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  1. In aGoT 2.0 Dracarys and some other Targeryen card works like this, and under "like this" i mean the whole wording is the same. There its cannot be saved. Here? I dont know.
  2. No Its not. Reprieve is an interrupt not a Reaction. The RulesReference says if a replacement interrupt takes place you have to go back to the triggering effect and finish resolving it. 0Pol Reprieve We go back to 0Pol Shoju resolves. They die.
  3. They have the stats they just do not contribute So you cannot rout 7Mil Hida Kisada with your tiny 0Mill courtier even if Kisada is bowed
  4. Hy there! Rules question here (LCG version). Bayushi Shoju gives -2 political skill to a charater who now has 0 political skill.. That character si dead for sure, but what if he has the Crab saving attachment (Reprieve i think). Using aGoT logic it wont (the attachment saves the char but his skill is still 10 so... byebye). Any ruling on this one? Ideas?
  5. The bottom of the dial will be a circle just like the conquest one This is the only way you can spin the lower part with a comfortable handling and the specified that you can ONLY choose 1,2,3,4,5 ("blank is not an option")
  6. A little Note, you lose 1 honor for not assigning defenders I think the Dragon/Crane guy forgot to lose 1 honor at the first battle. Nice content , tho keep it up!
  7. Note that they have confirmed at the L5R Live! that bowed characters cannot bow again so if your opponent has a standing/ready samurai he must be chosen. With this ruling (i suppose this will be stated in the final rulebook) they spared the "if able" part from texts.
  8. Gonna build a Scorpion deck and I intend to test out ALL the possibilities until the first dynasty pack hits the stores My dream deck would be Scorpion with Crane however.... X.X
  9. You are assuming, that Otomo Courtier is a manly looking woman and I am just sitting here asking myself: - What if HE is a feminine man, who is trying his best to survive in the courts - Does it really matter?
  10. @JJ48 You realized that, kempy was trolling, right? Well I am actually satisfied with the 45mins round time
  11. I am sort of "bipolar" when it comes to local meta I recently moved to Budapest from a small town near the agglomeration. At my home town 8 people (myself included) pre-ordered 3CS, and i know 30 other in Budapest who also pre-ordered the same amount. For me this is more than perfect to call "local meta" so I am just lucky i guess. Of course this will be modified after the game is released (and i am not counting the country side players who were playing with us the oL5R)...so we will see. I have high hopes.
  12. The whole theme states: Words in the courts are as sharp and deadly as swords on the battlefield Personally (I played only dishonor in the oL5R) i love the idea , that they are similar mechanically plus the restriction for them (1 of each). This is rokugan for me, to dominate your opponent you need courtiers and swordsmen. Cards that are reacting to them? Thats another question ^^
  13. For someone who "can't care less" you are typing a ton If you are not interested in the game, fine do not buy it, but you are no messiah. You do not have to tell people your opinion over and over again. You can't change people (the irony in this is intended )
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