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  1. It's not the green kimono, it's the green border arround the text box. Compare Ancestral Daisho to Fine Katana. (It is indeed zero cost though). First card fan of Crafting a Dinasty.
  2. Here: I'm actually talking about the one on the right, if you zoom in it does look like it has a keyword starting with C and a long explanation in brackets. (Based on our numbers so far it has been deduced the one on the left is a Dinasty card and the one on the right is a Conflict card).
  3. We've seen both Ancestral and Limited in Dragon though. And people are pretty sure the blurry crane 3 cost from the showcase has Covert. (Not sure about that one, but it looks right)
  4. That is incorrect. The last L5RLive officially confirmed if an attack is unopposed at the end of the conflict, the defender loses one honor to the bank. edit: too slow ?
  5. He's right there in the corner! Next to Shinjo Altansarnai!
  6. There are also some card images the site won't let me upload, let's see if this way works.. it did! Here we can see a beta version of Ikoma Prodigy (though I think only the name has changed), a blurry neutral bushi and what seems to be a political version of fine katana attached to Myia Mystic!
  7. So, that confirms our Phoenix Champion, right? There's also what I'm assuming are images of the Unicorn, Scorpion and Dragon strongholds (as expected, Dragon's is the image in the fiction).
  8. I liked it a lot. Great introduction to the Clan and it's struggles. I'm even growing to enjoy Togashi as a cipher rather than a full on character. Going forward though, I'd like to see Dragon develop characters I could really rally behind. Masashige was fine, but so far he hasn't really felt like a protagonist any more than Nerishma did. There's always Hitomi, but I don't care much for her as of now. Based on this fiction only, my interest is on spending more time with Mitsu and with this intriguing Kazue..
  9. I'm aware. That's just less interesting to me - I'd like my Champion to be somewhat relatable. I did enjoy the fiction despite that though.
  10. So, I'll preface this by saying I'm new to this game and setting and (after a bunch of research) I spent the better part of last month bouncing from Dragon to Phoenix. I think both clans have already been spoken for by people way more capable then me, but I'd like to add my two cents on why I think I've settled on Phoenix: So, starting with the coolness factor: people have pointed out the masters of magic thing, which is awesome, but there's also the Clan Champion. Our Champions carry within them the Soul of Shiba which contains the souls, knowledge and experience of every previous Champion going back to the Kami Shiba himself. And once a Champion dies, the Soul of Shiba chooses to reincarnate inside the right successor, based on the whole of who that person is and not necessarily on their birth position or their battle achievements. This makes all the Shiba Champions special, but keeps each one of them different and human. This brings me to the idea of reincarnation which is central to the Phoenix mithos. The idea of dying and being reborn in another body, of sacrificing yourself for something which will keep living in a new form. It means that no matter how low we fall, how deep we dive, we can always be just about to rise from the ashes. Which is good, because if there is one thing the Phoenix are is flawed. And this, this is the part I love the most about the clan: the Phoenix are full of contradictions and dichotomies. Starting from the unusual relationship between the Isawa and the Shiba. Our Kami was the one who bowed to a human (which I think is awesome) and this leaves us with one of the most self-important human-descendant families ever, and probably the most humble Kami-descendant family as well. The Shiba constantly disagree and argue with the Isawa, but they'd give their life for them without a second thought. And then there's the power. The Phoenix won't level your entire city and kill every living being in there. But they could. But they won't, because they value life deeply. But they could. And if they see no other choice, they might (see: five nights of shame). And finally, in the Clan that from the start has reversed and discussed the relationship between human and Kami, we have a family that is bridging the gap between what it means to be those things. So, to summarize, this is what I love about the Phoenix: we are a deeply flawed and contradictory Clan and it's in our nature to acomplish some of the most awesome, unbelievable things that no other Clan could while simultaneously making several mistakes from which we will fall just so we can rise again. ?
  11. So, I did wonder where the name of the podcast came from, but then it was explained in another podcast! (I think it was Focus, Focus, Strike? Which was a name I think you guys explained...) So it's fine now.
  12. I'd seen the name only in exactly that site I linked. There's also a description of what was probably FFG's request "An 50s-60s older shugenja (Magic User) is holding out a cup of tea in an elaborate ceremony chamber. From the tea billows unnatural wisps of dark smoke." But, yeah, I love that piece, can't wait to get to know the character and the card!
  13. Not yet, no. But we're going into Dragon fortnight, so here's hoping! (I mean, they gotta right? Right!? Dragon are attachment focused!)
  14. There is one Phoenix card that focuses on the ring of Fire.. there is also one that focuses on the ring of Air and one that focuses on the ring of Earth (because we use all elements, see?). However, if you look at the all-encompassing Phoenix cards Know the World and Mori Kuroi, they are Void aligned. Meanwhile, Dragon have two Fire aligned cards thus far.. "Fire is my form, but not the totality of my being. I was hatched from an egg, from the fluids of life, so I am obviously from the element of Water. I soar through the skies with the wind under my wings, so I am quite clearly from the element of Air. I die as ash and rise whole from the ground again, so I must be from the element of Earth. And I am all these things, and none of them too, so I am truly from the element of Void."
  15. If you're gonna do that, I'd flip Phoenix and Dragon! We're the only ones with Void shugenja, and they're shugenja family is specialized on Fire! (Not important to your point, I know, but it hurt my pride ?)
  16. ??? Yeah, that's gonna take some time... Still, one of my favorite pieces of art in the set!
  17. That's been out there for a while. There's more here, including Togashi Kazue, Togashi Yokuni, Bayushi Shoju and Shinjo Altarsanai!,: https://www.artstation.com/artist/vuogle
  18. New card on Team Covenant channel! Looks to me like a dinasty card. Venerable Historian 2 Fate Mil: - Pol: 1 Glo: 3 Courtier. Scholar. Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, if you are more honorable than your opponent - honor this character.
  19. It is also born from Brad Andres comfirming (I think on the reddit AMA) that these rings are deckbuilding restrictions. But you are absolutely right. We're all assuming.
  20. I understood it as the first as well, it might cancel effects like Hotaru's as well, I'm not sure.. I don't think it removes elements and affects things like Masahiro's effect...
  21. Not impossible, but I doubt both Shameful Display and Defend the Wall are also void..
  22. I agree with you that that whole fan is weird and suspicious (another change is that Borderlands Defender now has flavor text). That said, as pointed out by Khudzlin, they don't really seem to want to update the images in the original article. I've been waiting for ever for them to change the "Shiro no Yojin" there to the current Yojin no Shiro.
  23. Following up on Makoto's comment above, the Scout is a 2 cost, which would place it squarely after Brash Samurai on the list as number 43. Regardless, there is no spot for a second 5 coster on the Crane list.
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