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  1. Reinforce should have given a blue token. When you are attacked on your unreinforced side, apply damages directly on your hull even if you have active shields. When you loose all your shields, loose your reinforce tolken.
  2. Projected silos : (1 recurrent charge) During the System Phase, you can spend 1 charge instead of drop a device. After you execute a maneuver, if your charge is inactive, you must drop a device.
  3. Totally agree. Three dice + lock + focus... Focus is a great mistake on huge ships in my opinion.
  4. Reinforcement (system mechanic instead of an action) : During the System Phase, if you have active shields (and if you are not stressed ?), you can receive or remove a blue Reinforcement token. If all your shields are inactive, you automatically loose this token. If your reinforced side is attacked, add 1 evade result like in 1st Edition. If your unreinforced side is attacked, apply damages directly on your hull even if you have active shields.
  5. Rotation during the System Phase, no longer as an action.
  6. And what happens in case of bump ? What if the wing leader fully execute his maneuver but not one of his wingmen ? Can TIE/ln execute 1 straight with a X1 leader ? And not sure it is a time saver : try to remove the wing tool without moving the ships... 🙄
  7. My ship : My ability : Spend 1 <charge> to uncap 1 beer. When your beer is empty, gain 1 <charge>. If you vomit, gain 2 stress tokens.
  8. "Ion torpedoes away !" I'm joking. Not in this game. But I would like.
  9. IG-B, IG-2000, jam beam IG-C, IG-2000, jam beam IG-D, IG-2000, jam beam "Droid Tri-Fighters."
  10. A friend built this one in a tournament where people played squads of the other participants : AP-5, 2 B-Wings, 1 U-Wing. "Happy to be you." Best squad name ever, in my opinion.
  11. What about X-Wing Mario Kart in 2.0 ? And what about Zari Bangel ? 😅
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