses, goes off mad that he should be in power. Others agree. Spider clan is born.
  4. What if I told you, the Miya Mystic was for Cloud (which can be used against Phoenix) and the ability to discard attachments can be useful against other clans - meaning the Mystic can be valuable in other match ups?
  5. The Phoenix pack makes me sad. The 6-coster may force people to run Cloud more often. Even if they play me, it will hurt my Ujiaki, LPB, Spiritcaller, etc...... That said, if the Lion are also getting a (decent?) Shugenja in this pack, I may run Miya Mystic as well. Not only to run Cloud, but it would be a poor-man's Let Go in a pinch.
  6. With the expansion of the card pool, it is getting to the point where you can make multiple decks (with different clans) and have the decks still be good. I really don't have to worry about having only 6 Fine Katana for 4 decks. With my Lion deck I'm torn. I already have a lot of power boost: Stronghold, Legion of One, Banzai, Test of Courage, Guard Duty, Honored Blade, etc. That said, a 0-fate boost is nice. Especially when I want the fate for other things. It just depends on the build, I suppose. I can see Dragon wanting more attachments at a good cost. With Lion I want to play around with Eiji, Guard Duty, and Stand Your Ground. (Maybe some Good Omens). Heck, even if I lose my LPB will avenge me!
  7. That's a strong board you go there. It would be a shame. If. Nothing. Lasts forever!
  8. How much does it cost for a Crane deck that uses their new 5-coster ability? Draw 4 cards total and wipe out a superior board?
  9. Honestly? I was playing Crab at a launch event and through a raffle got a full art Torturi. I figured I'd make a Lion deck to go with him. With my first game/loss I found the clan to unexpectedly click with me. 8 straight losses later I still liked them. I figured I'd go back to Crab after most the Imperial Cycle was released and I could play dishonor....but it wasn't the same. Same with the other clans. I'm also from Michigan. Detroit Lions, unfortunately . Call it fate, destiny, or luck from getting that Torturi.
  10. I don't believe so. Checking my old posts, they all have Lion. On an unrelared note, I think I've finally settled down after many weeks of play.
  11. Difficult card to be sure. To be fair, it isn't like the Phoenix have really been a top 4 deck in any major competition since Worlds. People complain about my Lion Pride Brawler and Spirit Caller, and Ikoma - I can give the Phoenix the magistrate. In terms of solutions, I like to splash Crane. If the Magistrate becomes an issue I can run Disdainful remark. It won't solve her claiming the ring, but it can prevent a province break. Simply bowing her will not let her contribute her skill to the conflict - remember that her ability effects Phoenix's own characters as well. I can see this being an issue of having to simply concede that Phoenix is going to commonly get the ring, but not the province with this character.
  12. On a side note, I love me some Admit Defeat and cutting cards from my conflict deck are difficult. If this card becomes a regular it might lead to heavier defenses on that one conflict. Admit Defeat might become a thing of the past.
  13. So much fate build up on rings...... Wait. Don't dragons habe a card preventing opponent's from taking fate on rings?
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