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  1. The following cards can help you get the key 1)August Lindquist 2)Cellar or Lobby depending on your membership status 3)Lodge Jailor 4)The Vault location 5) Cell Keeper 6) Inner Sanctum We removed Lodge Jailor during the Setup, and we milled off Cell Keeper to the discard pile with Centuries of Secrets. And so we ended up with 4 cards to get 4 keys. We gained all keys but the "cultist face" one, however because we didn't have a "cultist face" key, we couldn't open Inner Sanctum that would bring the last key in. And thus we got stuck and couldn't advance. It almost looks like a glitch ...
  2. Agenda 1a deals 1horror when an encounter card effect makes you move. Do i get 1 horror when my extradimensional location gets discarded and i am moved back to the starting location? It is the starting location that forces the move. The designer answered: "Yup! You are moving from an encounter card effect (specifically, the forced effect on Another Dimension), so the forced effect on the agenda will trigger to deal you 1 horror. " Does it imply that Another Dimension is an encounter card? Is it in the rule book that locations are encounter cards? Thanks
  3. Do we ignore the "after entering" effects on a starting location? I am asking because of EC Express scenario, which has a random starting location, many of which have "after entering" effects. EDIT: i apologize, the ECE insrtruction sheet tells us to ignore it. So the question in general has not much significance any more.
  4. Guys can Jenny's personal weakness Izzie be sorted by another investigator? Although paragraph (1.2) on Triggered Abilities in FAQ implies it cannot be done, there is a weird wording in the Rules Reference, page 21 under "Weakness": "When an investigator draws a weakness with an encounter cardtype (for example, an enemy or a treachery weakness), resolve that card as if it were just drawn from the encounter deck." That makes some people think that a Weakness card is an encounter card. What is a weakness with an encounter cardtype? A cardtype on Izzy is Treachery for sure. This makes me confused.
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