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  1. My ship : My ability : Spend 1 <charge> to uncap 1 beer. When your beer is empty, gain 1 <charge>. If you vomit, gain 2 stress tokens.
  2. "Ion torpedoes away !" I'm joking. Not in this game. But I would like.
  3. IG-B, IG-2000, jam beam IG-C, IG-2000, jam beam IG-D, IG-2000, jam beam "Droid Tri-Fighters."
  4. A friend built this one in a tournament where people played squads of the other participants : AP-5, 2 B-Wings, 1 U-Wing. "Happy to be you." Best squad name ever, in my opinion.
  5. What about X-Wing Mario Kart in 2.0 ? And what about Zari Bangel ? 😅
  6. Thank you for this explanation.
  7. Do you know why Veteran Turret Gunner is not available for TIE/SF ?
  8. You are a living god. You are the Senate. Thanks a lot !
  9. If the reinforcement was conform to the lore, each ship with active shields could use it. It would give a blue token instead of a green and attacks from the side not reinforced should damage directly the hull.
  10. Obviously Imperials are not used to having the right to vote.
  11. In regard of the general movement of the fleet, I think they are starfighters rather than capital ships, kind of B-wings without s-foils, like the H-60 Tempest :
  12. Someone knows what are these ships ?
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