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  1. thedonnie

    More Books?

    If you want a different kind of magic, then go with descriptions. Mage one: "As you focus, your mind reaches out and can almost touch and even taste the cosmos. Your will slips out and spiders itself through it. You then galvanize that grasp and when you close your fist, your mind FORCES the very world itself to do as you command. Fire rips forth from your hand and flies forth to burn your enemies" Mage two: "Your words blend into the song of the very fabric that holds all of reality within it. As your lips utter the words that you have memorized...words that can beckon and compel the spirits...one of them comes to you. It whispers to you 'Command me' and so you do. Your eyes open and you gesture to the foes rushing to you. The spirit knows what you want. It has become you. It is your instrument. It flies forth. Before it strikes, it is briefly visible as a phoenix. That is when the flames engulf your enemy." Two very different interpretations but both of them the same end result: a fireball. Genesys has always been just a framework for you to do whatever you want. If you need an example, look to the many many settings here. Some people have done Ghostbusters. Some have done Cthuluhuesque settins. Me? I am doing a Power Rangers game. We all use the same basic framework but we all interpret it to do different things. You can use the magic system to simulate things like psychic powers. Just because it is called Magic does not mean it has to be. Experiment. That is what this game is all about.
  2. thedonnie

    Virtual for Genesys?

    That same line also had some other great ideas. Grimm, I think, would git in well with Genesys. Kids fighting against fairy tales. Mechamorphosis is...well...Transformers the RPG Redline would be great since it was Mad Max but it had some great vehicle rules Spellslinger is a take on the Deadlands setting. Virtual is, as stated, Tron. The games were takes on already established properties so licensing may play a huge part in whether they can get away with doing it or not. However, there is nothing wrong with doing what the rest of the community has done and converting these games to settings for Genesys. You do not have to wait for FFG to do them. Make them yourself or get with others in this community to help you with it.
  3. thedonnie

    The Nimble talent clarification

    From the sound of it, it means that you use the Incidental to do a Move Manuever. You still have your one free Manuever and can buy another Manuever for the cost of 2 Strain. Out of those two, only one of them can be Move. The other one can be an Aim or drawing a weapon or anything else but it cannot be a third Move Manuever.
  4. thedonnie

    Character making checks for the team

    I think of it like a group check. When making a Stealth roll, take the best one to make the roll and then add in boosts for the others. It has worked for me. I never thought of adding in Setbacks for those who are not the stealthiest due to equipment or due to being injured and the like.
  5. thedonnie

    Need Input on a Talent - Ox Body Technique

    That is what I thought too and why I came to this thread. lol
  6. thedonnie

    Community Theme Ideas

    I am currently on season 2 of a Power Rangers game. I have used some Archetypes that I have found for other settings. I let them make their own Careers by picking 8 Career Skills. The Zords are just giant vehicles. I give them a Talent with their Morpher that gives them boost while Morphed such as +1 to Br and Ag and then they also get some extra soak, wounds, strain and some defense. The Zords each have one attack but I made Talents to let them upgrade for more attacks and also a Talent to make the Megazord more powerful. It is not that hard to do. The only boring part is when you fight as the Megazord since there is only one pilot unless they go ahead and get those other Talents I mentioned earlier and use their action to maintain the stuff.
  7. I see that there are plenty of Werewolf talents but not that many for Vampires. Some seem that they could fit both. That is my only real critique.
  8. thedonnie

    Kung Fu Styles

    I did look into those but I would rather have someone focus on learning as exemplified by spending XP rather than just -get- things. That way, if others seem to be better at Kung-Fu rather than the guy who focused in on their music career or else focused on making their car bad ***, then that will show. I know that some players would be the type to throw themselves into it and others would prefer to be middle of the road. Plus, that pigeonholes the players into all taking a Martial Art Style Heroic Abilities. Another thing that I know my players would rail against.
  9. thedonnie


    I do have a question...do you have any idea how to handle those characters like Batman who have tons of gadgets on them at any time? I was thinking of something for Hawkeye or Green Arrow could be handled by Energy Projection but Batman types are still not able to be done properly from what I can see.
  10. thedonnie

    Scion style setting

    The quickstart rules are out and you can see how they intend on going. You should be able to find them on Drivethru.
  11. thedonnie

    Scion style setting

    In Scion, you play the child of a god working your way up to going from Hero to Demigod to finally achieve the status of a full fledged deity. Admittedly, the first edition rules sucked because they went very simplistic were you got automatic successes that got really out of hand and made it where a rating of 8 would always succeed against a rating of 7 with no hope of ever beating them. But the second edition system is actually much more fair and they have tried to adapt the success/and, success/or of the Genesys system but in a very odd way.
  12. thedonnie

    Kung Fu Styles

    I do intend on using the Talents to build styles but I think that the mastering of a style should result in something more.
  13. thedonnie

    Kung Fu Styles

    I also posted this in a Facebook group and I thought about it some more. Namely to include an initiate level Tier 2 that says "You can use THIS Attribute instead of Brawn to make Brawl checks. " and then some more Talents to go ahead and give Boost dice when using certain weapons in the style. Kung Fu plays a major part in one leg of my Power Rangers game...specifically Jungle Fury. The goal is to have them learn to master different styles.
  14. thedonnie

    Kung Fu Styles

    So, I was going to include this in my own game but I needed to do some more work on it. But, I was thinking of handling fighting styles by making a series of Tier 5 Talents. For example, Antelope Style Mastery. To take it, you must have 3 Ranks in Defensive Stance and 4 Ranks in Athletics and a few other Talents. If you have those, then you can buy the Tier 5 Talent of Antelope Style Mastery which grants you the ability to, once per session, as an Incidental, move anywhere in Medium range. Multiple uses of this is possible but they have to be used as Maneuvers. However, the other part is....what happens then? What happens if you master one Style and want to learn another one? Suppose I come up with another style that requires you to have 2 Ranks in Defensive Stance? Should I say "Since they already have 3 Ranks of it, then should I make them learn 2 MORE?" or "Since they have 3 Ranks in it, we can say that they already meet the requirement so can focus on getting other Talents they need to reach the Mastery requirements"? I am leaning to the latter but was asking for opinions.
  15. thedonnie

    Weapon Qualities without the qualities.

    Sorry, I was not being clear. I used Concussive as an example. Also, I was talking about what if the weapon DID NOT have Knockdown on it. Not "adding it onto the weapon." Like, say someone grabs a staff and wants to use it to pin someone? This means that they would be doing an Ensnare but the staff does not have Ensnare. So, do you just let them use Entangle but then make it cost the same? Or else they grab an axe and use the flat of it to slap upside someone's head which would be Disorient but the axe itself does not have Disorient. These situations are what I am talking about.