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  1. Since most wanted came out, I've mostly just got Scum ships (and a couple of E-wings). I'm happy with the game but then I only play casual games with friends so it's never a highly competitive thing, I doubt I would enjoy a tournament to the same level.
  2. In my experience they have been brillaint. A lot of the time my opponents concentrate on the large based ships or some of the more heavily equipped smaller ships allowing me to flank them and get some good shots in. By the time they realise what has happened it's too late, they are already engaged with other ships and haven't got anything left to take out my Starvipers. Autothrusters is a must.
  3. I would start off with the most wanted pack, gives you some additional pilots for other ships (Like the HWK and Firespray, so if you already own those for Rebels/imps then you can used them for scum as well). Personally I would go for the starviper (It's my favourite ship in the game so I'm a bit bias) and G4H. Possibly 2 aggressors as well as they are great together.
  4. I learn by playing through with a few friends, none of us had really played it before (A friend picked up the core set after trying in a convention somewhere). Took us a few play throughs and rereading of the rules to figure it all out (We were still making mistakes 18 months after owning it). We only really got all the rules figured out after one of us starting entering official tournaments. The forums have been a big help with settling some of our arguments as well, usually around our interpretations of upgrade cards. I've been playing for about 2 years now, still can't remember how asteroid and debris work
  5. N'Dru + Lone Wolf Simple but effective.
  6. I always find it more fun if you ignore the meta, just pick some ships you like or haven't used before. Throw on some random upgrades and see what happens. Half the fun is experimenting with different lists
  7. Flying Brobots - 1 skirting the edge of the play area and drawing fire (wasn't expecting that) whilst the other charges down the middle to intercept. One IG needed to go straight ahead and the other needed to bank (You can probably see where this is going). So yeah, wrong dial on the wrong ship. 1 IG off the board and the other straight ahead onto an asteroid. oopps.
  8. I only play casual and tend to use my phone whilst waiting for the other person to finish setting their dials or deciding on their actions but once that is done I put my phone down, even if I am half way through writing a text. I try not to let it interfere with the game.
  9. too much for the wallet, I only fly scum and I still need to pick up the Shadowcaster and Quad Jumper as well maybe I should stop wasting money on other things.
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