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  1. Peasant's Advice is a hassle, for sure. But, as a crab, I welcome anything that costs my opponent honor. When the game first released we had an entire strategy based around baiting and/or 'forcing' assassination to help us jump start our dishonor game. Granted, Peasant's Advice is only 1 honor token rather than 3 honor, but the point still stands. If I had a card that said "shuffle a holding into your deck: your opponent loses 1 fate, discards a card and dishonors a character" I think I'd play that card (I understand it's not a perfect translation because I'm choosing the holding to be shuffled back). As for why it isn't played more, I think it's important to note that nearly every deck in the format right now has cards #41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 that they wish they could fit in but can't. For my deck, it is 3rd Reprieve, 2nd Mountain, 3rd Defend Your Honor, 3rd In Defense of Rokugan, 3rd Court Games. So it's not as simple as just shoving PA into your deck. You have to grapple with the fact that you're not only removing a card or 2 from your deck, which you've spent months meticulously crafting, with every card having an explicit purpose, but you're also pushing down those other cards that you already wish you didn't have to cut from your deck. Now, if your deck is just kinda thrown together or if you're net decking and don't really know why each card is in the deck, it may be easier to fit PA. I remember when Crab was KoE, we had the same discussion regarding Sabotage. There were some match ups, like a Charge deck or a Crab deck, where the card was very good. But it's negative value in every other match up made it really hard to justify, when compared against the other cards that we already had to cut to get down to 40.
  2. I'd personally be surprised if Meido is not changed or restricted in some way. The Crab clan pack will likely create a new deck. There may be good cards that you can plug into the Meido deck, but I don't know if we've seen any of them yet. It may use the new stronghold just as an additional feeding effect though (but, at the same time, buying 3 envoys, an eager scout and a Hida Guardian and then old-boxing to give yourself +5/+5 in the conflict is legitimately amazing). The Daimyo is amazing and the Wall pieces are going to be very good and may create some NPE scenarios...We'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Yea, this particular iteration of it is extremely janky and went full in on the "Combo or bust" strategy. When it works, it'll look amazing, but it is almost certainly not consistent in any way. The much better version of the deck looks an awful lot like the original Unicorn splash deck (before Spyglass was RL'd) but upping Talismans to 3x, adding in a few WotCs and maybe assassinations, Brokers, Taka and definitely including cards like Defend Your Honor, 3x Fight On and removing the Levy stuff. It uses Meido mostly for value (additional kaiu envoys, Vanguard warriors and Shrewd Yasukis) but with the added benefit of maybe popping off and taking the game to such a point that your opponent would be hard pressed to overcome the economic and card advantage the combo provides for you.
  4. You could go 7-0 and still not hit the point cut off of 53 points. 7 mod wins is 42 points. Then there's the whole negative play experience you'd be intentionally creating for your opponents (via stalling, wasting time and overall standing in the way of the progression of the game.) The time limit exists due to the tournament framework of 7 rounds in one day (you can't expect people to participate in a tournament for 10+ hours, hence the time limit). It shouldn't be used intentionally to win. 75 minutes is more than enough time for this game to end naturally. This is not a viable strategy and shouldn't be considered.
  5. I can never resist a good BM here and there It's a problem.
  6. Seems like a very win-more card. Which is a shame. Because if it was only 1 ring, it'd be OP as all ****. But 2 rings seems win-more. That's a thin design line.
  7. "[Unicorn] provides you with a puzzle that’s always fun in every iteration."
  8. The original request for articles didn't explicitly specify strategy discussion. It was phrased to us as a recruitment article. Something to get new players interested in the clans that best fit their style. I was the first one to write an article (and my article was shared as a basis with a few others via the Jade Throne guys prior to release) and I chose to weave story/theme with strategy because I felt that was the best way to get new players interested: relating the mechanics in game to the story and theme of the clan. Although this article doesn't have as much strategy discussion, I think it's still a good reflection of what makes the Crane Crane. It just oozes elitism in the best possible way :).
  9. Nice. I was hoping they'd announce a Kotei I could day trip to before Gen Con.
  10. Thanks for the kind words guys! It was a little bit of a different article to what I usually do, being somewhat set "in character," but it was a lot of fun and I was still able to get a few jabs in .
  11. I got a spoiler for the upcoming Phoenix Clan Pack https://www.wardensofthemidwest.com/crab-card-spoiler-disciples-void-clan-pack/
  12. Well yea. I mean we're trying to print strongholds that are as good as Scorpion's right? I think these are all perfectly in line :). Free ring under certain conditions relative to the ring. #balancethemeta.
  13. Crab Stronghold: Action: If you have fewer cards in hand than an opponent, bow this stronghold – Discard 1 card at random for that opponent’s hand and draw a card. Crane Stronghold: Action: If you have fewer honored characters or more dishonored characters than an opponent, bow this stronghold – Honor or Dishonor target character. Dragon Stronghold: Action: If you have fewer ready characters than an opponent, bow this stronghold – bow target character. Lion Stronghold: Action: If you are more honorable than an opponent, bow this stronghold – gain 2 honor. Unicorn Stronghold: Action: If you have fewer ready characters than an opponent, bow this stronghold – Ready target character. Scorpion Stronghold: I don't think it matters because their current one is so above curve that it'd be pretty hard to give them something better to play, but hmm... Action: During a conflict, bow this stronghold – each attacking character you control gets +1 political until the end of the conflict. Gives every other clan their "Scorpion Tier" stronghold and gives Scorpion their "Core Set Tier" stronghold :).
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