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  1. It's a terrible splash card for any other clan though.
  2. It would be interesting if winning by Honor was actually a thing in the game. I think right now it's not feasible without Phoenix and the perfect draw structure.
  3. Having played against Scorpion since new roles chosen it was most certainly the correct choice, it's definitely a better option than possibly getting 1 or 3 cards in a 40-45 card deck. The Backhanded Compliment card is just okay, everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill on that card and frankly I'm tired of it. Being able to field the two current void provinces and forcing your opponent into having to attack at least one of them is more brutal than I think the complaining Scorpion players have realized and is present EVERY game. Also the additional fate when those provinces are just flipped means you have the fate to play cards on the defense you might not have had before.
  4. Yeah, looking at the current cards and the new cards coming in I feel like something happened in play testing that altered quite a number of Unicorn cards drastically and will probably continue through the Imperial Cycle since the cards are already done and printed. There are these weird prerequisites for actions and events in our clan cards that don't exist in other clans that are tipping me off that something occurred.
  5. Yes, though I would be okay if it was a conflict card if it had the Cavalry keyword requirement.
  6. My guess is that minor clans are going to end up being neutral cards with the Clan's keyword for the time being. They will probably have a few abilities that trigger off the Clan's keyword. This is simpler and fits in the current framework of the game.
  7. I want better characters for Unicorn: I don't want more characters that can move my other characters into a conflict, I have plenty of that for now, thank you. I want characters more like the Warrior Poet that actually interacts with my opponent. I want the abilities on the characters to not be so restrictive that there's hardly a chance in the game when I can trigger them. I want the stats on the card to actually be indicative of the cost of the character and the ability(s) on the card, compared to other clans and not just in the vacuum of Unicorn cards. More characters that can ready, or ready other characters. (And not have the problem of point #3) I think Unicorn Conflict cards are great, there's not much there that needs to be fixed. If anything I want more ready actions, bow actions, and/or send home actions that would be indicative of the ability of their horses to outpace their opponents. (there are already counters in other factions to actions like these so there's nothing NPE about this, plus Crane already do a little of this).
  8. I would mention that this IS more restrictive than Forged Edict and Voice of Honor. Forged Edict you just have to have a non dishonored courtier, which scorpion will have plenty of. Voice of Honor needs you to have more honored characters which hey, guess what, Crane has plenty of ways to do. Also, Crane has Above Question and Guest of Honor, so yeah I think I can stop this argument here. Imperial Favor can change each round or no one can own throughout the game if you tie each round. So the card could be dead for the whole game. I'm sorry Scorpion and Crane aren't the special snowflakes you thought they were, they are still better canceling effects than anyone else. Also remember this will be gone at the beginning of year 3. So this too shall pass while Forged Edict and Voice of Honor (and Guest of Honor and Above Question) will always be available.
  9. The card is fine. It's just as restrictive as Forged Edict and Voice of Honor, perhaps more restrictive, and gives every faction the ability to cancel effects. This card is needed. If Scorpion and Crane want to take 3 copies of this card, that's fine by me, just means they are taking 3 less of other cards that ruin my day. At least I know if I hold onto the Imperial Favor they can't use this card.
  10. Oh I didn't even catch the fact the character has to be readied. It's even worse than I thought. I don't understand why Unicorn has so may restrictions on nearly every action they try to take. What the heck happened in play testing? In any other clan this would just be "move an opponent's character and a character you control into this conflict", and he would have Courtesy and he would be 2/4/3. I really like Unicorn as a clan but the cards we get are just terrible when you look at all the other factions. Frankly I'm getting a little pissed. And since any one can splash into Unicorn Conflict cards the only place to gain ground is characters and all the new ones are just horrendous (I'm also a minority in that I don't like Windswept Yurt since you're also giving your opponent 2 honor or fate, which I think is terrible, why both?).
  11. There are a few thing looking at him I think I don't like: His stats are poor. Look at Kitsuki Yaruma who is the same cost with 2/4/2, a great Action, Courtesy, and immune to Poison attachments. Looking at other the other 4 cost characters I feel like I'm getting short changed here. (Doji Challenger is only 3 cost for I would argue as better platform 3/3 for a harpoon ability...oh wait, the Challenger isn't restricted by character cost) If they would have tacked on Courtesy and/or Sencerity I might be able to see the 4 cost with his current stats. Harpoon is great but I have to harpoon one of my own people in as well. So now I'm likely over committing to a conflict, great... also the harpoon is restrictive. More so than the Doji Challenger who costs less and has better overall stats at 3/3/2. Why give Unicorn ANOTHER way to move their characters into a conflict? Yes you can move a non-cavalry character in but, eh. In a faction with a surplus of ways to move their own characters into a conflict it's a bit lackluster. Also Unicorn can't spam characters all that well so you'll be leaving yourself open for attacks even if this is used in defense. This is extremely minor but my OCD is triggering over that Go board in the picture. The perspective is all over the place and the pieces don't line up properly. What I like: Another Courtier which means it's more likely I can pack those great cards that require courtiers. That it's a Unicorn card that actually interacts with the opponent, in a faction where we are bereft in opponent meddling. I really like Unicorn i just feel like the cards we get are repetitive and don't measure up to any other faction.
  12. No, you don't benefit from rings until you win the conflict Nevermind, re-read the description and by order of operations you do get the effect: "If the defending player wins, they claim the ring of the conflict; if the attacking player wins, they claim the ring, use its effect, and if their skill exceeds the defender’s by the conflict’s province strength, they break the province."
  13. I have never liked ccgs as a distribution model. I don't play tournaments, I don't want to "chase rares", and in general I've never really enjoyed interacting with secondary markets. The fact that this game is an lcg is the only reason I've looked into it. I did not play l5r previously but the story and setting interests me and the new mechanics seem solid. I'm already planning on dragging my gaming group into playing this game and they have started "claiming factions" to main though I think a few played l5r in its previous iterations.
  14. I thought they did say once a ring is chosen it can no longer be chosen for the rest of the Conflict phase (unsure what will happen for when the ring is changed though), I think it was in the AMA. I don't currently have the ability to go check at this time though.
  15. I don't think so because I think characters in the conflict deck are going to be fairly rare, we've only seen one so far. I think actions are going to be more common in the conflict deck and most of the board control is going to come from it, from either bowing characters or discarding characters, removing fate, and buffing character with attachments. You would also have to pay for all of these cards which with the limited fate isn't going to be possible unless you don't spend anything early in the game. I also think taking high honor bids in the game will be fairly dangerous since only a few turns being greatly underbid will leave you in a losing position, 11/12 honor isn't a wide margin to ignore.
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